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Growing up in the 60’s, I have always loved peace signs, references to Woodstock (even though I was too young to go experience it myself) in 1969 and the music surrounding it. This summer, so far, has been a love fest surrounded by family and good vibes … it truly reminds me how lucky I am.

I love making peace symbols in mosaic form, love it when people want one made by me and love to give them as gifts. Searching for them today for the Treasury was a lot of fun!




In the Studio

Had some fun with MDF peace symbols, acrylic paints and toothpicks this week! They are 4 inches around and would make very colorful ornaments on a groovy Christmas tree! I pulled out a mini tree I have had for years and hung them here. Adding these to a large tree would really be fun. I will definitely make more in the future; I had a so much fun creating these – it was a good stretch and quite enjoyable!

Each side has a different design and was painted using toothpicks in swirls and many polka dots.

They’ve been sealed for protection and would make a great window or wall display.

I’ve started the prep work for 2 masks I hope to complete and send out by this time next week to get them to Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery in Muncie, Indiana. I drew some basic mask shapes on plain white paper from coloring books online to give me some ideas. That’s always a good place to start if I’m looking for something simple to draw. Using a plastic jug and a 2-liter soda bottle I taped the paper templates to each piece of plastic. I drew the design from the template onto the plastic pieces with a marker and then cut them out. These plastic pieces were then covered in plaster strips. I used the bottom of the jug to hold the water and strips and saved all the parts I didn’t use for another project or two in the future.

Once they were completely covered with plaster cast material, they looked like this.

Once the strips were completely dry I covered the masks in a thin layer of cement (thin set mortar) and allowed it to dry before applying mesh with additional mortar.

Once these are dry they will be tested to see if they are sturdy enough to apply tiles to. If they aren’t, another layer of thin set will be applied. These will be designed to look like Venetian/Carnival/Mardi Gras masks – bright and colorful and lots of sparkle!

I’ll share photos as I go on flickr just like always.

Have a wonderfully creative week!


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