I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful holiday. We had 2 separate family gatherings and each were wonderfully different and meaningful. I feel grateful every single day for all of these blessings.

The Black Friday/Cyber Monday event is over! Thanks to all for taking the time to look, comment on and share the items for sale. You rock!!

I’m busy rearranging my shop and taking some for consignment this coming weekend. Some of the things I’ve removed from Etsy weren’t getting a lot of love, which means they won’t be missed. I always say mosaics are better to see in person and photos are hard to show some of the details involved. And I’ve noticed a trend with what is seen and liked and eventually purchased, so those items will stay.

Sadly, my IndieMade site has been closed. It wasn’t easy to make the decision to close it but it wasn’t paying for itself which I need it to do, so it had to go. I’ve found a new site, Zibbet, and am setting up my shop today. I’m always looking for new venues and am excited to get to know my fellow Zibbetians and make new friends.

In between family gatherings I have made a few more mosaics. The mobiles were altered slightly and I removed all of the beads from the string. As cool as the beads were, they seemed to bother me a lot and I found myself obsessing over the color choices, the shape, size and so on, so I took them off and just strung the mosaics so they could be hung by a window or bright light without the beads. Perfect. I have more to make and now that I’ve decided not to add beads, they won’t take long to do. No photos of these but I shared them in earlier posts and they are on flickr as well if you want to go hunting. 😉

I made an Art Deco wall art piece, put stained glass on a small vase, added the rest of the dish tiles to a now, very heavy wooden basket (inside and out plus the bottom too) and put some dish tiles on a purple ceramic bowl. All but the last have been grouted.

Art Deco Wall Art measures 10-1/2 x 3-3/4 inches and as soon as I saw the shape, I knew I could put
a cool mosaic on it. It has Smalti, stained glass and, of course, mirror on it in yellow, grey, green and blue.

A gift. Stained glass, glass gems and river rocks.

Wooden Mosaic Basket – A huge pain to grout and I’m still cleaning it, but I love the look. A few pieces of tess
popped off while I was grouting too which is always annoying. I opted to grout over the space instead of trying to get the tess back on it. I’m so glad it’s finished!

Wooden Mosaic Basket – The bottom, inside and out, got a mosaic facelift.

Recycled purple bowl (has a small chunk out of the top which I covered with thin set) waiting for grout — I’m
thinking yellow will give this some pizzazz! I’m disappointed I forgot to tint the thin set before using it on this bowl – the white really looks awful right now, but it’s all good. It won’t make too much difference once it’s grouted, I don’t think. The vase (pre-grout) sits next to it.

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics