It’s been a fun week in the studio. That’s always a good thing!

I have quite a few photos to share of what’s been completed, some are listed and one in particular will stay on my wall perhaps forever which is more than okay by me. While I like to make room for more creativity in my life and make available for sale most of what I do, sometimes it’s nice just to make mosaics for the sake of making them to enjoy.

First, the newest listings for the *Holiday Shop* section.

Mosaic Wooden Serving Tray – Small, Red, Green and White, Pique Assiette, Hostess Gift – 7 3/4 x 4 2/4 inches
Price: $21.15

Holiday Red Glitter Mosaic Serving Tray, Silver, Hostess Gift – 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches
Price: $33.07

Holiday Red Glitter Mosaic Serving Tray – Close up

Expect Miracles” has been completed and is on my wall where I can see it and enjoy it. I’m quite pleased with this mixed media mosaic. Taking some gypsum boards I found curbside, although not perfectly square or oblong, still more than sufficient for a mosaic, and using left over cement and a piece of plastic used to hold a bottle of perfume as my mold, a few shells, a broken dish, broken ring and broken mirror, adding some awesome stained glass, a ceramic heart and my own polymer clay word charm I created a piece of art. I’m proud of this one.

“Expect Miracles” Mixed Media Mosaic
15-1/4 x 9-1/4 inches
Stained glass, shells, glazed ceramic heart, recycled mirror, polymer clay, vitreous glass tiles, broken dishes, molded cement, broken jewelry.

I’m working on mosaic mobiles to give as gifts with more pieces of gypsum board I saved from the dump. I’m fairly sure those folks that will be receiving these don’t read this blog but in case someone should see it who will be getting one, you still don’t know which one you’re getting. Neener. 🙂

2 x 3 mosaic mobiles

Once both sides are covered, string and some cool beads will be added for hanging by a window or where ever they want to hang it. These are quick and fun to make and I’m enjoying doing them very much.

2 x 3 inch mosaic mobiles

The sun and I had a play date the other day and I took some photos of the stained glass items on my window sill. Aren’t these cool?

Playing with the sun. Boy oh boy, I love stained glass.

reflections from stained glass and the sun

on a bright and sunny day my windowsill is covered in color

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics