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In the Studio

Last night was the final session of the adult education mosaics basics class at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, PA. What a joy it was to see these ladies working on their finishing touches to create two coasters. They each took a turn learning to use the abrasive stone, how to mix grout and add sealant to their finished pieces and when the evening came to an end, I was so pleased to see their mosaics and their smiles. They all did a great job!

Next week is the 3 week intermediate class and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and I’ll be seeing some returning students as well! Yay!!

I’m not sure who has more fun, the instructor or the students, but I can say for certain that it’s all been a positive experience. I’m very proud to be a part of sharing my love of mosaics with so many wonderful people. I thank you all!

I’ve been working on my donation piece for the mosaic online auction and exhibition happening next year for Doctors Without Borders being coordinated by the amazing Lin Schorr. I will share more information about this event in the near future. Here are a few photos of the work-in-progress (WIP). This is on a 10×10 wooden framed mirror.

Etsy and ArtFire have been updated to include a Mandala I’ve made on a discarded microwave plate. I love repurposing/upcycling as often as I can! If you have time to look in my shops, you’ll see some things have been rearranged. There aren’t quite as many pendants as there were either. Some have been sold (woo-hoo!) and some are going to be part of a sale towards the end of October and will then be “retired” for a while to pave the way for a new series next year.

I just ordered a ceramic sphere from one of my favorite Etsy shops: – check out her wonderful array of MDF shapes and mosaic supplies. This is the wonderful person who provides the MDF coasters for me when I teach. She is also a very talented artist and I’m proud to call her my friend. I’m excited to work on this sphere and I do believe I’ll be ordered more from her in the future! She does great work!!

I also found a fantastic artist who makes ceramic buttons and just received a wonderful array of pieces that will be incorporated into my jewelry as well as many mosaics. Most were custom made to exclude a hole or two like most buttons have so that I can use them in mosaics. She was a joy to work with and her turn around time is incredible! Check her shop out as well here: – here’s a small sample of what I just received. I can’t wait to create with them!

I may have one additional blog post in a few days in association with a new ArtFire Collection I’m creating. The vibe on that site has been a positive one and I’m happy to be a part of the store front community. Lots of nice people and some really nice items.

As usual, on Monday, there will be a new Etsy Treasury to see.

Have a wonderfully creative week!



Etsy Treasury: Autumn Vintage

It’s the last Monday of the month and time for a Vintage Treasury. Autumn is the theme. Many items remind me of my childhood and my favorite time of year. I hope you enjoy it. It was a blast to put together!

Wednesday will be a short post of In the Studio. Teaching is taking just a little time away from the studio. There are still a few things I can share and photos of the 2nd half of the class.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

What a great week it’s been in the studio!

The masks are ready for grout and a few finishing touches and will head out tomorrow to their destination at the gallery in Muncie, IN to hopefully be a part of the October Show “Carnevale Galleria”. This is a huge show for the gallery as the opening will coincide with the Official Muncie Downtown ArtsWalk this year. I will share a photo or two of the finished masks next week.

The donation piece I made a while back is headed for it’s auction this weekend. Project Peace for “Hope’s Door” a shelter for battered women and children Gala Auction is to be held on September 25, 2010 at The House of Blues in Dallas, TX. 30+ very talented artists from all over the world contributed their peace symbol visions. The theme for the evening’s event: “All You Need Is Love”. What a great message. I’m honored to have been a part of this. Below see my entry entitled: “Peaceful Reflections”.

I made a sale on Etsy this week that was quite special for me. A gal in Canada bought a mosaic framed mirror Live, Laugh, Love for her best friend’s birthday. She asked me to send it to her friend because it would be late in arriving even more had it shipped to her. She explained her friend’s birthday is today, September 22. This made me smile – that’s my birthday too! How cool is that?!

So many people have sent me wonderful birthday wishes today … it’s amazing to see comments on Facebook from around the globe. Thank you all, each and every one!

Had a great time last night in Horsham, PA at the Keith Valley Middle School teaching a new group of 9 happy, smiling ladies the fun of creating a small mosaic using 2 four inch coasters and stained glass. Many signed up for the intermediate class I offer there next month before the first session was complete. Saaaa-weet! It is so much fun to watch them tilt there heads back and forth as they hold a piece of glass deciding exactly where they want it to go. Each smile I saw last night will stay with me forever! Thank you all ladies for helping make this birthday week one of the best I can remember!

I made a few things in the studio recently that I still can’t share just yet. Many of the Make 5+4 recipients have received my mosaic gift but some have not. Until they all have arrived safe and sound to their new homes, I will hold off on sharing pictures. Most of them are traveling further than I have ever been. That is so cool!!!

The contest winners received their prize gifts and I can share a photo of what each lady won:

Congratulations again to both of you!

Monday will be another great Etsy Treasury post! I love creating them. I believe that the last one I made called Metaphysically Speaking has helped sell a few items. That’s what I love about sharing the things I find every week. There are so many fun, interesting and truly OOAK pieces out there to find and to love and most importantly to share!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Based on the metaphysical properties of healing and well-being, I have chosen some soothing items this week to enrich your soul and lift your spirits!

Every single item is a personal favorite of mine and as you know by now, I love to share the love! I hope you’ll take the time to look at each item and comment if you feel inspired to do so.

Wednesday’s blog will be more studio news. The masks turned out very well. They should be grouted and finishing touches added by Wednesday before heading to the gallery in Indiana and one donation piece has been completed. One down, one to go!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

Had some fun with MDF peace symbols, acrylic paints and toothpicks this week! They are 4 inches around and would make very colorful ornaments on a groovy Christmas tree! I pulled out a mini tree I have had for years and hung them here. Adding these to a large tree would really be fun. I will definitely make more in the future; I had a so much fun creating these – it was a good stretch and quite enjoyable!

Each side has a different design and was painted using toothpicks in swirls and many polka dots.

They’ve been sealed for protection and would make a great window or wall display.

I’ve started the prep work for 2 masks I hope to complete and send out by this time next week to get them to Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, Indiana. I drew some basic mask shapes on plain white paper from coloring books online to give me some ideas. That’s always a good place to start if I’m looking for something simple to draw. Using a plastic jug and a 2-liter soda bottle I taped the paper templates to each piece of plastic. I drew the design from the template onto the plastic pieces with a marker and then cut them out. These plastic pieces were then covered in plaster strips. I used the bottom of the jug to hold the water and strips and saved all the parts I didn’t use for another project or two in the future.

Once they were completely covered with plaster cast material, they looked like this.

Once the strips were completely dry I covered the masks in a thin layer of cement (thin set mortar) and allowed it to dry before applying mesh with additional mortar.

Once these are dry they will be tested to see if they are sturdy enough to apply tiles to. If they aren’t, another layer of thin set will be applied. These will be designed to look like Venetian/Carnival/Mardi Gras masks – bright and colorful and lots of sparkle!

I’ll share photos as I go on flickr just like always.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


I am always mindful of a few things each day and always say thank you each morning for each of them. I am thankful for how lucky I am to be this age, enjoying this life, this family, this circle of friends, this artistic expression. Thinking about those things the other day, has helped me pick the newest Treasury.

My path toward an enlightened life is in creating mosaics, finding time for meditation and yoga plus the daily practice of being kind towards others and myself . Learn to create something artistic, find joy in learning, be thankful, count your blessings, love what you do, love one another, love who you are, if you have a choice between kindness and being right…choose kindness and finally, find peace within.

Each item was chosen for its ability to touch something within me. A few are on my wish list, one might just get purchased before the end of today and more than a few are just fantastic items that I found while doing the now weekly search to find new things for the next Treasury.

I hope you take some time to look at these items separately and look at each shops other items as well. We always enjoy it when you take time to window shop!

Wednesday’s blog will have some studio news and I’m positive I’ll have some things to share about the newest class I’m teaching on mosaics basics starting on Tuesday, Sept 14th! I’ll have 8 students plus possible walk-ins – it will be so much fun to teach a new group how easy and enjoyable making small mosaics (2 four inch coasters) can be! It’s a great way to introduce people to it and can be taught to any age group.

As I gather new ideas for Treasury’s I think it might be time to do another vintage grouping soon. And because I have so many friends who have store fronts on etsy, it might be a good idea to introduce you all to each of them one week. Color plays an important part of each Treasury I choose. Some times the theme starts there. I am enjoying sharing my Treasury’s with you all. I hope you are enjoying them as well. Leave a comment on the Treasury page or here on the blog … or both!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

I’ve spent most of the week wrapping up the Make 5+3 gifts and doing prep work for the next round of mosaics I’ll be creating soon.

The envelopes below should be heading out soon. 3 are ready to go today as they are headed out to places within the US. The rest are headed to Canada, Saint Lucia,  Austria and the UK as soon as I get the cool looking Custom form envelopes necessary from the USPS. As far as traveling goes, I’ve been to Canada. Just think, my mosaics will be going to places I’ve never been!! Amazing!

I spent some time yesterday in the studio making something for each contest winner. These should head out to them by the end of the week. Congrats again to both Ann S and Jenny B for entering and winning!

There’s not much to show just yet from the studio. This is the time in the process of making mosaics for me when I sit a lot, surf the net for inspiration, nap, dream, read, draw, take notes, walk in and out of the studio many times looking at supplies and substrates as thoughts occur, pulling glass out and looking at it, putting it back and finding another piece or putting it aside and looking for something to go with it. This is all part of my creative life and necessary to get the juices flowing and allow the muse to rest.

Next Monday the newest Etsy Treasury I create will be shared. This has been a great thrill to learn about new shops and meeting new people on each week. The items I find are often vintage in style and very colorful. If you haven’t yet looked at them, take a minute or two to do so. Some sales have been made thanks to these treasury’s as well. Yay!

Next Wednesday I hope to share a photo or two of the latest creations from the studio!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Contest Winners and Other News

Congrats to Ann Shaver and Jenny Bowman for winning the recent contest to receive a mosaic worth $25! I appreciate everyone’s feedback. My website and the “fan” page on Facebook have been changed to show a mosaic and the bounce rate on the website has already gone down a bit. Thanks to all of you who made suggestions. Woo-hoo!

A pendant of mine made an Etsy Treasury yesterday! Woo-hoo again!! It’s called “Signs of Autumn” by mjrojasphoto and has items from some of us who are Team HiP (Handmade in PA) Street Team Members! Thank you Marissa!

I created my first ArtFire Collection yesterday. This also has an autumn theme to it: “Autumn Leaves and Sapphires” in honor of my favorite time of year and my birthday month!

Tomorrow’s post will be updates on Studio news!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Etsy Treasury: Tangerine Dream

While working in the studio last week I had a mixture of music playing but found one I decided to put on “repeat” which kept me focused a little more than the rest. Tangerine Dream a late 60’s, early 70’s group from West Berlin, I found, was keeping me centered and creative.

Their name prompted me to look for some tangerine colors for a new treasury this week. I hope you’ll enjoy the music and the Treasury! I truly love all the items chosen. There are some really fantastic shops listed here.

My Etsy Treasury:

Their website and their music page:

Wikipedia has the lowdown on Tangerine Dream here:

Tomorrow I’ll announce the winners of the contest. Thank you all for participating. Getting the tallies was rather easy as it was almost completely unanimous. My website will have a new mosaic on its splash page once a month and the photos of me have been moved to another area. You can find me if you look!

Wednesday will be a short In The Studio because I’m still in the design stages of most of the things that I can share.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


In the Studio

The studio has been busy with finishing touches on the Make 5+3 gifts. I had a blast making them and am really hoping the recipients like them. Once they are all delivered I will share photos on flickr.

I learned some things this week about pushing the creative flow. Trying to build my own boxes to wrap these lovelies in, must have been hysterical to watch as I flipped cardboard around, cutting, cursing, hurting myself and having tape attached to all parts of my body but none actually going on the boxes. I finally gave up and ordered some handy envelopes online before calling it a night last night. I also managed to place a paint pen on it’s side which decided to leak out and onto the backs of a few of the gifts. Muttering carefully chosen words this morning, I realized forcing myself to finish up what I was doing when I was so tired was pushing a bit too much. I learned that when I am tired I get hurt, can cry easily from frustration and in the end nothing gets accomplished and often has to be redone or repaired. Thank you, Wise Creative Muse, for teaching me what patience is all about once again!

I have made some new pendants going into the store fronts this week. Each one is made from a bottle cap, acrylics, glitters, tempered glass and grout. I loved making these and will be doing more in this style very soon.

New pendants

Tempered Glass Pendants

I’m cleaning out the studio and there will be a de-stash sale happening soon. As I work with different kinds of jewelry bases I am learning what I enjoy working with and what I don’t. Space is always limited in my studio so why not share the things I don’t use?!

I have some exciting news! Peace Patch sold a few days ago at the Riverbank Arts Gallery in Stockton, NJ! What a great feeling!

Peach Patch

Peach Patch SOLD!

The contest to win a free mosaic worth $25 is still running this week. Weigh in on the opinion poll on Facebook and flickr to get your name in the random drawing. Because I am getting opinions from both sites, I am going to pull a name from each site. So far the opinion is to place a mosaic on the splash page of my website instead of a photo of me and I have to admit I was happy to hear that. I have already changed it and will switch it monthly with a new mosaic photo. A photo of me is now under the tab labeled: Artwork, in the folder: About the Artist and the Art. The contest ends this Friday, Sept 3rd and I’ll announce the winners on Monday, Sept 6th! Good luck to all!

That about covers the fun in the studio for this week. Next up is working on a vase exchange and 2 donation pieces! A possible mosaic for Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, IN might be worked on if I can get it accomplished before the deadline. The theme is Halloween! Wouldn’t it be cool to have a mosaic of mine in her window?! Plus I’m always working on a few odds and ends to place in the store fronts for the upcoming holidays these days!

On Monday I will sharing a new Treasury from Etsy. They are so much fun to create!

Have a wonderfully creative week and remember to listen to your muse!


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