The biggest news this week is over at Etsy where my shop is taking part in their “First Friday Art Walk”. Go to and type in the words “firstfridayartwalk” in the search area and you can find thousands of items along with all of my own from EarthMotherMosaics.

I have been working on a bird sculpture which is now ready for grout. It’s raining today and I’m feeling it in my bones which means I won’t be doing much with mosaics today but I can share the photos here of the work-in-progress.

I started with a broken stem from a wine glass, a white bisque ceramic sphere, stained glass and pieces of a broken mirror, a white porcelain bird (on sale at my local craft store) and an old blue and white glass marble.

The final result is a small table statue that reflects like. Once grouted this will go with me when I give a presentation about mosaics and my business at the Greater Norristown Art League on April 10th. A few other pieces will also be with me that are completed and progressive works. I believe they will give a good idea as to the way I progress through each phase. All will be shared and discussed. I’m truly looking forward to it.

Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


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