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I found some really cool things when I was trying to find gifts for this past Monday’s Treasury. As a bonus for the week, I’m including a fantastic vintage collection of featured items that are both “now” and “vintage”. Groovy and cool, hip and modern. Just plain awesome. Enjoy!

I’ve just listed a slew of belt buckle bases in the DESTASH section in my shop. I have also made a new section for CLEARANCE items. At the moment, mosaic rings (which I no longer will be making) and a nice wooden tray have been added to this section. Unfortunately, I dropped the tray just as I was getting ready to list it, so I put it up for clearance as it has a big ole crack in it now. Bummer. In any case, I think these two new sections will come in handy in the future! Check back often if you don’t see an announcement here or on Facebook. Many things will be going in the CLEARANCE section for an upcoming half price sale!

Enjoy your weekend and have a Happy and Safe Halloween!



In the Studio

In honor of my latest mosaic, Mr M and the moon motif I often use I have created an ArtFire Collection relating to the awesome crescent moon! It’s title is “Moon Madness!”

I spent an entire day taking photos of the newest items to be listed on both ArtFire and Etsy this week and came up with maybe a few good shots of almost everything. As I am a bit picky when it comes to showing my work when I post it for sale; I think it could be a few more days before everything is listed. It does take time, too, to list on both sites at the same time.

However, the good news is, there is a Destash section now on Etsy. I’m making room in my studio! Buckles and rings are no longer going to be an item I mosaic or sell — I simply don’t have the inspiration or desire needed to make them. I love to make pendants and will continue to hone in on what I enjoy doing as time goes on. Meanwhile, there are some ring and buckle bases available at greatly reduced rates for those who have the inspiration to use them! The buckles and rings I’ve made will be listed in the Destash section next week and will all be half price! If you have been wanting a mosaic ring or buckle made by EarthMotherMosaics next week is the week to get them!

The sale on Etsy is still happening today until midnight tonight. Everything $30 or more has been reduced by $10!! Never fear if you can’t afford anything right this minute (shopping can be challenging when you have a limited budget) be warned! Every week in November there will be a sale or discount of some kind on both sites.

I am so happy to share my mosaics in this way and the sales are just one way of making sure everyone can find something within their budget for themselves or someone special. The holidays are coming and many people are hard to buy gifts for. Look around and come back often!

ArtFire will be the only place where I sell my jewelry once I start listing it again. I love Etsy but the competition is fierce!! So many great items on both sites from so many talented people! I’ll announce the listings as they become available (soon!!).

If you’re interested in having a custom order made for yourself or someone for Christmas, I am taking orders up until November 30th. Think about giving a unique, one-of-a-kind gift to a loved one or give a gift to yourself! Don’t you deserve it?!

It’s “hump day” which means the work week is almost through! Woo-hoo!!! Have a fantastic weekend and keep checking Facebook, Etsy the blog posts often to make sure you don’t miss a sale!


Now that shopping for the holidays has started to pick up speed, it is great when we find one-of-a-kind, original items that are affordable and eclectic. My Treasury this week has a little something for everyone on your list and at a fantastic price! Check out the featured shops and enjoy “window surfing” through each.

Studio news: Things are getting busier in the studio now as I am preparing to put some of the newest items in the shops and preparing for the holiday gifts for my family. New jewelry will be added as well as a few things in a new “destash” section. Also a new Etsy shop: EarthMothersAttic will be opening mid-week. Only a few items will be in it to start, but it will house some china and vintage dishware that are just too cool to smash!

To kick off the week, I’m having a sale in my Etsy shop! $10 off all items on Etsy that are priced $30 and up TODAY AND TUESDAY ONLY. Send me a convo before ordering and mention the $10 discount so that I can adjust the price and reserve the item for you.

On Wednesday there will be a sale at ArtFire to celebrate the new celestial mosaics I’ve recently made. A new collection of all items sun and moon related will be created and all my newest items added. More details on that in the next blog post on Wednesday.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

What a great last session we all had at the Intermediate mosaics class on Tuesday evening. 5 out of 6 were ready to grout their mosaics and do some finishing touches. I made a template using warm and cool colors of stained glass and white and black grout giving them a visual to help them decide what grout to use on their mosaics. The photos of the frames the students made can be seen next the blog post as well as on flickr under the folder “WORKSHOPS 2010”:

I’ve spent 5 weeks with most of them starting with the basics coasters class and then the intermediate class right after that and it’s been a wonderful experience. My daughter once again assisted me and saw them getting into the zone while working on their mosaics as I did. It is a fantastic experience to share the love of mosaics in this way! I’m very fortunate to be able to do this. Next month there will be an Open House at the school where the class was held and hopefully most if not all of them will bring their finished mosaics to it to show what can be accomplished in 3 weeks. The new semester is in February 2011. Both the basics coasters class and intermediate frame class will once again be offered. I can’t wait!!

in the zone

concentrating while grouting


template side A

template side B

The stained glass was flying in the studio over the weekend (metaphorically speaking of course) and I finished gluing Mr M the crescent moon, grouted Just Warming Up and a vase/candle holder and finally, glued some great shades of green stained glass on a glass plate that was once a plain glass candle holder.

Mr M - not yet grouted

Just Warming Up

vase/candle holder


All will be available soon for purchase through Etsy and ArtFire.

Monday’s Etsy Treasury will be based on the busy upcoming shopping frenzy entitled “Great Gifts $50 or Less”. As usual, 16 featured items will be shown and hopefully help those who may need an idea for a nice gift. The items I’ve found are of good quality and not a lot of money. You don’t have to spend a lot to get something nice for someone! And the added bonus that most are handmade is a wonderful gift to give.


Coffee and cream are the “flavors” this week for my Monday Treasury. I love coffee and I add cream to it each morning making sure it is the perfect combination of both for my taste. The first cup of coffee is very important…the cream must give the flavor of the coffee balance in the best way possible for my palette. An entire day can be ruined in my world by a cup of coffee that doesn’t quite taste right!

I hope you enjoy the warmth of this treasury. Please leave a comment, visit the featured shops and by all means do it all while enjoying your favorite warm beverage this morning!

Check out the flickr photostream for the latest array of new items that will be added to the store fronts very soon. Some are in the work-in-progress stages but all will be included in time for the holiday sale next month!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

Last night’s class was so much fun! The 6 ladies in my intermediate mosaics class learned to cut stained glass and mirror and started gluing down their glass onto their IKEA wooden framed mirrors. After their initial fear of the glass and keeping a healthy respect for it, they became pros at scoring and breaking the pieces they needed. Most had already used glass nippers from the previous class I gave; each were comfortable with using all the tools and picked their favorites as the night progressed. I’m proud of them for their willingness to learn. I’m also proud of their designs and will share them here, on my Facebook page and on flickr next week during as our last session together ends. It’s always such a blast to see the joy on their faces as they “build” their mosaics. My daughter assisted me again this week and the 8 of us mostly laughed throughout the 2 hour session. What a great group they are!!

This past week I’ve managed to work on a few things for the store fronts. There’s grouting to be done on what I’ve finished and one is just beginning to look like I saw it in my head. There’s a possibility that one (the crescent moon) will have a few incarnations before it’s completed. As I work on it, I see it changing and veering away from my original thoughts. Sometimes I like when that happens, other times … no so much.

"Just Warming Up" - pre-grout

Glass-on-glass - close up - pre-grout

Mr M - work-in-progress

Within the next day or two I’ll be heading to my favorite DIY store and getting grout for my things and for next weeks’ class. When I’ve gotten what I need, I will have a grout fest, which is always a lot of fun. I have a ritual: I put on my favorite music, grab the gloves, mask and tools and mix up the grout and start making a creative mess!

A note about the jewelry listed on Etsy and ArtFire: all pieces will be removed this Friday, October 15th. They will be replaced within the next month with new pieces and may be retired completely or brought back next year. If you’ve been considering purchasing belt buckles or pendants that are listed in my shops, now is the time to do it! The new things will go into the shops before the holidays. Also there will be one more sale between now and December for some of the items very soon. Getting something for those hard to buy for people in your life at Christmas time, might be just a click or two away!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Etsy Treasury: Burgundy Wine

One of my favorite colors is showcased today in my Monday Treasury choices on Etsy.

I feel drawn to the color of burgundy and all things in red burgundy are especially loved. It’s one of the warmest colors I am drawn to – to wear, to decorate with, to share with others, to drink. Burgundy with tan, green and gold combined make the winter holiday decorating a joy.

Hopefully you will spend some time looking through this treasury and leave a comment if you’d like to let the featured shop owners know what you think.

I’m looking forward to a very busy week in the studio. Wednesday’s blog will have the latest photos of some work-in-progress items that can be seen on my flickr photostream now as well as Tuesday evenings intermediate mosaics class at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, PA. I’m looking forward to the second session with the 6 ladies that are taking this class! It’s always so much fun!!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

Last night started the first of three, 2-hour sessions of Intermediate Mosaics as part of the Adult Ed Program at Keith Valley Middle School. 6 ladies joined us on their way to discoverying designs and style for a 10×10″ framed mirror. Using paper templates and all the stained glass and embellishments we could carry from my home close to an hour away to the classroom in Horsham, they browsed through some books for inspiration, drew out a design, took notes, picked a palette and looked through the stained glass. My lovely assistant for the evening was my daughter, Tara, who provided the photos below.

Next week they will have the opportunity to score and nip their glass pieces choices and start gluing their design down on the wood. It was, once again, wonderful to watch them think through the process and by the end of the two hours have the ideas for their new mosaic.

Here in the studio, my 10×10″ wooden framed mirror donation piece for April 2011’s Doctors Without Borders’ online auction & exhibit coordinated entirely by Lin Schorr (, has been “glassed”. Once grouted I will share the final product before it heads out to Michigan where it will live until then.

There are a few leads in finding new places to give mosaics basics classes and as they develop I will definitely share them.

In case you missed last Friday’s announcement, GNAL ( has chosen me as their “Artist of the Month” for October. It’s quite humbling to have been asked and I thank them.

Monday’s blog will include the newest Etsy Treasury link. There’s some great choices in this one and it is perfect for this time of year!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


This treasury is devoted to all things shiny, iridescent and wonderfully distracting. See all the sparkles! Oooooo loooook…

It would be very difficult for me to pick a favorite out of this group. Mostly chosen for their fantastic shine, they all have something special. It was fun finding these items for this Treasury!

Wednesday’s blog post will have some photos of the first session of an intermediate class I’ll be teaching in Horsham. I’m so looking forward to helping them create a stained glass mosaic using a 10×10″ framed mirror.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


This ArtFire Collection was gathered together to share some wonderful snack choices. If you’re serious about break time like I am, you will spend some time looking through each store front. So many yummy things to choose from. I’ll definitely be ordering a few things listed here and will review each item once I have sampled them. Actually I may need to order the same thing a few times before I make a final decision. Just to make sure, you know, that it is as good as I think it is. 😉

I came across some cool vintage tea cups and a few coffee pots while searching and have included them here. Break time is always a happy ritual for me. I appreciate a good cup of tea or coffee and a really good snack. While it is possible to create my own cookies, cheesecakes and other decadent desserts, I enjoy finding people like these who spend their days and nights thinking about how to make the best ooey, gooey, death by chocolate, heavy sigh after each bite snack that they can for my enjoyment. I truly appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into a speciality foods business, especially the things I’ve highlighted here. Thank you to all the shop owners who do the baking for me. The love of the final product by me and the people who created it, is what makes my break times special!

Updates from the Studio: I have just learned that the donated mosaic peace symbols made for the auction on Sept 25th for Hope’s Door in Dallas, TX (which was held at The House of Blues and was blogged here previously) made $10,000 for the charity “Project Peace” for Hope’s Door. I’ve been blessed to be a small part of this great cause. Congratulations to all who helped bring some much needed funds to this charity. That amount will help quite a few families transition through a difficult time in their lives.

The Greater Norristown Art League has asked me to be the “Artist of the Month” for October. What an honor! The link for GNAL is: – on the right hand side you’ll see the info with my name and a photo of my jewelry. Click on it to take you to the page about me. A special thank you to the very talented Jo Ann Cooksey Bono who asked me if I would be interested in this opportunity and who also created the page you’ll see about me. She does the web design for the entire site as well.

I hope you had a wonderfully creative week!


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