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Happy Friday!

Today’s choice as my Featured Item is another mosaic peace symbol. I’ll be adding more items to the online store soon (hopefully this weekend) and I’ll make sure to announce when there’s been additions to it.

This 10 inch mosaic peace sign is a particular favorite of mine. Using earth colors, there is something to be said for the soothing effect these respective colors have. Combining hand cut dish shards and stained glass, lots of cool Millefiori pieces, frosted glass gems, glass beads with flowers on them and grouting it all in charcoal has given this peace symbol a true feeling of peace.

I’ve added ribbon to the sides and painted the rest with complimentary colors in greens. There’s a D-ring on the back and it’s signed and dated.

This would make a great gift for the college bound student or a nice gift to give yourself.

Details and pricing information can be found here:

Have a great weekend!



In the Studio

As I’ve been getting settled into the apartment with my oldest daughter and her family, I’m finding supplies and mosaic goodies as I go! I’m also finding the energy and incentive to create again almost daily. It’s kinda cool to have my muse with me again all the time. She’s been missed!

I finished the donated butterfly for the mural in FL. It measures 5-3/4 inches by 3-3/4 inches with iridescent white glass, black, gray, amber, orange and yellow stained glass and small black glass gems.

When my 3-3/4 year old grandson saw this, he asked me if it was for him. When I told him no and explained to him where it was going, I said I’d make him one of his own if he’d like. He was very animated at the thought and told me he wanted a blue and pink one, please, Nana. For the next few days after that conversation, every time I exited my bedroom, where I work on mosaics, he asked me if I had made his butterfly yet. I finally decided it was time to get going on it.

It still needs grouting, of course, but he is pleased with it which makes me happy. As I was cutting glass for it he handed me a few pop caps and asked me if I would use them in his mosaic. I had no clue how to incorporate them but I promised him I would. After some thought I decided I’d use them as wings on smaller butterflies around the big guy. After grout, I will add the “wings” and small glass pieces cut from rods. See the example below:

I shared this photo on Facebook and explained it’s origin and someone suggested I make a few to send along with my donated butterfly for the mural. What a great idea! I made 4 of them and credit my grandson for the design idea. Maybe, as was suggested, he’ll get to see the mural in person one day! I think they are cute!

I have also started the inventory for the mosaic stained glass candle holders I sell. I haven’t found all the things I have to mosaic with but I have found the plain glass candle holders and plates I purchased a few months back and enough glass to use to cover them. Yay! I love making mosaics on these items so I was happy to have found them so easily in storage!

Everything needs grouting but I’m pleased with my progress and have 2 or 3 more plates to work on and 1 more vessel for the votive or tea lights.

I also started working on my daughter’s birthday present (a month late—yikes!). I love these colors! I’m hoping she’ll hang it up on the wall of her new (first!!) apartment. The size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

I’ve worked on my website a bit; changing the splash page info and the “About” page. Some weeks my thoughts are pulled into creating and some weeks I want to work on the marketing. This week, as you can see, I’ve mostly been in the creative mood.

Once everything is grouted, I’ll add what I’m selling to the online store.

Friday’s post will be another Featured Item of mine that is available for purchase, so look for that.

It’s nice to have a break with the recent heat wave here in PA. My windows are wide open and there is a nice breeze so far this morning! Saaaa-weet!

Enjoy your day!!!


I love flea markets! You can find so many cool things, especially if you create mosaics. One of the things I always stop to look at, are the pieces of folk art I find along the way. During this heat wave, it is delightful to be able to sit by my computer with a large glass of cool water and surf Etsy to find some fun things to share. Normally, a day at the flea market would give me some great inspiration and/or some treasures to add to my home decor. One of my favorites to look for, especially here in PA, is folk art. There are many talented artists who create new items and have a knack for creating folk art.

By definition, according to, folk art is: “artistic works, as paintings, sculpture, basketry, and utensils, produced typically in cultural isolation by untrained often anonymous artists or by artisans of varying degrees of skill and marked by such attributes as highly decorative design, bright bold colors, flattened perspective, strong forms in simple arrangements, and immediacy of meaning.” I have learned that laboring tradespeople were the most often associated with creating this kind of art in the 1920’s and it can also be called “tramp art”. My Dad made some mirrors in that style using wood he cut out into shapes. I have one of them and truly love it. It’s safely tucked away in storage right now but as soon as it makes an appearance after digging through all the packed boxes, I will take a picture of it to share the one I have.

I am still learning the process of my own form of folk art. I try to make folk art mosaics whenever the mood strikes. The last time I made a birdhouse shown below:

This particular piece is now at Tara’s Country Cottage in Skippack Village, PA.

I had fun searching through Etsy this morning looking for folk art. Inspiration comes in waves and I’m feeling, once again, inspired to try another piece of mosaic folk art! I am personally drawn towards the Mexican Folk Art pieces because of their colors. They are just beautiful!

Here are some vintage pieces and some new items alone the fun and sometimes funky folk art theme I have found to be inspiring.


Because I’m in love with peace signs, this week’s featured item is one of my favorite mosaics.

This item is named “Be True To Yourself”. It is made using vintage dish tiles in yellows and browns with opaque decorative gems, daisy Millefiori and a pendant that gave it its name.

This very groovy peace symbol measures 8 inches and has a lot of personality. The outer edge has a polka dotted ribbon and the back and inner edges are painted in a complimentary yellow.

Price: $38.25 ($25.00 each + $13.25 shipping and insurance) and can be purchased through my online store here:

More items will be added to the site as I unpack them, take new photos and of course make new mosaics as well!

Have a great weekend!


In the Studio

This week I’ve started working, briefly, on a butterfly on mesh I’m making for the mural in Florida. Info can be found on a few sites. On Kraken Mosaics (Eve Lynch) flickr photostream (which is where I first saw it):

or on her blog:

She has a page on Facebook where you can find all of the info about her and her wonderful mosaic work. “Like” her page to get regular updates.

I’ve been a little busy this week with babysitting my adorable grandson so I have been a little too tired to cut glass once his folks take over when they get home from work. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a little time this evening on it. I’m really excited about the mural and the basic palette will make it fairly easy to cut out and glue onto the mesh. I may decide when I’ve gotten it all cut and nipped that I want to use completely different colors! I know the design will stay the same, however. Here’s a few photos on what I plan to use (the last shot is not great but shows the small black glass gems I will use for the center as the body):

Once this is finished up (by this time next week, I hope) I can start in on a belated birthday gift for my daughter.

Got the news that the customer who ordered the 10 twelve inch gold mirror gazing balls likes the triangle prototype the best! That’s wonderful news indeed. She asked that the triangles be closer together to see less grout and is still debating on which grout color to use for them. I’m thrilled that I can soon start ordering supplies and get going on them. They should be completely finished by mid-October. And of course, many photos of their progress … all 10 of them … will be shown on flickr under the folder:

I’ve been working on an online store through a blog instead of using my website. The website is really coming along nicely but selling from it is limited to what I can fit on one page. Using a blog allows me to add mosaics as I unpack them or make new ones to sell. I’ll be tweaking both website and blog every week until I’m pleased with them both.

The website is:

The blog is:

Friday’s post “Friday’s Favorite Item” will be an item from my online shop, but it will be linked to the blog or website.

Occasionally I will link to the consignment shop as I have a lot of awesome items there as well. Right now she doesn’t have online purchasing set up but she should have it soon. Meanwhile any local folks looking for something to do on these hot, muggy days should go on over to Skippack Village and pay the shops there a visit. When you stop in to look through Tara’s Country Cottage, tell her I said hello!

The address and summer hours are on the website. Her shop is really nice, not just because there are mosaics place here and there within it! 😉

Don’t forget to hop on over to Etsy and take a look at and comment on Monday’s Treasury entitled: “The Summer of Love”. Almost all peace signs are featured!! Very groovy.


Growing up in the 60’s, I have always loved peace signs, references to Woodstock (even though I was too young to go experience it myself) in 1969 and the music surrounding it. This summer, so far, has been a love fest surrounded by family and good vibes … it truly reminds me how lucky I am.

I love making peace symbols in mosaic form, love it when people want one made by me and love to give them as gifts. Searching for them today for the Treasury was a lot of fun!


As I unpack and find mosaics and some pieces I’ve painted through the years, I’m always pleased to find one that seems to “speak” to me even after all this time.

“Star Shine” is one of those pieces. Stained glass in lilac, tangerine, sunshine yellow and deep blue, mirror in silver and gold, millefiori in star designs, iridescent glass in rust brown and acrylics and glitter under tempered glass, I have a soft spot for this particular mosaic.

Created in February 2010, the star in the center surrounded by swirls and crescent moons shows a trend I am fond of creating. Suns, moons and stars are a favorite subject in my art.

The sides and back are painted in metallic silver acrylic. There is a D-ring attached to the back for easy hanging and it is signed and dated.

Measures 10 x 10 inches.

Price: $55.00 (includes shipping and insurance)

This item can be purchased through PayPal or cashier’s check only. Please contact me at if interested.

My website now has some merchandise on it. I will add/replace items periodically so check back often. Go to: to see what’s available. I’m slowly unpacking things and will be listing them on ArtFire, here and on the website as I do.


Have a great weekend!


In the Studio

This week I’ve been working solely on the gazing ball prototypes I’m making for a custom order. Grouting and polishing and taking their pictures is a part of the process I like to do to share with everyone. This also is the way the client can make her decision as to which cut she wants for the mirror I’ll use for her gazing balls.

Triangle Prototype:

Square prototype:

Gold mirror side:

Silver mirror side:

Additional photos can be seen on my flickr photostream.

I used a combination of paints, tint and antique white grout to make the color on the triangle sphere. I will definitely use a premixed colored grout when I make the 10 gazing balls for the client to make certain they are all uniform in color. The square sphere has antique white grout on the gold mirror. I painted the silver mirror side with black acrylic paint. Both are sealed.

I am looking forward to working on these gazing balls over the coming months. Using them as table centerpieces in a wedding is a fantastic idea! I hope to make my client proud to have my mosaic spheres as part of her decorations for the very special day.

Once she decides which cut she likes (we’re all leaning towards the triangle ones!), I’ll start in on real thing. Yay!

Up next is a butterfly on mesh! I’ve had a bit of a block with the colors to use for it. Hopefully now that I’ve finished the prototypes I can spend a few days devoted to that.


During my recent move, I packed up my collection of Depression Glass handed down to me by a few beloved family members who passed away through the years. I studied them for a quite a while before wrapping them back up for the move. Most of what I have (mostly amber, green, pink and yellow plates, vases and bowls), will be used for future mosaics as they are not in great shape. Put away due to cracks or having been broken after being on display for so many years, they made me happy to look at them once more. In the state they are in now, their usefulness is no longer possible, displaying them isn’t possible either as the space I’m in is very small. Leaving them packed up and away from view seems wrong. Soon they will be shown proudly in a new way, through mosaics! It’s the only way I know to reuse, recycle and share these things. I’m looking forward to it and finding a way to use them creatively.

This Monday’s Treasury is all about the Vintage Depression Glass I found on Etsy. Some of the colors are fantastic! I hope you enjoy looking through the first treasury I’ve done in a while!


In the Studio

Within the last month life has taken a few interesting twists and turns. It’s all wonderful because I’m alive and feeling good! Thanks to my family (extended family as well) for all their help during my transition. I’m slowly finding my way back from a long winter filled with stress and depression. Thankfully with their help, I can soon put it all behind me and move forward.

While I’ve been unpacking boxes labeled “mosaics supplies” or “mosaics”, I’ve been finding a few odds and ends to do the next projects, gifts and fun things. I am still looking for some things to get other projects started but that is the fun of unpacking! The process is slow and there are boxes still in storage to go through and find a place for near me so that when I am looking for that one particular piece of stained glass or dish, I will have it handy!

The good news is that I have found a small space in my bedroom to mosaic. I don’t need a large space to call it my “studio” as long as I have a spot to create in, that’s all I need! I’m happy at work there and have been able to start on a few prototypes for a custom order. I’m making two small gazing balls using gold mirror; one has cuts of gold mirror in squares, one has cuts in triangles.

The one with the square cuts is using more of the gold mirror than I thought it would. I’ll be adding silver mirror to the other half of it and grouting the gold in a light tan grout, the silver in a charcoal or dark gray grout. The dramatic differences should be really cool!

Making two 6 inch gazing balls using different cuts in the mirror gives the client a visual to see which is preferred. These particular spheres have 2 prep parts to them, the “real” ones will have 3 and in doing the prep work I’ve added close to 6 inches to them because the mirror is so thick. I used plaster strips and a layer of watered down cement to these. The other ones will have a layer of membrane on them to protect them from water so that they may be placed out in a garden. At one point I had considered doing one ball with both cuts (squares on one side, triangles on the other) but in the end making one each was my decision. So far I am pleased with the results.

I am making a butterfly on mesh soon as part of a collaborative installation in Fort Myers, Florida. Once completed, the mural should be a beautiful array of many artists’ renditions of mosaic butterflies. “Butterflies Are Free” is the newest endeavor for Kraken Mosaics, Eve Lynch. It’s always a joy to do donation pieces and I’m really looking forward to making my own version of a butterfly to add to her collection for her mural. Photos will be shared on flickr as usual and I’ll post a photo here when it’s complete. Deadline is in August. Those interested in making a mosaic butterfly can contact Eve at to see if she’s still accepting donations.

Yesterday, I found the box I packed with a few small glass candle holders and plates to be covered in stained glass for the consignment shop I work with. has just moved to a larger shop to house more cool items. Hopefully by the end of July I’ll have some new mosaics to take to her. I LOVE her shop and can’t wait to see the new one. If you live locally, she is in Skippack Village in Skippack, PA. Stop by and tell her I sent you!! 🙂

I’ve been working on a new website for EarthMotherMosaics. I have been devoting only a little time to it so far but hope to have it all finished within the next few months. Once completed, I will have items for sale listed. If you’re interested, go to: and check it out! I’ll post info here when I update it.

Next Monday, July 11, I’ll post an Etsy Treasury. Studio news will alternate between Wednesday’s and Friday’s depending on what I’m working on.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer and stay peaceful!


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