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Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics


Wavy Mosaic Vanity Tray, Ocean, Green and Blue Stained Glass, Upcycled – 15 x 7-1/2 inches
Price: $64.63

This old mirror vanity tray has been given my own special brand of mosaic treatment in hand cut stained glass colors of green and blue. Grouted in a sandy yellow color and sealed.

I recycled a tray from the past (circa 1970’s) giving it an uplift and new purpose. Taking something old and making it useful as well as eye appealing is what I love to do!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

Even the titles to my treasuries are becoming too wordy … hahaha … Good Monday morning to you all! Cutting back on the amount of teams I had joined and giving myself time to enjoy the favorite ones more, here is an all Upcyclers Team treasury to start off the week.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

A favorite decor to browse around for is “Beach Cottage”. It has a combination of French Country, Shabby Chic and Rustic along with the beach vibe that soothes my soul. I’m in love with this theme and will revisit it often!

©2011 braggingbags, SET of 3 Outdoor Rustic Wedding Decoration Candles Firefly Lightning Bug Lanterns, Price: $75.00

©2011 Swede13, Rustic Aqua Footstool, Shabby and Chic Stool, French Country, Farmhouse, Beach Cottage, Distressed, Bedroom Decor, Price: $32.00

©2011 seahagcottage, Vintage Pitcher with Sea Shell Bouquet, Price: $65.00

©2011 WhisperParkPottery, Beach Cottage Handbuilt Ceramic Shell Flower Vase, Price: $26.00

©2011 MellowMermaid, Aqua Cage Lamp - Upcycled One of a Kind Original Design Metal Cage Candle Distressed Lamp, Price: $65.00

©2011 bluebirdcove, Hand Painted Decorative Pillow Cover Beach This Way, Price: $25.00

©2011 TRUECONNECTION, Repurposed Wood Bench. 4 Color Choices. Pistachio, Ocean Blue, White or Pink, Price: $325.00

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

Custom Order: Is coming along very well. I’m about 1/2 way finished now. Yay! As I finish each ball (not yet grouted) I place them inside a 12×12 box and set them aside. They are out of the way and won’t roll around.

the work area

I have learned through the years that creating triangles almost always causes a cut or two no matter how much I try to keep the edges from snagging or being too sharp. Every time I move these balls I find if I pick them up too quickly, I get hurt. Sometimes using mirror makes it difficult to grind without losing the foiling on the back. It is best to remind the people around these kinds of mosaics to handle with extreme care. Hopefully once grouted they will lose a little of their “bite”. But they are sharp right now. OwWWeeee.

some of the assembly line ... ready for grout

New Mosaics: I took myself away from the gazing balls for a day and spent it grouting all the mosaics I had waiting their turn very patiently. In one day I grouted 5 pieces. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it took me close to 10 hours to do them. 2 hours per piece is the average for me. Some are easy and quick to grout while others take many hours. Clean up, polishing and sealing takes time too.

Sometimes I like the look of what the grout does to pieces of glass that have creases in it or marks of some kind and I leave the grout in those pieces. Other times I will stare at one piece of glass perplexed as to HOW to get it clean enough to suit me. I have an entire drawer filled with tools, so I can’t use not having the right tool as an excuse. It’s more the way it looks … if it’s pleasing to the eye as it is or will it lose some appeal if I start digging and cleaning up spots that bug me. I put those aside and go back to them often. The candle luminary I just listed this morning was one of those. In the end, I left most of the grout on the pieces that bugged me. I like it!

I think all of them will get listed on Etsy this week or within the week. I wasn’t going to list wall art on Etsy again this time around; the piece below is an exception. It is a framed mirror but I covered the mirror with tempered glass. That means it’s no longer a frame nor is it a mirror. But it fits into the frame category in my mind, so that’s that. I could post it in the blogger shop but I think it’ll hang out on the Etsy shop for a bit and see how it goes.

purple tones candle luminary

The newest addition to the luminary family is all in pinks/purples. The same colors were used in the bowl below.

upcycled glass bowl

Love that grape!

Grouted the tray in white to give it a Shabby Chic look.

Upcycled Shabby Chic Porcelain Tray

The bowl below was a piece that was with my Great Aunt for years sitting in a corner collecting dust. When she passed away I got this (along with the glass bowl and porcelain tray above as well as lots of other treasures) and figured I’d add a mosaic to it at some point. When I picked it up out of the box a few years ago it fell apart. I tried really hard to glue it, fix it, give it TLC. After many applications of glue it stayed together. I used a green oil based paint on it and it didn’t stay on too well, puddling under the base of the bowl and left small round drops — very visible. I tried a few things to get rid of them but each time I tried something it just didn’t “take”. I didn’t want to sand it because it had some green around it that I wanted to keep. Leaving it alone was my decision. I covered the entire thing in dish shards and they fell off except for the center, I’m assuming because of the stain that was on the wood when it was first made or perhaps from polish my Aunt may have used on it. I put it aside for a while to give me time to think about what to do. I didn’t want to lose the wood to primer. On Monday I decided to take advantage of all the patinas it has acquired, quite by accident thanks to me, giving it many imperfections and leave them all. I covered the exposed wood with a tint of Burnt Umber and oil and allowed the green to come through the tint where it wanted to, puddled droplets on it’s undercarriage and all. I’m pleased with it. It’s not perfect but it has a lot of character. Just like me. 🙂

wooden bowl

no longer fresh and new but still beautiful to me

The last piece is the framed mirror that is now wall art. Crescent moon, swirls within a night blue sky that lightens as the bright sun wakes up to shine brightly. We’re to have gloomy skies for the next few days so hopefully when the sun comes out again and I can get some more photos taken because in the sun, this rocks. My eye starts at the top left swirl and goes down to the sun. I had trouble naming this one. Sometimes they “speak” to me as I work on them, but this one was more “vocal” about it’s color choices and design. A tentative name for this is: Night Into Day. What do you think?

The sides are covered in iridescent rust stained glass. The back will be painted in gray today, I think, and D-ring will be re-attached. These frames were constructed really well so it should hold this 3.6 lb piece of art without a problem.

Challenge Piece: This isn’t a mosaic … yet … but it might end up becoming a mixed media piece with mosaic somewhere in it or around it. Or it could end up in the garbage. This is grout that dried in an old container while I was busy wrangling grandchildren. When it plopped out in one piece I immediately saw a piece of art. When I look at it now, I see something magical around it, like faeries. Which means glitter, of course. 😉 So this won’t stay a dark piece for long. How to get what I see into reality … that’s the challenge. Check back here to see how it’s going because right now I see what I want to do but I don’t know exactly how to do it. I gladly accept the challenge!

this way?

or this way??? hmmmmm ...

Etsy News: Last week I talked about the teams I’m active with and I have more news in regards to that this week as well. I am very happy to announce that EarthMotherMosaics has been chosen as one of the 5 Featured Shops on the Promoting Creative Friends blog! Please check it out, and if you have an Etsy shop add your link to it. It’s a great team; I’m so pleased to be part of it!


Tomorrow is another virtual shopping day for me sharing the Shops of the Day through the PCF Team which means 4 more treasury’s for me to create! Woo-hoo!

Tumblr: Don’t forget to hop on over to “Eye for Design and Color”. This week my theme is red!


Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

This week is dedicated to the imagination of the fine artisans who find an item discarded along the road or in a dusty garage and sees it as something that just needs a little TLC to make it useful again or sees something else entirely different when they study it. Creating a new piece of art, a bird feeder, a table setting, a clock out of old pieces of “junk” takes a lot of talent. I applaud you all, loudly, for your efforts in creating and restoring the things I’ve found to share here this week. Take a look!

©2011 ohiopicker, Vintage Electric Fan orange spider web cage, Price: $98.00


©2011 redyellowandblueink, Bird feeder upcycled traffic light eco friendly recycled birdfeeder, Price: $60.00


©2011 1byliz, recycled bike clock - green lines, Price: $42.00


©2011 RecycledDenims, Recycled Denims Reversible Placemat, Price: $25.00


©2011 EllieMacDesigns, Wall Hanging Recycled Flower Wall Art, Price: $25.00


©2011 agoodlifedesigns, Olive Green Recycled Paper Bowl, Price: $20.00


©2011 PaulaArt, Set of Four Napkin Ring Holders from reclaimed scrap metal, Price: $45.00


Can’t wait for the Compilation to see the Daily Design Picks I find? Head on over to tumblr and follow me there. Each day I pick something from Etsy relating to the theme for the week. It’s still fun to see them all together shared here in a photo blog each Saturday. Often they look really terrific together and compliment each other well. Remember, tomorrow begins a new theme and a whole new week of great finds selected for “Eye for Design and Color”.


Have a creative weekend!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

While looking at a group of gazing balls and spheres photos I’ve made within the last year plus some, I noticed, once again, how much I like this mosaic table sculpture I made for the presentation I gave at the art league in April.

I found a lot of photos showing the progress of where it started and how it finished and thought it would be something to share here as the Featured Item. It was fun for me to go back and look at these, I hope you enjoy it too.

it started with a broken wine glass

a 6 inch bisque sphere, once stained glass is added, will get glued on top of the stem

a porcelain bird and an old glass blue marble perch on top

glass and mirror have been added to the sphere

swirly design to resemble waves

I see two elephants but once grouted they aren't as visible

not yet finished gluing glass and mirror

grouted in white

lots of silver mirror added to the top (pre-grout)

"Coasting On The Wings Of Tomorrow" is complete

Tomorrow I’ll be adding another weekly post doling out the great finds I’ve shared on Tumblr. There will be a photo and the link on how to find these awesome items and placed together in one spot. Hopefully in that way you can see how the theme works together. So far I’ve done them on Tumblr for two weeks; all of them will be in one post tomorrow. After that it will be just one week at a time in a post I’ve dubbed: “Daily Design Picks Compilation”. Not every week will be themed but most of them are similar to what I find when I do Etsy Treasury’s and I always have a theme in mind. When I do those, there’s often one item I find so neat I have to share it.

Enjoy the last official weekend of Summer and wave hello to cooler weather. Although warmth is always welcome, I enjoy the crisp air that Autumn provides. I’m happier with less humidity. Stay safe and make your day creative!


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In keeping with what seems to be becoming a theme for me, I found a fantastic artist who creates butterflies, dragonflies and flowers using barbed wire and metal. All of those lovely things seem to be finding me without my having to look very hard. If you follow the blog or my Facebook page you know I’ve donated a butterfly recently, made one for my grandson with the pull tab wings, and just made a flower and dragonfly to donate within the next few weeks. I like this theme!

This week the featured item is coming from an Etsy shop. merritthyde, Merritt Hyde – Rustic Original Art & Gifts has some of the most unique handmade items I’ve seen in a long time. The use of recycled materials is what made these things become interesting for me but what made me stay and search her entire inventory are the colors!

Her profile says: “rusted barn tin, old wood and barbwire become works of art and beauty while still retaining a sense of history and character”. How cool is that?

Please welcome Merritt’s art to your world and take a slow look through her shop. The whimsy involved in creating her art is similar to the folk art that appeals to me. The colors are bright and trendy; although I’m not fond of following trends, I have to say some of the colors being used right now in home decor and handmade art is fresh and appealing. I seem to gravitate towards green … it’s an earth color after all. If that makes it trendy, then so be it!

The designs are simple. Each item is something we all could find a place for in our home or give anyone as a gift. I love her original style!

Merritt’s Etsy shop has become an instant favorite of mine. I will visit often!

It wasn’t easy to find a favorite piece to feature here today. Many things caught my eye and I could say the entire inventory in the shop is a favorite. However, one, mostly because of the color, caught my eye right away.

© Merritt Hyde Rustic Original Art & Gifts

Isn’t this awesome?! It has a wire attached so it can be hung on the wall or used as a magnet. Perfect!!

Please visit Merritt’s shop and let her know if you found her here through this blog.


I’ll be busy in the studio because the humidity has lifted which means my mosaics are just about dry enough to grout this weekend. Woo-hoo!

Next week I start prep work on the gazing balls. That should take about a month to complete before I can start the fun of adding the gold mirror to them but I will be creating small mosaics in between to keep the muse happy! As usual, as I make them, I’ll be adding photos to the flickr photostream and sharing them as I do.

Have a great weekend!!


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

It’s been an interesting week both personally and creatively. I had just finished up the mosaic on the old window in stained glass and thought I’d go straight to another glass project but felt the pull towards dish tiles/shards. Before I could work on anything, however, I needed time to get over the feeling of loss I often have associated with finishing a large piece of artwork. Many times the feeling is overwhelming when it arrives and I go through a slew of emotions before I can settle down to do the next project. Last week I experienced quite a bit of that but once the new window was named, I felt more willing and able to start in on something else using stained glass. This particular piece, as proud of it as I am, took a lot out of me. The size of the window frame is 20 x 28 inches, the design on the glass is 15-1/2 x 24 inches.

"Sunset Fire"

While taking photos of the flower pot I discuss below, I noticed this great shot of the sunset through my new mosaic “baby”. My energy seemed to return as I studied it and I knew it’s name would be Sunset Fire. Once named, the window felt completed and I felt ready to let the emotions go and move on to the next stained glass project!

As the energy level slowly returned this week I had some fun using dish tiles. It was all I wanted to do. I made the few things I’ve just listed below using many dish tiles in bright, fresh spring-like colors. Adding fun embellishments is always enjoyable for me. It gives some of what I do an added dimension. It was very enjoyable and I’m pleased with the results of everything I’ve done.


Fresh looking and Spring-inspired! That’s what kind of items have been created this week! This pot has 3 separate dish tile designs in it. Pink, blue and green shards along with green and blue decorative gems and grouted in a fawn.  Stands approximately 4-3/4 inches high with an opening of 4-1/2 inches wide.

Mosaic Flower Pot



This 10×12 inch frame is perfect to look at on a gloomy winter day; it can’t help but make you smile! “Dogwood Flowers” has hand cut pieces of dish tiles in blues, pinks, yellow and white. 3 different kinds of dish shards were used to blend together the perfect color combination. A handmade broken Dogwood flowers brooch was altered with seed beads and placed with ceramic face tiles. A word charm says “inspire” and another says “cherish”. The sides are tiled in green and blue stained glass tiles. Grouted in fawn and the back has been sponge painted a soft pink and white to compliment the dishes I nipped for this piece.

Mosaic Frame Dogwood Flowers



Once they were listed I went straight for more dish tiles and worked on this pretty birdhouse last night.


The camera wasn’t cooperating very well when I took the birdhouse photos but I shared them on flickr just the same.  Once grouted I hope to get better photos to share. This may be headed to Etsy or go with me when I start selling at the market this summer.


Classes have been scheduled from March to a few in June. Normally this is a busy time of year for us and exciting because we love to share the love of making mosaics. Sadly, one set of classes for both basics and intermediate mosaics aren’t running this semester. The economy has hit many in many different forms. Those that love to take adult ed classes I have found, just can’t take more than one if even that no matter what the price. It’s seen as a luxury and understandably so. Hopefully the rest of the semester will have classes filled to the brim! Of course, these classes will continue to be offered and information has been added below on the schedule to date.

Mt Airy Learning Tree runs our Mosaic Basics course which runs this semester on March 17 and March 24 for 2 hours from 6PM-8PM. We’re pleased to announce they have just added our Flower Pot Mosaics course from June 2 and June 9. These are 3 hours long from 6PM-9PM. If you have internet access you can log in directly to their website and sign up for a class. Website: http://mtairylearningtree.org, phone 215-843-6333, hours available: M-F 9AM-2PM.

The Community School of New Hope-Solebury picked up two courses this semester. Mosaic Coasters (adults and children) will run April 6 and April 13 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Mosaic Flower Pot – April 27 and May 4 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Website: www.csnhs.org, phone 215-968-8409. Any questions call 215-497-8735 or email nancy-lawson@csnhs.org.

Plymouth Township Parks & Recreation Greater Plymouth Community Center has picked up our Basic Techniques of Mosaics course geared towards children ages 7-10. This runs for two Friday nights! Parents, enjoy a few hours rest and have your children learn a new craft! May 20 and May 27 from 6PM-8PM. Website: www.PlymouthCommunityCenter.org, Phone 610-277-4312.

Each course requires a materials fee on the first night of class. This covers the coaster kits and all adhesives, tools, grout and sealant necessary to complete the coasters. The flower pot materials fee include use of tools, some embellishments provided by the instructor, adhesive, grout and sealant. Also the flower pot courses require you to bring a flower pot and ceramic/pottery/discarded and/or found objects from home.

It’s a great experience to learn something new. Learning the basics is a great way to start out on the road to more mosaic madness which is the best kind of madness there is!

Check back on Sunday to see the Week in Review sharing Treasury’s and Collections gathered during the week.

I hope you gave yourself  some time  to be creative this week. No matter what your creative talent is. Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


All Rights Reserved©2011 EarthMotherMosaics

In the Studio

Last night was the final session of the adult education mosaics basics class at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, PA. What a joy it was to see these ladies working on their finishing touches to create two coasters. They each took a turn learning to use the abrasive stone, how to mix grout and add sealant to their finished pieces and when the evening came to an end, I was so pleased to see their mosaics and their smiles. They all did a great job!

Next week is the 3 week intermediate class and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and I’ll be seeing some returning students as well! Yay!!

I’m not sure who has more fun, the instructor or the students, but I can say for certain that it’s all been a positive experience. I’m very proud to be a part of sharing my love of mosaics with so many wonderful people. I thank you all!

I’ve been working on my donation piece for the mosaic online auction and exhibition happening next year for Doctors Without Borders being coordinated by the amazing Lin Schorr. I will share more information about this event in the near future. Here are a few photos of the work-in-progress (WIP). This is on a 10×10 wooden framed mirror.

Etsy and ArtFire have been updated to include a Mandala I’ve made on a discarded microwave plate. I love repurposing/upcycling as often as I can! If you have time to look in my shops, you’ll see some things have been rearranged. There aren’t quite as many pendants as there were either. Some have been sold (woo-hoo!) and some are going to be part of a sale towards the end of October and will then be “retired” for a while to pave the way for a new series next year.

I just ordered a ceramic sphere from one of my favorite Etsy shops: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArtfulMosaicSupplies – check out her wonderful array of MDF shapes and mosaic supplies. This is the wonderful person who provides the MDF coasters for me when I teach. She is also a very talented artist and I’m proud to call her my friend. I’m excited to work on this sphere and I do believe I’ll be ordered more from her in the future! She does great work!!

I also found a fantastic artist who makes ceramic buttons and just received a wonderful array of pieces that will be incorporated into my jewelry as well as many mosaics. Most were custom made to exclude a hole or two like most buttons have so that I can use them in mosaics. She was a joy to work with and her turn around time is incredible! Check her shop out as well here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/beadfreaky – here’s a small sample of what I just received. I can’t wait to create with them!

I may have one additional blog post in a few days in association with a new ArtFire Collection I’m creating. The vibe on that site has been a positive one and I’m happy to be a part of the store front community. Lots of nice people and some really nice items.

As usual, on Monday, there will be a new Etsy Treasury to see.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


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