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Happy Tuesday!

This year I’m taking part in the madness that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday in my shop on Etsy. Starting 11/22 at 12 AM EST and ending at 11 PM on 11/26, you’ll get a 45% discount off of all Wall Art / Mirrors. There’s a great selection of styles and designs to choose from. Start your art collection or add to it, give one as a gift for a housewarming or holiday. There is something for every one, every taste, every style.

Blue, Tangerine, Lilac, Lemon, Star, Crescent Moons, Swirls, Stained Glass Contemporary Abstract Mosaic, Bohemian Design – 10 x 10 inches
Price: $134.88

Stained Glass Mosaic, Contemporary Abstract, Wall Art, Pink Iridescent, Lilac and Midnight Sky Blue – 7 3/4 x 7 3/4 inches
Price: $59.25

Stained Glass Contemporary Abstract Mosaic, Wall Art, Jewel Tones, Red, Orange, Gold, Silver, Green, Brown, Amber – 13 x 13 inches
Price: $283.00

Mosaic Vintage Tea Cup, Wall Art, Retro Dish Shards, Wall Hanging – 6 x 8 inches
Price: $47.62

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics


Mosaic Bowl in Earth Tones, Handmade, Stained Glass, Fine Art, Home Decor, Introductory Price –
Measures 8 1/2 inches high by 7 1/2 inches wide
Price: $481.31

******************************SPECIAL PRICE FOR OCTOBER*********************************
For the month of October ONLY, this Fine Art Mosaic is available for an
introductory price.

I made this bowl from “scratch”. Using a handmade mold of wire mesh, plaster cast strips and thin set cement. If interested in seeing how it was made from start to finish, photos are available on my flickr photostream in the Mosaics 2012 folder. This is one-of-a-kind and extremely unique.

Once the form was dried and ready to get the mosaic treatment, lots of stained glass and gold mirror was hand cut to go around this in stripes. Grouted in a light brown similar to dried earth and sealed.

My intention was to make this look like it had been in dirt; underground for many millions of years. I made the inside to look like clay and used cement and brick red colorant for that effect. All formed by hand, the mesh goes up on one side, is folded on the other. Use your imagine as to what this could have been while in hidden under the ground. It could be an empty eggshell for some wonderful creature that lived many years ago or it could be an ancient bowl unearthed for the first time in ages.

Finished, it is in my opinion, as colorful and exquisite as I saw it before I created it. I’m extremely proud of what I accomplished with this. Placed as a display piece or part of a collection, this will stand out.

I believe this bowl is one of the finest mosaic pieces I have made to date. Comes with an Certificate of Authenticity sent through email after purchase.

Shipping fees include shipping, insurance and handling to the US only. Please convo me for international shipping quotes.

Be at Peace.
©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

I’ve been working really hard this week with more photo editing and a little bit of mosaic making. Mostly getting items photographed and listed for the new *Holiday Shop* section I have on Etsy and the showcase spots on IndieMade. This is exhausting work and very worth it! I’m not finished editing them yet. Each day I do one or two more. I love this process to get to see my work through the camera goddess’s view. Sometimes the results are really awesome. When I find a particular photo I like, I share it on Facebook and call it: “Mosaic Photo of the Day”.

My Grandson has shared his cold with me, so it is taking me a little bit longer to get through the normal stuff and things I like to do when I have the time to do them. I’ve replaced that time with tea, honey, lemon and rest. Life is still good! I’m thrilled that I can rest when I need to, work on my mosaics when I want to and be here for my family when I’m needed. Not necessarily in that order.

The crafts table is a bit dusty right now but I have a few things to repair and finish. Repair means re-painting of wooden pieces around the mosaics, mostly. I do have a few pieces of stained glass and mirror to replace on a few pieces too. They are fairly sturdy but once in a while after being jostled around a lot, something gives and needs repair. Out of the 80+ items on Etsy, so far only 4 needed these repairs and that was re-painting only. But the older pieces that I’ve been finding in boxes and corners of closets are the ones that need some TLC. The good news is once I get those finished and listed, I can go back to work on the peace sign!

No more progress on this since last week but I hope to get back to it soon!

More items are being added to both shops this week. Here’s a few I really love from both Etsy and IndieMade.

Mosaic Bowl in Earth Tones, Handmade, Stained Glass, Fine Art, Home Decor, Introductory Price –
8 1/2 inches high by 7 1/2 inches wide
Price: $481.31

Green Microbeads and Blue Glitter Bottle Cap Pendant / Key Chain – 1 inch
Price: $29.86

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a post with some of the items that will be part of Promo Thursday on Facebook and Twitter. Each hour I take an item from one of my shops and share a photo and the link. Last week I did this from 9 AM to 9 PM but lost people some time around 7 PM probably mostly due to favorite and new shows being shown on cable, dinner time, bed time for kids, etc. So this week I’ll start around the same time but end a few hours earlier more in keeping with an 8 hour work day. I love these Promo Blast days because some folks aren’t aware of much that I’ve made until I do them. And those that are in the know, seem to enjoy seeing them once again. Yay!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

It has been an interesting week between my birthday celebration, the sales events and working on mosaics! I made one sale on IndieMade and none on Etsy, proving to me once again that sales for my items are just as successful as doing what I always do without them. Promotion always works but offering sales do not! Interesting, right?!

Birthday flowers from my daughter! The Autumnal Equinox and my birthday happen at the same time. That is probably why my favorite colors to use in mosaics are these.

Sometimes it is best to just get busy and create and not worry so much about the shops and that’s where I’ve happily been since the weekend!

I do have an announcement about my blog posts too. I have decided not to do a treasury post each Monday any longer nor will I be doing many if any treasuries in the future. I have found something has changed drastically on the site in relation to treasuries and haven’t done too much research but can’t really seem to find anything that would cause the lack of views. I haven’t changed my formula for how I make them, what I pick as a theme or where I share them but the views went from over 300 to less than 75. I’ve noticed a decline in interest in my treasuries over the summer and thought it had something to do with the time of year. Then thought maybe it was the way I make them which is through Shmetsy Tools. I know Etsy is working on something similar to Shmetsy Tools (I’ve seen the threads about the Beta tests) but there shouldn’t be a drop in views no matter how they are made. I have chalked it up to disinterest or uninteresting treasuries on my part; perhaps the ones I’m doing are too similar in style now and not as fresh becoming the same-old-same-old thing. I need to take a break from them.

I have to figure out something else to do and I will eventually. I do like to share items I find and favorite, so some format will take it’s place, perhaps featuring 8 items and shop info on Monday of some favorites will be what I try next. In that way I’ll still be happy virtual shopping and will still share the love! I’ve also reduced doing the tumblr posts of Etsy decor items I find and favorite to twice a month instead of every week. Not many followers on that one, but enough to keep it going. Or perhaps I’ll do what was done for me this week; something I think I could enjoy because I know first hand what it feels like to be featured in someone else’s blog. It has happened a few times and I’m always thrilled to be found on Etsy, let alone featured on someone’s blog!

Such is the case here. I am honored to have my shop featured in a blog post this week! Kristen V of Kayma Boutique at Etsy, KaymaBoutique contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would allow her to do a post about my shop on her blog. It’s so nice to have folks take the time to do this for each other and it’s more than possible that is what I’ll do on Monday’s now. kayma boutique’s blog

Well, I actually managed to put the little 3-D elephant aside for a few days and work on other things. When I first start on something new, I have a horrible time getting my brain to switch gears if I haven’t completed what I’ve been working on before I try. Sometimes when I work on brightly colored items I feel like I need a break after a while and force myself to do something different. I get what could be considered a “color overload” and have trouble making the colors blend well. I know it’s time to put the mosaic piece aside when that happens and work on something else for a week or two.

The first thing I tried was a small piece of cement board measuring about 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. It was a piece I didn’t cut exactly straight but I never toss anything out that has room for a mosaic on it! If nothing else, I can use it for a practice piece to get the juices flowing. Normally these are what I call “glue and slap” – some end up to be really awesome and some … not so much. I’m fairly sure I’ll be putting this one into the Art Abandonment Group pile once it is grouted, painted and a magnet attached to the back.

Then I was able to head on over to the 12 inch peace sign and have started a nice soft, muted earth colored palette. I should have this finished by this time next week and will list it soon.

Over on IndieMade, I’ll be switching out the jewelry over the weekend and keeping the newer pieces in for 3 months. I have 10 slots available to showcase jewelry and 3 galleries to share whatever I decide on. I think I might place the jewelry I can’t fit in these 10 slots in a gallery with contact info and pricing. I’ll make the announcement next week.

This is one that will be taken out of the showcase spot over the weekend.

I’m also adding more mosaics to Etsy! I have a few older pieces still to list and I’m going to add a Christmas Shop section to include the pieces I did manage to get made for the holidays. I still have time to make one or two more things I know, but the chances are good that I might not. Even using most of this year to think about what to make, I had some trouble figuring it all out. I am glad I have what I do have all made and ready! Maybe this will give me the shot in the arm I need once they are listed to make one or two more mosaics for that section.

Meanwhile, there are a few things in the shop now that would work great as gifts for that someone special! Below is a photo of the stained glass candle holder that I’ve used as a vase.

Some of the flowers are still with me! Here they are a few days later, in a mosaic stained glass candle holder in greens, yellows and white (which is available through Etsy).

I’m going to be sharing photos as soon as I can of the work-in-progress Upcycling Challenge piece I’m doing for Birds & Blooms Magazine. It’s still in my head right now … but it has to be sent to them by November, so it has to come out of my head and get started within the next week or so. I’m still so excited to have been chosen. I’m going to have so much fun making this mosaic!

Don’t forget to head on over to Facebook and “like” my page to get updated daily (hourly some days!) on all the events taking place for EarthMotherMosaics.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

This week has been amazing! Yesterday, the first day of autumn and my actual birthday was celebrated with friends around the world and family right here in PA. I am thrilled to say I could feel the loving vibrations throughout the entire day from everyone who wished me well. What an amazing feeling!!

Today is the last day of the week long sales events on Etsy and IndieMade. I made my first sale a few days ago on IndieMade and learned I had some major tweaking to do with the shipping costs but got it figured out and hopefully in the future it shouldn’t be a problem. Selling items on different sites means learning different things relating to each site. I’m happy that this customer hung in there with me as I figured things out and even happier that she took advantage of the BOGO offer!

These sales end at midnight tonight EST, so now is the time to get in on them. I rarely have COUPON CODES or BOGO SALES and may not do another one again for quite some time.

On Etsy, use COUPON CODE 58BDAY and get 10% off your order. Because this is a birthday celebration, mention reading this blog when checking out and get a special added surprise gift (even wrapped up all pretty with a bow!) with your order!

Mosaic Coasters, “Citrus Slices” – Set of 4, Tangerine and Lime, Summer Decor, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Birthday, Useful Art
Price: $30.72

Oooh … what could it be???!!!

For one-of-a-kind mosaic jewelry, all handmade, head on over to IndieMade. Today until midnight, buy a pendant, get the chain/cording and another pendant FREE! Your free jewelry is wrapped up too. Isn’t it fun to get presents?!!

Mosaic Pendant – Copper Yellow, Brown and Blue-green – 1.5 x 1 inches
Price: $25.95

Purchase a mosaic belt buckle, get 2 pendants and a ring FOR FREE!

Mosaic Belt Buckle – Silver Oval – Beach Rock Star – 4 x 3 inches
Price: $55.95

These totally cool pendants or groovy rings could be your free gift!

Mention this blog post at check out (in the message area on PayPal) and get one blank note card with envelope for FREE! Woo-hoo!

Get a free blank note card w/envelope as well as the freebies included in the sale! Today only!!

Help me celebrate a new year of joy and excitement! Do some holiday shopping or just treat yourself.

Have an awesome day!!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

I’ve been busy working on the elephant and nothing much else in the studio this week. I was positive I would be swayed by another project or two, but so far, I am being true towards the vision of seeing this 3-D project finished. This pleases me greatly!

It looks like the muse has been uninterested in much other than the 3-D elephant at the moment and I was thinking perhaps I should try to work on a few things for the shop and the elephant too. I was feeling slightly guilty for only wanting to work on the 3-D project and not concentrate on the shops. Now I know I don’t have to push or try to squeeze the creative juices; but sometimes the pressure to get things into the shops makes me think I should be doing double duty. Luckily, with the shops fairly full of items thanks to the older mosaics I’ve pulled out of boxes to list, I can take my time, working on what I want without the pressure! This is new for me … I like it! Woo-hoo!

From the photos, I think it’s hard to know exactly which section you’re looking at. So here’s an explanation: I’m working on the front section and a little bit of the sides of the elephant adding mirror first as an outline and then filling in the spaces with stained glass. So far, I’m staying fairly true to the design I’ve drawn on it. So many swirls and lines are being filled in with mirror that some days it seems I’ve gotten nothing accomplished until I’ve actually looked at photos. The one above is a good example of this. After taking another few photos of the progress this morning, I can see I’m going at a pretty good clip! This is the right ear, head and trunk so far.

Again the frustration has kicked in on the fact that I can’t get as clear photos as I like to get on this little guy. But work-in-progress photos are important for me to have and if that means more than one fuzzy photo in the album, so be it!

I had the chance to visit with my cousin over the weekend and she gave me some odds and ends from crafts she’s done and bits and pieces of things she thought I might be able to use for my mosaics. She gave me a few gold plastic charger plates just like the ones my daughter used for her wedding only hers were silver. I put silver mirror on 8 of them for a unique mosaic table setting.

Silver charger with silver mirror, grouted in white sanded grout and painted using purple acrylics and sealed.

My cousin also gave me a lot of sculpting clay with lots and lots of cutters in lots and lots of shapes. The last time I played with clay, I wasn’t very impressed with my results and decided it was probably okay to admit it wasn’t my thing. However, lately, I’ve been wanting to try again and do word charms for my mosaics and just about the time the thought took place in my brain, I was handed the box of all the tools I’d need to make them with! For free!! How cool is that?!

A few things she gave me might end up being altered art pieces; something completely different for me to try and it’s possible they will be just okay once finished. The point is, however, I have new things to play with to keep my creative brain functioning for a very long time! Again … how cool is that?!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

Whew it has been a creative week in the studio! I love the ebb and flow of the tides. It feels great to be active again. Busy, busy week!

I decided to play with more cut up, old business cards while I was waiting for glue to dry on the mosaics I made this week. I finished the “Groovy Chicken”.

For a first attempt, it’s kinda cool. It is slightly crooked and I’m not sure if it’s the placement on the wood of the card or the card itself but it’s crooked just the same. It’s okay but if I had a do-over, I’d make sure it was a little straighter, for sure. It IS cute, isn’t it?

I started in on another one too. Butterflies. This one will have layers on it, I think … more mixed media and not just paper … I’ll share what I do when I do it. If I get enough made I’ll list them on indiemade.com exclusively. I’m still playing and learning, so that won’t be anytime soon.

I grouted a lot yesterday and have all 4 things finished. I’m cleaning up and polishing all of them still and will have to paint the MDF pieces but all should be listed by Friday. I’m thrilled that I found the energy to grout them all in one day!

Here’s the gazing ball in it’s work-in-progress:

This is one of the spheres I started to build up last year for the large order that was rejected. I have so many sitting around me here in my room in all sizes and in a few different materials. I had so much fun covering this 8 inch sphere in bone china (built up from 6 inches) and recycled silver mirror. I was shocked that I was enjoying it so much. I’m actually anxious to make the next one and have some mesh to get some designs on — maybe some suns and moons?

Here it is waiting for the glue to dry (keeping my Chakra ball and a few other mosaics company):

Now it’s grouted in white and waiting for a bit of clean up! Yay!

Next is “Vincent’s Moon”. This crescent moon is grouted in plum and I LOVE how it looks. I wish the photos were better but I was losing sun when I took the photos yesterday. It’s name is due to my daughter and another family member who said that it looks like the swirls and colors Van Gogh used.

Grouting in progress:

And finished:

The peace butterfly was grouted in brown:

And a sun catcher/trivet all in blues that remind me of waves of water, was grouted in white.

Before grout:

After grout:

I made a sale this week! Yippy Skippy! I’m always thrilled, of course, when one of my items sells but this one was especially making me feel victorious. I sold the stained glass vase I had only listed the week before. This item was on consignment and when I got all the items back from the shop, I listed most of them. Nothing sold that I put in consignment and the shop changed their venue so that my mosaics were out of place and consequently packed up and stored for many months unseen anyway. It was with a very happy heart that after taking some updated photos and listing it, it sold! The best part is that I got a note from the buyer who was sending it to someone else as a gift. There have been a few mosaics sold recently that were being sent off to another person. Giving a mosaic gift is a wonderful thing! I’ve since added in my policies on Etsy (and soon will add them to indiemade.com) to let me know if it’s a gift and I’ll add a card and wrap it up. I don’t get too fancy with expensive papers or ribbons but some pretty tissue paper makes it a little more special.

Sold and on it’s way to someone as a gift.

I’ve also decided to double box all the items I ship. I’ve not yet had anything break in transit that I’m aware of, but as a precaution besides the bubble wrap and packing peanuts I use to ship my items out, I feel it is worth the extra effort and gives me more of a sense of security. This made the shipping prices go up a bit on Etsy (soon to be reflected on indiemade.com as well) because it is important enough to me to make sure they get safely where they are going.

I recently made a purchase on Etsy too! I got this beautiful necklace for my daughter’s 25th birthday (tomorrow). I really love this shop and had a hard time just picking out one item on it. I will definitely be back!

A silver tree necklace from Reina Jewelry on Etsy for my daughter. Isn’t it pretty?!

I have been saying I need to focus on the new site over at IndieMade a little more and have yet to do it. I am hoping now that I’ve made a few mosaics and the muse may need to rest a bit before the next wave, I can spend a week on that and get it where I’d like it to be. It does take time but I have been uninspired to do much with it just yet.

Today’s only task is to clean up and photograph the newly grouted pieces to get them listed within the next few days. Friday’s Featured Item might just be one of the new listings.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

My goodness this will be a long one! So sit back and relax, look at the awesome mosaics and read what’s been going on.

As you may recall, I took a week off to get elbow deep into creating in the studio. It was so much fun and lasted slightly longer than I expected!

The results are plentiful and I’m still in the groove working on new things each day. My mind is expanding more and more each time I work on something new. It’s been so long since I’ve felt this way and I LOVE it! I’m so very glad I broke away from the computer for a while. It has reminded me once again what many say, including me, that spending more time at the crafts table and less time on the computer can be a good thing for at least a week each month. I keep saying I should do that, often grump that I don’t and use the lack of energy as my excuse. Instead, I plan to mark off two weeks each month on the calendar and only spend it working on art. It will make my living space crowded but creativity is an important part of who I am, so I will deal with it! That means when the spirit moves me, which may change from month-to-month — I can’t set a certain time aside for creativity … it just doesn’t work that way for me — I may be gone for a week to 10 days to spend the time contemplating the next and the next after that.

When I can, I’ll alert everyone here that I may be gone for a while. It seems I need to honor the muse while she is awake and bursting with energy and so it shall be!

Sometimes when October rolls around, creativity takes a hike and goes to sleep, hibernating for the winter. That should be when I spend the most time promoting, networking, photographing and marketing what I’ve created once the frenzy has subsided instead of trying to share everything as I go. However, that would require restraint on my part and I’m not sure I could rein myself in enough to wait that long. I have to at least show some WIP’s!

A lot of ideas came into mind as I was looking at the dishes, stained glass and other cool objects I use to create. I did some more reorganizing, cleaning and straightening too which was a great boost to the energy level. I decided to start a new challenge piece which is still in the “in my head, not even on paper” stage so there’s nothing to share just yet.

Now to get to the fun part! Here are a few things I made that are ready for grout.

Here’s a gazing ball I just started and a cool shot of some of the tess I’m using for it:

And here’s another holiday mosaic ready for the end of the year madness. I’m really pleased with this and am ready now to work on other things. The big green glass piece is fused and something I found in a box filled with different fused glass created in the early 1980’s by a stained glass artist no longer with us. These pieces were all clumped together in a box filled with wood shavings and garbage. I know she thought of them as failures. I never met her but when I saw them in the box and noticed how many pieces I had, I knew I’d have to use them in my mosaics. They still have purpose. Look how pretty this is!

I took pictures of quite a few things that came back from consignment recently and listed them on Etsy last week. I am glad to see them again as I missed them just a bit. But I’m ready to send them off whenever anyone is ready to purchase them!

Pique Assiette Mosaic Tray, Flowers, Vintage, Cottage Chic, Silver, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday
Price: $31.52

Pique Assiette Decorative Mosaic Bird House, Vintage, Recycled, Reused, Re-purposed, Cottage Chic, Summer Decor
Price: $86.00

Mosaic Stained Glass Butterfly, Orange, Black, Yellow, Meditation, Tranquility
Price: $43.26

Mosaic Vase, Candle Holder, Stained Glass, Green, Blue, Summer Decor
Price: $48.61

Stained Glass Mosaic Sun Catcher, Mosaic Trivet, Green, Summer, Woodland, Birthday, Housewarming
Price: $33.66

Mosaic Ceramic Coasters, Neutral, Olive, Home Decor, Graduation, Birthday
Price: $30.72

I listed the new things I made recently too. This shows how busy I’ve been at the crafts table!

Stained Glass Geometric Mosaic Framed with Mirror, Summer, Green, Yellow, Graduation, Birthday
Price: $87.66

Stained Glass Mosaic Sun Catcher, Mosaic Trivet, Summer, Red Hot, Red, Yellow, Orange, Birthday, Housewarming
Price: $26.55

I’ve also been looking at some older mosaics I made when I first started making them with different eyes. I have decided to place them on indiemade.com for sale. This is a huge step for me and I’m proud of myself for taking it.

They will be photographed and treated with as much respect as any other mosaics I have made but the price will be slightly lower than most pieces. I have a few frames and quite a bit of small and medium sized wall art that were learning pieces for me.

In making them, I learned what I liked to use to make mosaics. What adhesive is my favorite, what tesserae I use more often, what abstract design I like to use with certain materials, what grout I prefer. I have grown a lot in my mosaics and I can see the difference in the way I nip things, place things, even how I see the combinations of colors I now use. I’m no longer afraid of grout like I used to be when I started. I love to experiment and try different things and I’ve seen the progression in my work, like most do, I suppose.

I’ve been holding onto these items because I felt they weren’t “good enough” to sell but in truth my feelings were all of an emotional nature thinking back on when I was taking my first steps, so to speak. I just didn’t want them to go away.

While it is true they aren’t as “perfect” as I like my work to be, they are nice pieces, some useful and many are really not being given the TLC perhaps someone else could give them. I’ve learned from them and they are priceless for that reason. But that doesn’t mean I need to hold onto them now. They’ve taught me all I can learn from them. It’s time to let them go.

I wanted to give them away but almost every person I mentioned that to said I should try to sell them first because, lets face it, I could use the money. True enough. So there you have it! New items, at a slightly reduced price, will be listed on indiemade.com within the next month.

I don’t expect much traffic at first but hopefully as time goes on, people will find the website. I’m working on the site when I have a good chunk of time to think about it in between my Nana gig. There’s still a lot to do on it but in time, it will look like I want it, I know.

I will do an announcement here when I have started listing them. It would be nice to see them go to someone who will love them like I do. And I hope there are folks out there who can find room for them in their home or as a nice gift for someone special.

I have listed a few pendants on IndieMade but ran out of steam after listing all the consignment pieces on Etsy. All the wearable art will be listed on earthmothermosaics.indiemade.com ONLY. Hopefully I’ll get back to getting more jewelry and belt buckles up on my shop very soon. I still have many, many photographs to take!

Mosaic Pendant – Pewter Yellow – 1-2/4 x 3/4 inches
Price: $15.00

Mosaic Pendant – Copper Yellow, Brown and Blue-green – 1.5 x 1 inches
Price: $18.00

Mosaic Pendant – Copper Hearts – 3/4 inches
Price: $13.50

Mosaic Pendant – Pink – 3/4 inches
Price: $9.50

Mosaic Pendant – Copper Orange and Blue – 1.5 x 1 inches
Price: $18.00

Mosaic Pendant – Pewter Beach Blue and Silver – 1.5 x 1 inches
Price: $18.00

Mosaic Pendant – Pewter Circle Iridescent Blue and Purple – 1 inch
Price: $15.00

Mosaic Pendant – Copper Orange Glitter and Brown – 1.5 x 1 inches
Price: $18.00

Even after all these years of making mosaics, I’m still learning what I like to use, how I like to work, the ebb and flow of creativity. I am learning to listen more to the inner spirit and give it the attention it deserves. My goodness it’s been yelling at me for years, it is about time I really listened.

I hope you enjoy looking at all the new listings! Be prepared … more are on their way! 🙂

I found this on Facebook and shared it there, on Pinterest, Tumblr and now here. It’s perfectly written and describes how I feel to a “T”!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

Coasters, “Citrus Slices”, Mosaics, Tangerine and Lime, Home Decor, Wedding, Anniversary, Graduation, Birthday, Summer
Price: $30.72

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´✻

“A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.”~James Dent
¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´✻

These are a personal favorite of mine. I seriously LOVE these coasters! They’ve been given the name of “Citrus Slices” because they look like big sliced off pieces of fruit. Perfect for placing a cool drink on them next to the hammock or beach chair on a warm, sunny day! Great addition to any picnic table.

As described by a customer who recently purchased a set:

“These are so cool, the picture doesn’t do them justice. They have such rich color that they almost look wet, and they have a neat depth to the design when you look at them from above. I LOVE them!!”~Terri M.

Using Lime and Tangerine acrylics, gold glitter and recycled tempered glass often known as crash glass, I’ve created the look of a juicy citrus slice. Grouted in white and sealed, these coasters are a great decorative accent for your kitchen or family room.

Fun gift idea and looks fantastic in the sun! Like real citrus fruits, these are lip smacking good!

Set of four, 4 inches round coasters, painted and felt feet placed on the bottom to protect your furniture and protects the coasters from scratching while not in use.

Signed, sealed and dated.

Do NOT submerge in water. To clean, simply wipe off the top with a damp cloth and mild detergent if necessary.

Shipping fees include shipping, insurance and handling to the US only. Please convo me for international shipping quotes.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

I’ve been working on the bowl this week; got it grouted and am now slowly scraping and polishing the glass as I do. It is a very slow process. Labor-intensive and can be exhausting. I do a little at a time now always mindful of the shoulder and left hand. I made a few videos while I worked. They were all fuzzy but I found one that is worth posting. It’s really just to share a few thoughts and show what we do when we clean off a mosaic in case you’re wondering. It isn’t always easy. Especially when it’s not a flat surface. It’s posted on flickr here:


I am almost finished with the candle holder I’m making for the Christmas pile. I love working with glass-on-glass projects. It is probably my favorite thing to do when I’m making mosaics. I have lots of scraps of green and a few of red. I taped off the parts I wanted to add red to. Here’s how it looks so far:

This week we had my grandson go through the many, many toys he has to donate and/or give away to those who don’t have as many. He happily did this and once he did, I sorted through them, took the broken ones out and apart and saved pieces of some of them for mosaics. I put an ad in our local FreeCycle and within 5 minutes I had someone interested. They all went to a new home yesterday.

wooden puzzle pieces, plastic pieces and some odds and ends will make for some fun mosaics

Have a great week and Happy Mother’s Day!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

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