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This treasury is dedicated specifically to all the great vintage items I came across this month while looking through the store fronts on Etsy. I am proud to be a certified member of the hippie brigade and still might be considered one to some folks. That’s a badge I wear proudly.

Check out these delightful mushroom inspired items and let me know what you think of my choices once you do! One item in particular caught my eye – the plastic wall hanging of groovy psychedelic mushrooms – I had one just like it in my kitchen in the mid-1970’s!!! Far out!!!

In other news, I am running a contest ending September 3rd. The splash page on my website has had a picture of my face on it for months and I’ve noticed a high bounce rate because of it. In order to give the visitor time to look through the pages and hopefully lower the bounce rate, I’ve asked which you, as a view, would prefer to see? A mosaic or me? I have gotten a lot of feedback – enough to know that my gut was right in placing a mosaic on the splash page. I’ve already changed it to one of my favorite mosaics that I created for a dear friend and loyal customer and will now change the page once a month with a new mosaic photo. However, the contest is still on and I’d love to hear your opinion. I will be doing a random drawing at the end of the week and announce the winner of a mosaic created by me (worth $25 at least) here on Tuesday, September 7. Join in the fun! Send me an email at my yahoo address or post a comment here, on Facebook or on the flickr photostream. The more the merrier!

Wednesday will be another post with studio news and next week on Monday, another Treasury with some great fall items.

Have a wonderfully creative week!



In the Studio

This week in the studio has been spent working on top secret things!

I am taking part in a wonderful “gift it forward” offer that started last year on Facebook called “Make 5”. The premise is to offer up 5 gifts of your choicing to the first 5 to respond to your offer. In exchange they must post their own “Make 5” offer. It was a lot of fun to see all the creative things coming through as the months progressed and how happy and excited all the recipients were, including me, to receive their gift. It headed over to my flickr community a while back and I wasn’t able to join in at that time, but had a small window this past month and wanted to offer it up. I also decided not to put myself on any lists to receive this time around. I just wanted to give and offered up to 10. I truly do love to give away mosaics!! I have 8 people on my list and have completed 5 mosaics so far. Once they have been received I can share the photos of them here but until then, I have to keep it a secret!

I have made some small jewelry boxes that are in the pre-grout stage. I think they will be grouted later today and once they are, they will be posted on flickr if you’d like to see them completed. These are going to my daughter’s friend who has started her own business doing jewelry parties, as an incentive to buy the most and for those who win the games she provides. She is like a daughter to me and I’m more than happy to give her these small tokens of love. I may play with some new tints for grout with these so take a look on the photostream to see the result.

for Meghan

ready for grout!

I am doing a trade with another Etsian who likes my pendants and I her pottery! This one came out of the blue after I ordered one of her fantastic peace symbol mugs. To see Emily’s store front go to: and take a look around.

Drawing and designing don’t come naturally to me, but I have been doing both for the upcoming donations projects. It is good to stretch your skills a bit and although I often veer off in a new direction and don’t following them, drawing some outline designs helps to get the creative juices flowing. Both will be mentioned more within the next few weeks as they get closer to completion and I can share a photo or two.

A mosaics and stained glass forum I am involved with is doing an exchange as well. This one is for vases! I have a few plain glass vases at my disposal and am excited to get working on one for someone. That, too, can’t be shown until it’s been received.

The holidays are fast approaching and there will be some new items in the shops as well as one more sale in the coming months. Meanwhile I am starting to gather materials to work on the family gifts and that will keep me fairly busy for a while.

On Monday I will post a new Etsy Treasury. This one is all about vintage items I found while searching for the previous Treasury goodies. Some are really very cool and deserve their own Treasury!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


My Etsy Treasury choices this week features some wonderful vintage pieces, a few supplies for artists and fun home decor all wrapped up in yellow. I had a great time finding these favorites. The vintage things especially made me smile. Next Monday, my Treasury will be all vintage items! Yay!

The next blog post on Wednesday will be from the studio again this week. You can always see what I’m up to by looking on the flickr photostream but be warned the photos will slow up a bit now that I am doing a few secret mosaics and holiday prep for the fam. There will be photos of what’s headed to auction/donation/exhibit as I have a few of those coming up and of course new things for the store fronts in the coming months.

Have a creative week! Enjoy!!


In the Studio

Another busy week in the studio!

Two new peace symbols using dish tiles and stained glass will soon be added to the online shops. One in bright colors of yellows and browns, with a dot here and there of white glass and daisies. The center focal point is a large charm that says: Be true to yourself.

The other in rich colors reminiscent of the 70’s – my favorite style from my teenage years! Dish tiles and stained glass in retro designs in avocado, lime and brown with some very cool green square glass beads with yellow flowers on them.

I took an old round table that was given to me with ripped Naugahyde on top and turned it into a shabby chic beauty adding dish tiles, decorative glass and stained glass. This needs a touch of paint around the base and will be complete and ready to sell.

Earlier in the week, through Facebook, I was contacted by a wonderfully patient woman by the name of Phoebe Wantz. She is the owner of Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, Indiana, asking me if I’d be interested in sending her a few things for her gallery. In all honesty, at first I didn’t think she was a “real” person and gave her a bit of a run around until I had time to do a little research. To my delight, not only is she real, but genuinely “gets” how art should be seen. After looking at their website, I saw that the gallery is beautifully designed to showcase many wonderful pieces of art. I gladly packed up a few items and they are headed her way as we speak. Hopefully we’ll have a long and fruitful adventure together! What an honor and quite a humbling experience, indeed, to be a part of this wonderful gallery. If you live near Muncie, stop in to say hello and take a look around! I’ve just added this gallery to my list of road trips for the coming year! Woo-hoo! I thank Phoebe and everyone who may have put a bug in her ear or suggested she look at my mosaics on Facebook. Social networks can some times really rock!

Here are the mosaics and pendants heading towards Indiana today:

Have a creative week! Enjoy!!


Oh that rich green and purple combo that is associated with one of my favorite veggies! Yummmm.

This week I had trouble narrowing my choices down and a few are just purple or mainly green because I just couldn’t turn them away once I found them! I hope you enjoy the newest selection of color that I’ve chosen this week.

Wednesday will be the newest photos of studio life. I have a few things almost completed, a few will be added to the shops and some things I’ve just started! Always fun, of course! 🙂

In the Studio

Happy Wednesday!

The studio has been a busy place lately as I’m trying to stock my inventory. It’s been great fun getting MDF shapes and new tiles and finding some things I forgot I had to include on the newest things I’ll be making!

My latest mosaic, Tranquility, has been added to my website and shops this week.

It’s got a nice selection of glass in fresh colors of mango, tangerine, white, black and lime with black and white polka dot ribbon trim around the edge along with some unusual Millefiori designs in daisy and swirls in orange and black. The word Tranquility is done in black iridescent stained glass and grouted in white surrounded by silver mirror. The rest of the butterfly is grouted in gray. This has a D-ring for hanging.

I put a mosaic on a rather large box yesterday and named it Just Beachy Decorative Fat Cat Proof Wooden Box. This will probably be gifted to my daughter’s friend who tells me her fat cat always breaks her jewelry boxes.

3-1/2″ H 13-3/4″ L 4″ W

Hinged wooden box, stained, shells/stones from Malaquite Beach, North Padre Island in Corpus Christi, TX that were given to me by a fellow netizen last year, stained glass, dish tiles, blue tinted thinset adhesive, white sanded grout, sealed.

I’m pleased with the way this looks and have 4 more to mosaic. Those will probably go up in the shop for sale as they are made or given as gifts.

I’m sorting through the newest selection of dish tiles for a retro mirror and 2 peace symbols that should be made within the next week. I also have a great design in mind for a sun shape that I recently bought which will be sold possibly as a set to go with a crescent moon both getting a mosaic treatment with stained glass.

I hope you have time to check the flickr photostream within the next week to see the WIP’s and finished products as I complete them. I will show photos here in next Wednesday’s blog of their progress and/or completion.

Monday will be the newest Etsy Treasury choices. This will be a weekly thing as I’ve found so many talented people using so many delicious colors in their artwork. Sharing the love of color and fine artisans work is a joy and a pleasure.

Workshops/Classes Available:

Those who live in and around the Philadelphia, PA area and are interested in taking a workshop, go to my website to see all the information provided there regarding weekend workshops starting in September. Class sizes are limited to 6 people.

Keith Valley Middle School’s Adult Ed Classes begin in September. I’ll be doing two classes this semester, a beginners and an intermediate. For those who are interested, all info as I know it, goes on my website.

Mt Airy Learning Tree has asked me back for another semester and I’ll be teaching Mosaic Basics starting in November.

I’m very pleased to be sharing my love for mosaics in this way! It’s a wonderful thing!!

Have a creative week! Enjoy!!


Ceramics & Pottery take a front seat this week all in beautiful hues of blue. Some truly remarkable pieces are in this group. The artists have all done a dynamic job. Check out the complete list below:

Last week after I posted Lime Green Retro Style Treasury, a few nice people responded. One person made two separate purchases from the sellers on the shops I had chosen. One featured artist wrote on her blog about it:

Another Featured Artist, Quilted Lovelies, wrote about it on her Facebook page.

How wonderful to see something so small result in sales, new friends and smiles!

Look for another Etsy Treasury post next Monday. A studio update will be posted on Wednesday.

Have a great week!


In The Studio

News from the EarthMotherMosaics studio:

I’ve opened another online shop at ArtFire with quite a few of the same items in the Etsy shop. Eventually each will have separate items. I’m still learning the finer points of each site and until I’ve gotten it figured out they will stay as they are.

The link to ArtFire is:

My business name and everything associated with it will be changing to EarthMotherMosaics by the end of the year. I have done a search and there are others who share Cindy White but none share EarthMotherMosaics. In the long run, it will be easier for everyone to find me in searches. A very good thing.

I am now associated with Handmade Spark showing my Etsy shop and this blog. On the right hand side within the “Filter by Category” area, click on “Art”. The only feature not included is a search option for finding shop names quickly, but scrolling through the featured shops to find mine is not a bad thing! There are so many talented artists within this website. My shop is featured along with a link to click on the mini-site for photos and more information.

The recent “Christmas in July” Jewelry Sales Event went fairly well and I thank those who took the time to browse the shop. Everything now once again reflects the current price. One more sale is on the horizon … possibly two. I will announce them as they happen.

Next week’s Etsy Treasury picks are some of the nicest I’ve chosen. Each Monday I will post a new one and share it here and on Facebook. It is a joy to share all the talent I find and some vintage items being offered right now are some of the best I’ve seen. Garage saling has become so much easier!

I’ll be working on some new things to include in the shops within the next month. I have a few custom orders to make and can then concentrate on the shop once more.

When you have time to surf, take a look at my flickr photostream to see various photos of mosaics I’ve recently made. Custom orders are always shared on this site. Many times you’ll see WIP (work-in-progress) photos of things not yet completed.

Have a great week and don’t forget to check back to see my newest Etsy Treasury here on Monday, August 9th!


For the entire month of August I will be featuring a new Etsy Treasury each Monday. I love color and sharing what I find is, in my opinion, pure eye-candy! Enjoy!!

☼-EarthMotherMosaics~Cindy White

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