This weeks’ theme color choice on tumblr was an interesting one. I found many holiday-themed items but not much in decor for “every day” things. I’m curious as to why blue and silver aren’t used more often when decorating? I’m drawn towards all color and their various combos which is why it’s hard for me to fathom. I think it’s a nice combination and hope you enjoy my choices shown below.

©2012 ThePillowStudioShop, Monaco Blue and Silver Fretwork Pillow Cover, Silver Piping, 20×20
Price: $70.00

©2012 verymere, Joyful Blue and Silver Ribbon Pine Cone Ornament
Price: $25.00

©2012 LightBottlesByVicki, Christmas, blue, silver, wine bottle light, blue bottle
Price: $23.00

©2012 HenrietteStudio, Decorative ceramic pomegranate, silver blue carved pomegranate – SPECIAL HOLIDAYS SALE
Price: $39.60

©2012 Neomy, Ceramic small Silver-Blue vase for decoration,Stoneware bud vase,hand decorative thrown,desk souvenir ,home decor keramik ,ornament pottery
Price: $20.00

©2012 susanbeingsnippy, Christmas Dinner Napkins set of 4 blue and silver
Price: $12.00

©2012 WhatAGirlWantsAcc, Wine Stopper (Silver) – Robins Egg
Price: $15.00

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics