Another busy week in the studio!

Two new peace symbols using dish tiles and stained glass will soon be added to the online shops. One in bright colors of yellows and browns, with a dot here and there of white glass and daisies. The center focal point is a large charm that says: Be true to yourself.

The other in rich colors reminiscent of the 70’s – my favorite style from my teenage years! Dish tiles and stained glass in retro designs in avocado, lime and brown with some very cool green square glass beads with yellow flowers on them.

I took an old round table that was given to me with ripped Naugahyde on top and turned it into a shabby chic beauty adding dish tiles, decorative glass and stained glass. This needs a touch of paint around the base and will be complete and ready to sell.

Earlier in the week, through Facebook, I was contacted by a wonderfully patient woman by the name of Phoebe Wantz. She is the owner of Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, Indiana, asking me if I’d be interested in sending her a few things for her gallery. In all honesty, at first I didn’t think she was a “real” person and gave her a bit of a run around until I had time to do a little research. To my delight, not only is she real, but genuinely “gets” how art should be seen. After looking at their website, I saw that the gallery is beautifully designed to showcase many wonderful pieces of art. I gladly packed up a few items and they are headed her way as we speak. Hopefully we’ll have a long and fruitful adventure together! What an honor and quite a humbling experience, indeed, to be a part of this wonderful gallery. If you live near Muncie, stop in to say hello and take a look around! I’ve just added this gallery to my list of road trips for the coming year! Woo-hoo! I thank Phoebe and everyone who may have put a bug in her ear or suggested she look at my mosaics on Facebook. Social networks can some times really rock!

Here are the mosaics and pendants heading towards Indiana today:

Have a creative week! Enjoy!!