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Wearable Art – Stained Glass Mosaic Pendant – Yellow Jewel Tones by EarthMotherMosaics

Through the past few years I’ve made, worn and sold a large amount of mosaic jewelry. Using empty bezels or deep dished bases, there are rings, bracelets and pendants in my shiny mosaic boxes shaped liked stars.

When I re-opened my Etsy shop this month, one of the first items I was asked about were my pendants. But because Etsy is completely saturated with jewelry I knew I wouldn’t be selling them again on that site this time around.

In truth, I was lucky enough to sell a few from Etsy, but mostly people saw them in person. More than a few were sold right off of my neck, at a festival, on Facebook. Some were ordered custom-made.

I have quite a few that I made into key chains over the summer and they can be taken off of the rings and used as pendants if the buyer so chooses. Those will be shared, along with more pendants on my online shop on blogger.

During the summer I had set up a website on blogger to share some items I’ve made for sale that I knew I wouldn’t put on Etsy.

So, back by popular demand (thanks to those who asked me about them!), is the first pendant ready for sale.

This particular pendant was made using stained glass, glitter tiles, turquoise mirror, and Millefiori in a geometric pattern. Grouted in a smoky color, it is sealed but not waterproof.

Price: $30.25 which includes shipping, handling and insurance.

They make a great conversation piece and many love the idea of wearing an art piece. Can be worn all year ’round. Wear a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art around your neck during the holiday functions from Christmas through New Year!

I’ve made them to give to myself, my family and friends as gifts. They are small but make a big impact. They’d make great stocking stuffers too!

You can find them, as I list them, here: http://earthmothermosaicsstore.blogspot.com

Stay peaceful. Have a great weekend!

©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics


In the Studio

As I’ve been getting settled into the apartment with my oldest daughter and her family, I’m finding supplies and mosaic goodies as I go! I’m also finding the energy and incentive to create again almost daily. It’s kinda cool to have my muse with me again all the time. She’s been missed!

I finished the donated butterfly for the mural in FL. It measures 5-3/4 inches by 3-3/4 inches with iridescent white glass, black, gray, amber, orange and yellow stained glass and small black glass gems.

When my 3-3/4 year old grandson saw this, he asked me if it was for him. When I told him no and explained to him where it was going, I said I’d make him one of his own if he’d like. He was very animated at the thought and told me he wanted a blue and pink one, please, Nana. For the next few days after that conversation, every time I exited my bedroom, where I work on mosaics, he asked me if I had made his butterfly yet. I finally decided it was time to get going on it.

It still needs grouting, of course, but he is pleased with it which makes me happy. As I was cutting glass for it he handed me a few pop caps and asked me if I would use them in his mosaic. I had no clue how to incorporate them but I promised him I would. After some thought I decided I’d use them as wings on smaller butterflies around the big guy. After grout, I will add the “wings” and small glass pieces cut from rods. See the example below:

I shared this photo on Facebook and explained it’s origin and someone suggested I make a few to send along with my donated butterfly for the mural. What a great idea! I made 4 of them and credit my grandson for the design idea. Maybe, as was suggested, he’ll get to see the mural in person one day! I think they are cute!

I have also started the inventory for the mosaic stained glass candle holders I sell. I haven’t found all the things I have to mosaic with but I have found the plain glass candle holders and plates I purchased a few months back and enough glass to use to cover them. Yay! I love making mosaics on these items so I was happy to have found them so easily in storage!

Everything needs grouting but I’m pleased with my progress and have 2 or 3 more plates to work on and 1 more vessel for the votive or tea lights.

I also started working on my daughter’s birthday present (a month late—yikes!). I love these colors! I’m hoping she’ll hang it up on the wall of her new (first!!) apartment. The size is 8.5 x 11 inches.

I’ve worked on my website a bit; changing the splash page info and the “About” page. Some weeks my thoughts are pulled into creating and some weeks I want to work on the marketing. This week, as you can see, I’ve mostly been in the creative mood.

Once everything is grouted, I’ll add what I’m selling to the online store.

Friday’s post will be another Featured Item of mine that is available for purchase, so look for that.

It’s nice to have a break with the recent heat wave here in PA. My windows are wide open and there is a nice breeze so far this morning! Saaaa-weet!

Enjoy your day!!!


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