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Isn’t this a cute Treasury? This week’s items were gathered from practical to whimsical but all about the rabbit.

Please click on the link and check it out. Leave a comment here if you’re not part of the Etsy world. Look at these sweet items created by amazing artisans. How cool are they?!

One of my favorite new shops is HarrietDamave. My first love has always been blue and white porcelain.

I highly encourage you to take some time look through them all. I’ve found a wonderful group of shops this week. All should be featured often by many.

Have a creative week!



Week in Review

I’m trying something new this week and sharing screen shots instead of links with you. Those interested in actually going to the sites and commenting on them are encouraged to do so. The screen shots were made using GIMP 2. I’m still learning how to use it, but I am enjoying the process.

ArtFire Collection I curated:

Whats Black, Yellow and Yummy All Over?

Etsy Treasury’s I curated this week and the ones my mosaics were chosen to be featured in:

Tropical Punch

The Pace of Nature ... Spring is Coming!

Stone and Moss

☮ Oh~ Momma Earth...How I ♡ Thee!

Perfect Picks in Blues

Woodland Sanctuary

art in the home

Hope and Renewal

Mosaic Madness

My Girls

My Treasury List Curated By brightdude

Honey, Let's Brighten Up The Place

I found this past week to be very humbling. My work was chosen for quite a few Treasury’s and I am very grateful for that. Sharing the love is always a good thing.

Tomorrow’s Treasury will be all about bunnies – I found a very whimsical one the other day. It’s so cute!

As a side note and update on the other shop I wanted to open on Etsy: I had plans to open my own vintage shop on Etsy next month but a few weeks back dropped the box of things I was going to list, which pretty much destroyed them all. I have a plan for them, of course, to use most of them in mosaic form, but am reminded once again how easy it is to break a cherished item. I am so happy to have found this creative outlet so that I can continue to share small pieces of ceramic history with many. However, that means the vintage shop is not going to open and might not … ever. It might be best to allow others to care for the vintage shops and their items which gives me more time to mosaic what I broke here at home. It will take a good long time to get everything used up. It was a big box!

Enjoy your Sunday.


In the Studio

It’s been a good week. I’m finishing up things and starting new ones before classes start up in a few weeks and studio time will be swiftly replaced with making coaster kits and counting out glass tiles.

One of the things I’m most proud of at this moment is the old window I put a stained glass mosaic on. This window was the first one I ever tried and I loved the experience. It has changed the kitchen atmosphere forever into a very nice place to be.

You can see many more photos of the work-in-progress and even a picture of the window before I placed this old one in front of it. The view is much better now!

The latest listing on Etsy is called “Amongst The Clouds” and has just come home after a few months away visiting an old friend who was trying to find a place to show it. That didn’t work out however, so it arrived back to me yesterday. I didn’t realize how much work was put into it until it was gone for a while. It interests me to learn things like that about myself. I often think it takes very little time to mosaic which in a way is very true. The actually placing of the glass and/or dish tiles does go quickly when I’m focused and intent on what I’m creating. The time it takes to cut and nip the stained glass and mirror, make some decisions as to what colors to use, how to cut them and if there should be a design or if I should just “wing it” takes weeks…sometimes months…to decide. I suppose it could take years of thought for some of my mosaics to come to life. Some things that are still in my head to create, won’t be “hatched” until much later this year or perhaps early next year. In any case, I hope you will take a few minutes to hop on over to Etsy to see the newest listing. Here’s the link:

My mosaics were featured many times this week in Treasury’s. The complete list of links will be given on Sunday. Some weeks are really very exciting!

I have both a frame and a flower pot with dish tiles waiting patiently to be grouted and with any luck I will do those this weekend. The frame will have an old ceramic brooch added to it that was chipped in a few spots. I added seed beads to those areas and once grouted, the brooch will be added to the frame. I had something I wanted to use on the flower pot before it’s been grouted but it seems to have found legs and walked off in a safe spot in the studio. I plan to spend some time tomorrow hunting for it!

I have a few new ideas for “Wish Upon’s” and have just started the prep work. I thought I’d have them completed this week but I got side tracked with a 2-tiered shelf I decided to use my favorite dish tiles on and an altered art piece I’m working on. They both can be seen on flickr. I’m very happy with the boring old shelves now because they are no longer boring!

The altered art piece should be completed within the week if the energy level for it stays high. If not, there is always something else to work on!

I hope you have a creative weekend no matter what you decide to do! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy!


Etsy Treasury: Tropical Punch

“Tropical Punch” has a wonderful selection of featured items that are unique and colorful. I am completely captivated by more than a few items in this one. What a joy combining this colorful array!

I couldn’t decide on one color choice this week, so I chose them all. Including some craft projects you can buy and create on your own shows there are endless possibilities to creativity.

Have a creative week!


Week in Review

Here’s a list of the Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collection I have either been in or created this week. Take a look and enjoy:

ArtFire Collection – “Citrus and Spice”:

Etsy Treasury’s:

Enjoy your Sunday!


In the Studio

Happy Friday!

I have been busy listing new items and taking new photos of some older things in my new, home made light box!

The pendants that were just listed on Etsy recently were in a gallery in Indiana and when they came back home I thought it might be nice to spruce them up a bit. Giving the grout some new paint and one has the added sparkle of glitter, these pendants have a new, fresh look!

More “Wish Upon’s” have been listed this morning. The colors of the star boxes are blue mirror, pink and black iridescent stained glass and silver mirror with white and natural gray grout. All have been sealed, felt feet attached to the bottoms and painted in a mixture of white acrylic and burnt umber tint. The insides were given an oil stain.

There also is a set of star candle holders that I just finished up. I really like the way these turned out.

I’m working on different shaped boxes today to be added next week, I hope, into the “Wish Upon’s”. I found a few wall hangings in star shapes in my studio recently, hidden away in a corner. They will get primed and glass put on them possibly this weekend. Just like wishes, these will come in all sizes and shapes! I should have pictures of these by this time next week.

I’ve listed a few new pendants on ArtFire and did a little painting on the grout with these as well. I have quite a few pendants that were made a while back and I plan to do some paint magic to them and list them soon. Here’s one of my favorites on ArtFire:

For my personal relaxation time, I’ve been working on the glass-on-glass old window adding stained glass to it while watching TV or listening to music once my business day is done. It has been a joy to see this develop and I’m very, very close to being completed with it. It will look so great in the kitchen window with the sun coming through it. I can’t wait to see it completed!

abstract mosaic, glass-on-glass, old window

One of the really fun things about working on this window is that I’ve been thinking about the next one! I am positive the energy I feel as I work on this mosaic for myself will continue to flow into the next and the next and the one after that. What a great feeling to have so much creative energy flowing through my fingers. I can’t wait to share the newest mosaics as I create them! It amazes me some days how easy it is to just allow the natural instincts to take over. I’m so grateful to have found this joyful act of creating mosaics!

This weekend I hope to post the links for the Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections I’m associated with.

Monday will be a new Etsy Treasury and I’ve been looking at yellow items a lot lately, so I’m thinking that will be the color choice for that one.

I hope you have a creative weekend no matter what you decide to do! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your life!


And how much I love them …

I grew up watching movies of all kinds but the best ones were watched on my small portable TV (black and white until I begged for a color one for Christmas one year) in the late 60’s early 70’s was always during Saturday afternoons. The classics. Musicals, horror, animated. I fell in love, I cried, I laughed and I sang along. It was the best!!!

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do!

Have a creative week!


Week in Review

Because I’m becoming so active in making Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections and every so often am lucky enough to be included in one as well, I have decided to share the links each week in one post. Click on each link to see them if you’d like and comment on them as well…again…if you’d like. Some weeks will have less links as I am not always included in them, however this past week was a good week for my Etsy shop! It was picked 3 times for Treasury’s. The “citrus slices” coasters were included in 2. 🙂

My Etsy Treasury made on Monday:

The Treasury I made using a few Home Gallery team members’ items (one of my own items is included in this one):

Three Treasury’s my mosaics were featured in this week:

An ArtFire Collection I curated this week that made the Front Page:

It was a good week for sharing the love and receiving some too!

I hope you have a creative weekend.


In the Studio

There’s been lots of prep work this week for more “Wish Upon’s” to be added to Etsy. Grouting and finishing touches are happening within the next day or two and they’ll be listed either Sunday or Monday. Keeping your wishes safe is the perfect use for them. I have pictures of them holding tea bags, candy and jewelry as well but I am thinking the stain that is inside the box could cause those things, if not used immediately, to pick up the stain smell which is quite strong. Wishes are the best use for them and what they were made for! They are a great decorative accent to any room in your home or office.

I was playing around with beads and the peace symbol ornaments yesterday and I think I came up with a larger project for them to go on. They are a bit too delicate to hang up as they are. I think the beads would fall off easily if they were touched a lot or bumped. After I made 5 of them I thought about the adhesive I used. I think it might have been best to use something different and stronger, but I really don’t want to take all the beads off and start over (I used tweezers to add each bead), so we’ll see what happens next. I have something in mind for them but am not real sure of the direction it will go, so until then, you can see how they look on my flickr photostream.

You can also see the window I’m working on. What a joy this has been. It is a very long process but once it’s completed it will be so cool. I have quite a few windows to work on and am really excited about that. As I work on this one, a peaceful feeling comes over me. It is quite relaxing to just let the design form on it’s own, allowing my fingers to make the decisions as to what comes next. I have been listening to music or have the TV on and just let the mosaic form as I do so. I like not having any idea where it will go or what it will look like. That’s my favorite way to mosaic. Let it flow!

I’ll be adding a Saturday blog post each week now which will include all the Etsy Treasury’s I have been in and made myself as well as the ArtFire Collections I make. It will have all the links in it to show them all in one convenient blog post!

Monday’s Treasury choice will be posted as usual. There will be more Treasury’s each week now that I’ve joined a few teams on Etsy. I will be sharing items from each team as often as I can, weekly for Home Gallery which was stipulated in their guidelines. I love making Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections so this is good news for me!

Enjoy your weekend. Make it creative!


Not all of these are true “vintage” items but they are all just as fantastic. The decorative items would look great in a completely vintage atmosphere as well as a modern one. The wearable items are oh, so warm and snuggly. Take a look to help brighten up the winter blahs.

Keep a look out later today for the premiere of my “Wish Upon’s” heading towards Etsy this afternoon. The each need just a few more pictures and 3 star boxes will be listed. Yay! Many “Wish Upon’s” will be added in all sizes as the weeks progress, in all forms from candle holders to wall art but always with a mosaic star to help you make your wishes come true. They are cute and functional and have just enough whimsy to make them a joy to create.

Enjoy your week. Make it creative!


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