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Because I’ve got a few challenges in my life at the moment, I’ve been dreaming of warm sandy beaches and soft breezes. I close my eyes and see myself sitting quietly under a large umbrella sipping a refreshing drink. Something with pineapple and a little rum of course …

There’s nothing quite like a day at the beach. I miss the wind blown feeling and finding sand in pockets and toes. I miss the smell of suntan lotion and salty air breezes.

While I wait for the time when I can spend a day at the beach, I enjoyed finding these items on Etsy to get me through the day happily dreaming.

We are having cold, rainy days here in PA with a touch here and there of warm days and sunshine. Spring has been a late bloomer but it has arrived and with it comes rain. While allergies creep up, sneezing, itchy eyes and that feeling that my head will explode because of it all, I take a little time each day and happily dream of  the day when I can sit back and relax, napping to the sound of ocean waves.

Enjoy your week. With all the challenges and daily hassles we all face, remember to take some time to dream of your favorite vacation spot and relax.



April 17-April 24, 2011:

Treasury I curated:

Great Items on Sale by earthmothermosaics


As I’m winding up into a transition period, there will be less activity shared regarding mosaics and shop information. I’m starting the process of moving. I haven’t yet figured out where I’m headed but I am taking the time I normally use to create during the week and using it for sorting through a few years’ worth of “stuff”.

In the meantime, I am working on one mosaic and will continue to work on something up until the last day of moving. I learned it’s very necessary for me to do this.

Last week I decided to stop mosaic work until I was settled in the new place (which could take a few months or less) but I missed it and found myself needing the quiet reprieve to calm my brain a bit from all this stress around me. So much turmoil, angst and worry, excitement, thoughts of starting over and accepting changes as a good thing are all emotions in any given minute. Meditating helps with breathing and soothing the chatter in my head but the calming effect mosaic work has on me is undeniable. It’s a necessary part of me now.

I pulled a WIP (work-in-progress) glass-on-glass project out of the box I had packed last week and worked on it a little bit yesterday. I could actually feel my stress level reduce. It has to be something I do for my health as well as my well-being every chance I get. Especially now. I’m working on a salvaged 14 inch microwave plate using stained glass to create a sun catcher once grouted. It will be placed in a plate stand near a window. They are always so pretty in different kinds of light. This one is called “Pathways” aptly dubbed by a fellow mosaic artist. It describes my life at the moment perfectly.

old microwave plate will get a new life as a sun catcher

I will post pictures of the mosaics I work on during this time, as usual, on flickr and sharing them here when I can. Once the one I’m working on is complete, I know I have to start on something else maybe a little smaller in scale but maybe not!

I have taken all items off of ArtFire and have started the same thing with Etsy. However if there is something you want and can’t find in my shop, send me an email and let me know. Just because it is no longer in the shop(s) doesn’t mean it’s been sold. It’s most likely packed away ready to go into storage.

Also, although moving and packing is taking up most of my time, I’m looking for a few part time jobs to fill in the money gaps that have recently taken place (business is slow!) and to help gather funds for moving. That means I’m still taking custom orders and commissions when I can get them and for the local folks in and around Montgomery County, PA, if you hear of anything part time, let me know. I am not built for retail or customer service (I don’t know how you folks do it!!) but there are other things I can do. Just shoot me an email at any time.

Tomorrow I will do the Monday Treasury and share some items I find as usual.

Have a great week, Happy Passover and Happy Easter for those who celebrate them.

I’ll write another post next Sunday giving you the low down on how the week has gone. Meanwhile you can always check on flickr to see the progress of my work as I continue.


Some great sale items besides the one in my shop are gathered in this Treasury today. 😀

Check them out!


Week in Review

April 10-April 16, 2011

Last week, I neglected to add the Treasury I curated. It is included here. “In the Studio” blog posts will be postponed until I get some life challenges settled. I’ll be moving soon, which means there’s no studio time at the moment. All energy will be used to pack, find a new home, etc. Meanwhile check the flickr photostream for the last session I taught at the Community School of New Hope-Solebury. They grouted their coasters and finished them up on Wednesday evening, April 13th. Photos can be seen on flickr in the “Workshops 2011” folder.

Featured Treasury’s:

The Many Shades of Lime curated by gardenfinds

Citrus Colors and Scents...Spring time FRESH! curated by 2bwendybee

A Canvas of Dexterity curated by seasonedantiques

One I missed last week us added below. This was created on April 7, 2011:

Ideas for Mom by The GreenDragonGifts

Curated Treasury’s for last week and this:

Mod, Mod World Part 2

Ways To Heal


I’ve been faced with some major life altering challenges recently and have found the best way for me to cope with each one is to take small steps towards a positive outlook on each one that comes my way as it comes. Living in fear is not living, worrying about what might happen is not productive. Coping, for me is in discovering kindness in others, believing absolutely that everything happens for a reason, and finding the strength to move on.

Finding some items that help express the meditative part of me that allows me to relax, stay free-flowing and stay open to all things coming into my life, has been a true joy and a great exercise in finding some very special items for my own collection while searching for this treasury.

I hope you all take the time to look through these items as well. Perhaps something will resonate within you and help you heal or face your own daily challenges as well.


Week in Review

April 3-April 9, 2011

Featured Treasury’s:

Sunburst by achewsy1

My Americana by sobejeweled

Coastal retreat by seasonedantiques

Featured Collection:

Fresh Citrus for Spring! curated by Harmony


In the Studio

This will be a quick one this week. Some personal challenges have taken up a lot of time lately and will for the next month to come, so these could be sporadic at best.

However, today, I can share some photos from the class I taught on Wednesday evening. A great group: a Mom and her two children and a Mom and her daughter. It was an awesome class and the first one for me involving children. I LOVED IT!!

Next week we’ll get together to finish their coasters with grout and sealer. I have to do more classes with children, it was so much fun to watch them create fish, cats, dragons, etc. with basically 4 or 5 different colors in glass. They rocked!!

The Community School of New Hope-Solebury – Mosaic Coasters Class – April 6 and 13, 2011


Continuing my love affair with this style from my youth. My favorite way to spend virtual shopping time is perusing through items such as these. Enjoy!


Week in Review

March 27-April 2, 2011

Curated Treasury’s:

In Retro-spect by earthmothermosaics

A through D by earthmothermosaics

Featured Treasury’s:

Clear, Sparkling Light: Hope and Healing by marileecjones

Have an awesome week! Shine bright, smile and feel blessed for everything you have and everything you are.


In the Studio

The biggest news this week is over at Etsy where my shop is taking part in their “First Friday Art Walk”. Go to and type in the words “firstfridayartwalk” in the search area and you can find thousands of items along with all of my own from EarthMotherMosaics.

I have been working on a bird sculpture which is now ready for grout. It’s raining today and I’m feeling it in my bones which means I won’t be doing much with mosaics today but I can share the photos here of the work-in-progress.

I started with a broken stem from a wine glass, a white bisque ceramic sphere, stained glass and pieces of a broken mirror, a white porcelain bird (on sale at my local craft store) and an old blue and white glass marble.

The final result is a small table statue that reflects like. Once grouted this will go with me when I give a presentation about mosaics and my business at the Greater Norristown Art League on April 10th. A few other pieces will also be with me that are completed and progressive works. I believe they will give a good idea as to the way I progress through each phase. All will be shared and discussed. I’m truly looking forward to it.

Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


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