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In the Studio

Not really all that much to report this week. Still recovering from the injury. It’s a slow healing process hindered by days when I don’t give myself enough down time or it rains. Yesterday I felt pretty good and sat at the computer too long. Today I am in tremendous pain and rain is predicted to arrive soon. Bad combo for me.

This means I’m doing very little at the work table. No actual work is getting completed but I am gathering things up for future projects; I’d like to get something made before Valentine’s Day to put in my shop because I found an awesome plate in my stash filled with hearts a good friend gave me to use in mosaics. I’m thinking the shards would look great placed on a frame with some other yummy materials on it. If I am able, I’ll get to it soon!

Pretty plate once nipped into shards will get used on a frame.

I also decided this year to take one week a month and dedicate it to a Christmas mosaic item. I had nothing to share that had the holiday decor on it this year. If I break it up and really do it every month, I should have at least 10 items to list and share when the time comes.

One easy project is taking this vintage milk glass candy bowl and putting the nipped up dish next to it inside the bottom. This will give it a cool look, it can still be used as it is, but it will be upcycled and a piece of mosaic art once completed to use as it’s intended purpose or to display on a shelf or table all by itself.

Candy dish will get some holiday shards added soon.

I sold the crescent moon with the swinging star this week! It was placed with the small star mosaic and listed as a set but the customer only wanted the one. This was the 3 piece set that I was not sure how to list them. Now that the moon is sold, the star will be saved for the table at a festival happening over the summer.

The sun is still available and was made into a separate listing. It is my featured item for Friday.

Time to go rest until I’m needed to watch the grandbabies.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics


Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

I love the romantic, rustic look of Shabby Chic. Combined with Holiday decorating, I think it is the perfect setting for any vintage-inspired home. My choices this week were so plentiful I dedicated a treasury to them on Monday. I love when that happens!

©2011 AlicesLookingGlass, White linen rag ball Christmas tree ornaments - Set of 9, Price: $45.00


©2011 112FarmhouseLayne, Snowman ornament, shabby chic, farmhouse, linen, red ticking, christmas, holiday, button, Price: $9.00


©2011 AnExtraordinaryGift, Christmas Door Wreath Decor.."Cranberries", Price $55.00


©2011 TheGoodnessCentric, 2 Burlap Stockings - MR. and MRS. - Rustic Shabby Chic - Ecofriendly Christmas - 25pct Discounted Sale, Price: $31.99


©2011 shabbyroad125, Shabby chic, stocking holder, christmas decoration, christmas ornament, holiday decor, fleur de lys, French country, Price: $14.95


©2011 theopenwindows, Autumn Corn Husk Jar Candle Holders - Set of 6 Tea Light Holders Price: $13.00


©2011 inspirationsbyfaith, Shabby Chic Christmas Tree Standing Wood Puzzle - Red and Cream Damask - Distressed Vintage Chic Holiday Decor, Price: $20.00


I’m pleased to announce that two items from this weeks’ picks were sold. Congrats to the shops and the owners of their new items!

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

Retro Mosaic Stained Glass Frame w/mirror

“Retro Mosaic Stained Glass Ceramic Polymer Clay Mid-Century Modern Crescent Moon Butterfly Frame with Mirror” as it’s item title describes is my Featured Item for the day. The last retro shaped mirror I’ve got as they are no longer being made (due to high costs of the MDF the wonderful online shop that used to make them had to stop making them) was covered in scraps of stained glass, glass gems and other goodies. I have one more frame that I made using these shapes when I had many of them. I had thought about listing it when I listed this one but I just can’t part with it. Knowing I might not be able to get these cool shapes any longer has made me want to hold onto at least one because they are so cool!

The funny thing about these mirrors is that it’s difficult to get a really good picture showing all the great features in it. I included more photos in my shop on Etsy that show more of the awesome things used to create this piece.

Retro Mosaic Stained Glass Frame w/Mirror

Retro, Groovy, Mod, Geometric, Hip and Cool!!

An assortment of stained glass, mirror, decorative glass, ceramic tiles and a polymer clay butterfly were used for this scrap stained glass mosaic. Grouted in charcoal, sides and back are painted in black glossy acrylic, signed and dated.

Some of the glass pieces in this frame are shaped like geometric crescent moons. The one piece at the top could be a full moon! Use your imagination, spend some time looking at it and you’ll see many fun things. A tree, butterfly, a tile in mother-of-pearl, just to name a few.

In truth, this mirror has a lot of little interesting pieces in it. The egg-shaped ceramic piece of a person in meditative pose was made by fellow Etsian beadfreaky (http://www.etsy.com/shop/beadfreaky). I LOVE using her beads in my mosaics!

Frame measures 11 3/4″ tall by 5 3/4″ wide. Mirror is included. D-ring attached to back.

This picture shows a lot of the detailed work on this frame

Price: $63.75 which includes shipping, insurance and handling.


I will be sharing another post later this afternoon/early evening with the 4 SOTD (Shops of the Day) from the Promoting Creative Friends Team on Etsy. I think I’ll be making 4 Treasury’s today featuring each shop again. Woo-hoo!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the round up of Daily Design Picks. “Shabby Chic Holidays” is the theme on tumblr this week. I’m having so much fun finding items to share!

Believe it or not, the gazing balls are at the last leg of their journey here with me. I’ve gotten 3 completely covered in gold mirror waiting for grout, 7 have been completely prepped now and are ready for the same treatment. Today I’ll be starting in on the 4th one. They take about 1-1/2 days to make if I have a lot of interruptions during the day, which is likely. One took exactly a day to get the glass on which is a great thing! It depends on the momentum of the mosaicist too … some days I wait until the afternoon to get to the work table. It’s more important to play with my grandson some times. 🙂

Stay peaceful.

©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

Editor’s Note: I’m reposting this because one of the items picked for the Treasury I made disappeared earlier in the evening. My policy is to replace it when that happens within 48 hours of creating the Treasury to make sure the Treasury has a chance to be seen and enjoyed by everyone for a few days at the very least. Having all 16 slots filled is the purpose, to share cool items found from cool shops, after all!

I love home decorations and cozy accents all year ’round but especially around this time of year because of the holidays. This selection was so much fun to find that I’ve made it my “Eye for Design and Color” theme for the week. Click on the photo below and it will take you to Etsy and the Treasury page. Isn’t Shabby Chic romantic?!

Shabby Chic Holidays (updated)

Stay peaceful.


©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

Wearable Art – Stained Glass Mosaic Pendant – Yellow Jewel Tones by EarthMotherMosaics

Through the past few years I’ve made, worn and sold a large amount of mosaic jewelry. Using empty bezels or deep dished bases, there are rings, bracelets and pendants in my shiny mosaic boxes shaped liked stars.

When I re-opened my Etsy shop this month, one of the first items I was asked about were my pendants. But because Etsy is completely saturated with jewelry I knew I wouldn’t be selling them again on that site this time around.

In truth, I was lucky enough to sell a few from Etsy, but mostly people saw them in person. More than a few were sold right off of my neck, at a festival, on Facebook. Some were ordered custom-made.

I have quite a few that I made into key chains over the summer and they can be taken off of the rings and used as pendants if the buyer so chooses. Those will be shared, along with more pendants on my online shop on blogger.

During the summer I had set up a website on blogger to share some items I’ve made for sale that I knew I wouldn’t put on Etsy.

So, back by popular demand (thanks to those who asked me about them!), is the first pendant ready for sale.

This particular pendant was made using stained glass, glitter tiles, turquoise mirror, and Millefiori in a geometric pattern. Grouted in a smoky color, it is sealed but not waterproof.

Price: $30.25 which includes shipping, handling and insurance.

They make a great conversation piece and many love the idea of wearing an art piece. Can be worn all year ’round. Wear a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art around your neck during the holiday functions from Christmas through New Year!

I’ve made them to give to myself, my family and friends as gifts. They are small but make a big impact. They’d make great stocking stuffers too!

You can find them, as I list them, here: http://earthmothermosaicsstore.blogspot.com

Stay peaceful. Have a great weekend!

©2011 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics

As Christmas gets closer I will be busier and unable to share what I’ve made until after all the gifts have been given. In the meantime, I will be adding some things into the shops this month and as I do, I will share info about them.

Today brings two important announcements:

The first, I am loading up ArtFire with new pendants and retiring some of the older ones that have been available for a while. They will, no doubt, come back again if they don’t go to a craft fair or as gifts. Meanwhile, take some time this week to take a look at the new pendants added. I’ll be adding them today, so go take a look!

And the second, in keeping with the joy of sharing my love of mosaics with everyone, I am having a month long contest starting today! I’ve had a fantastic year both personally and professionally and I know this is just the beginning of a long and happy life for EarthMotherMosaics. I love giveaways and think this is a great way to get some feedback at the same time.

Before I explain the rules or how to enter, I must thank KaraAnnisJewelry (http://www.etsy.com/shop/KaraAnnisJewelry) over at Etsy for the idea on how to do a contest like this. In her blog, she had this awesome giveway for three weeks in February celebrating her birthday month. I thought it was such a great idea at the time. I’ve wanted to use her example when I felt the excitement build along with everyone else who entered but haven’t, until now, had the chance to do it.

I have tweeked her idea a bit to make it my own, but without her paving the way for me with this contest idea, I’d have never come up with such a great contest on my own. Thank you, Kara!

Enter to win by commenting on this post (see below for details). On Tuesday, the day before my blog post, I will randomly select and announce the winner and reveal their prize package (each week will be something different) here on the blog. Every week a new prize package and giveaway will begin.

HERE’S HOW TO ENTER: It’s quite simple…leave a comment below telling me your favorite item from my Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/earthmothermosaics) AND also what products, designs, or even colors you would like to see more of in my shop.

Each comment is considered an entry!

You may enter once per day; cut off for entries are Tuesday at midnight (EST) of each week. YOU MUST INCLUDE your first name and your email address (if you’re worried about spam, you can spell out the “at” and “dot” rather than using the standard format for email) or your Etsy user name if you have one, with every entry.

Receive additional entries if you: Twitter/Facebook/Blog mentioning this blog and it’s contest (one entry – be sure to leave a link here as a comment with the other info mentioned above!) OR

Purchase an item from my Etsy shop (five entries*)

*Please leave a separate comment for each additional entry and be sure to include your name and contact info on all of them – this is very important! I will check here on the blog for this information only therefore it’s very important to follow the above rules to get these additional entries counted!

Week 1 starts today, December 1st and runs until Tuesday, December 7th at midnight (EST). Week 2 starts Wednesday, December 8th and runs until Tuesday, December 14th. Week 3 starts Wednesday, December 15th and runs until Tuesday, December 21st, when the contest ends. Due to the holiday and no blog entries posted for that week, the winner for Week 3 will be announced December 29th.

Be sure to check back frequently for weekly contest updates and remember you can enter once a day each week!! Good luck!

Enjoy the rest of your week. Make it creative!


In the Studio

This week in the studio has been spent working on top secret things!

I am taking part in a wonderful “gift it forward” offer that started last year on Facebook called “Make 5”. The premise is to offer up 5 gifts of your choicing to the first 5 to respond to your offer. In exchange they must post their own “Make 5” offer. It was a lot of fun to see all the creative things coming through as the months progressed and how happy and excited all the recipients were, including me, to receive their gift. It headed over to my flickr community a while back and I wasn’t able to join in at that time, but had a small window this past month and wanted to offer it up. I also decided not to put myself on any lists to receive this time around. I just wanted to give and offered up to 10. I truly do love to give away mosaics!! I have 8 people on my list and have completed 5 mosaics so far. Once they have been received I can share the photos of them here but until then, I have to keep it a secret!

I have made some small jewelry boxes that are in the pre-grout stage. I think they will be grouted later today and once they are, they will be posted on flickr if you’d like to see them completed. These are going to my daughter’s friend who has started her own business doing jewelry parties, as an incentive to buy the most and for those who win the games she provides. She is like a daughter to me and I’m more than happy to give her these small tokens of love. I may play with some new tints for grout with these so take a look on the photostream to see the result.

for Meghan

ready for grout!

I am doing a trade with another Etsian who likes my pendants and I her pottery! This one came out of the blue after I ordered one of her fantastic peace symbol mugs. To see Emily’s store front go to: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MoorefieldPottery and take a look around.

Drawing and designing don’t come naturally to me, but I have been doing both for the upcoming donations projects. It is good to stretch your skills a bit and although I often veer off in a new direction and don’t following them, drawing some outline designs helps to get the creative juices flowing. Both will be mentioned more within the next few weeks as they get closer to completion and I can share a photo or two.

A mosaics and stained glass forum I am involved with is doing an exchange as well. This one is for vases! I have a few plain glass vases at my disposal and am excited to get working on one for someone. That, too, can’t be shown until it’s been received.

The holidays are fast approaching and there will be some new items in the shops as well as one more sale in the coming months. Meanwhile I am starting to gather materials to work on the family gifts and that will keep me fairly busy for a while.

On Monday I will post a new Etsy Treasury. This one is all about vintage items I found while searching for the previous Treasury goodies. Some are really very cool and deserve their own Treasury!

Have a wonderfully creative week!


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