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Not all of these are true “vintage” items but they are all just as fantastic. The decorative items would look great in a completely vintage atmosphere as well as a modern one. The wearable items are oh, so warm and snuggly. Take a look to help brighten up the winter blahs.


Keep a look out later today for the premiere of my “Wish Upon’s” heading towards Etsy this afternoon. The each need just a few more pictures and 3 star boxes will be listed. Yay! Many “Wish Upon’s” will be added in all sizes as the weeks progress, in all forms from candle holders to wall art but always with a mosaic star to help you make your wishes come true. They are cute and functional and have just enough whimsy to make them a joy to create.

Enjoy your week. Make it creative!



Coffee and cream are the “flavors” this week for my Monday Treasury. I love coffee and I add cream to it each morning making sure it is the perfect combination of both for my taste. The first cup of coffee is very important…the cream must give the flavor of the coffee balance in the best way possible for my palette. An entire day can be ruined in my world by a cup of coffee that doesn’t quite taste right!

I hope you enjoy the warmth of this treasury. Please leave a comment, visit the featured shops and by all means do it all while enjoying your favorite warm beverage this morning!


Check out the flickr photostream for the latest array of new items that will be added to the store fronts very soon. Some are in the work-in-progress stages but all will be included in time for the holiday sale next month!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


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