Last week when we had no power due to Hurricane Sandy, I spent time bundled up and at the crafts table. Finding my internal heat for crafting was enough to keep me happy for a few days without luxuries like coffee. Reading books about mosaics and a few other crafty things by candlelight instead of watching my favorite shows on the computer in the evenings, kept me focused on the next day. What it actually did was cause my brain to be all-consumed with mosaics and new project ideas and that meant keeping really busy at the crafts table.

I’m fairly sure I’ve shared all of the newest things I’ve worked on and listed so please look through the archives or head on over to Etsy to see what’s new.

The Upcycling Challenge Mosaic Bucket for Birds & Blooms has been shipped and delivered! I sent them a Step-by-Step Guide on how I made it with a few photos as well through email yesterday. What a difficult time I had keeping it down to “500 words or less”. We all know how chatty I am! Hopefully it arrived in one piece and as time goes on, I’ll keep you posted on where to go to vote and check out the other 11 folks who were chosen when it’s available.

Upycling Challenge Mosaic Bucket for Birds & Blooms Blog. I used all recycled items as the tesserae. Yay!

I made a sale this past week! The awesome *Shagadelic* Peace Sign was purchased by an extended family member who said as soon as they saw it, they knew they had to have it! Woo!


This morning on Etsy, I listed 10 pieces of wearable art that are featured on IndieMade. I mentioned yesterday that although I like having a dedicated site just for my jewelry, I don’t spend enough time promoting it nor do I spend a lot of time on the site to fix it up like I keep saying I will. So, for now, jewelry is on both sites and I’ll keep trying to update and fix IndieMade in the coming months.

Mosaic Bottle Cap Pendant / Key Chain, Blue and Silver Glitter – 1 inch
Price: $29.86

I also haven’t gotten any further along with the Vintage Shop I want to open. I’m thinking the New Year will be quite busy!

I’m taking some items out of my Etsy shop and giving them to a crafts shop on consignment not too far from me. The person who is taking my items is a crafty family friend and wants to take them when she does her own crafts fairs and festivals as well as show them in the shop. This works for me because I don’t like doing fairs/festivals at all! I just don’t have the right mindset for them, in truth. I find it difficult to sit outside or at a table for hours. I’d rather be inside creating, allowing someone else to do the leg work. I have found the perfect solution for me and my lifestyle at the moment and I’m very pleased!

I’m going to grout a tray for the *Holiday Shop* section in my Etsy shop today. Look at the cool photo of the glitter and tempered glass.

Acrylics, glitter and tempered glass tray before grout.

Love this close up shot:

And I’m also working on a mixed media wall piece I call “Expect Miracles”. So far it has a cement piece I covered in dish shards that is shaped sort of like an angel. I used a plastic cover from a perfume bottle and filled it up with left over thin set. If you decide to do this, put petroleum jelly around the area where the thin set is to go. This will allow the plastic and the dry thin set to part easily without crumbling. I grouted it and then attached it to the board with silicone. The wings are shells and they too are attached with silicone.

“Expect Miracles” Mixed Media Mosaic – 15 x 9 inches

Filling in around the heart after adding the hardware to hang this securely.

If you’d like to see the best way to hang cement board, check out this blog post by MosaicSmith. Linda Pieroth Smith gives you exactly what you need to know and how to do it. She has one of the best blogs filled with “how to” info around. Take some time to look it over. She shares a lot of fun “how to” mosaic projects. She rocks!

Be at peace.

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