©2012 1001vintage, Vintage Purple West German Vase - Dumler Breiden 1970s, Price: $64.00

©2012 labcoco, Beautiful purple glass pendant lamp from the 70s, Price:€95,00 EUR Approximately $127.52 USD

©2012 CasaKarmaDecor, Wicker Easter Picnic Basket in Purple, Price: $25.00

©2012 zenzhetty, Purple Vintage Ystad Metall Watering Can by Gunnar Ander, Price: $25.00

©2012 bitofbutter, Two Purple Ice Cube Candle Holders by Konst Glashyttan Urshult of Sweden, Price: $30.00

©2012 gardenofchic, Large Vintage Mirror, Purple Mirror, Ornate Mirror, Upcycled Wall Decor, Home Decor, Price: $68.00

©2012 TRWpainted, Love Doves Vintage Mirror in Glossy Purple, Price: $22.00

Congratulations to zenzhetty for their sale of the watering can this week! Yay!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics