This week I’ve started working, briefly, on a butterfly on mesh I’m making for the mural in Florida. Info can be found on a few sites. On Kraken Mosaics (Eve Lynch) flickr photostream (which is where I first saw it):

or on her blog:

She has a page on Facebook where you can find all of the info about her and her wonderful mosaic work. “Like” her page to get regular updates.

I’ve been a little busy this week with babysitting my adorable grandson so I have been a little too tired to cut glass once his folks take over when they get home from work. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a little time this evening on it. I’m really excited about the mural and the basic palette will make it fairly easy to cut out and glue onto the mesh. I may decide when I’ve gotten it all cut and nipped that I want to use completely different colors! I know the design will stay the same, however. Here’s a few photos on what I plan to use (the last shot is not great but shows the small black glass gems I will use for the center as the body):

Once this is finished up (by this time next week, I hope) I can start in on a belated birthday gift for my daughter.

Got the news that the customer who ordered the 10 twelve inch gold mirror gazing balls likes the triangle prototype the best! That’s wonderful news indeed. She asked that the triangles be closer together to see less grout and is still debating on which grout color to use for them. I’m thrilled that I can soon start ordering supplies and get going on them. They should be completely finished by mid-October. And of course, many photos of their progress … all 10 of them … will be shown on flickr under the folder:

I’ve been working on an online store through a blog instead of using my website. The website is really coming along nicely but selling from it is limited to what I can fit on one page. Using a blog allows me to add mosaics as I unpack them or make new ones to sell. I’ll be tweaking both website and blog every week until I’m pleased with them both.

The website is:

The blog is:

Friday’s post “Friday’s Favorite Item” will be an item from my online shop, but it will be linked to the blog or website.

Occasionally I will link to the consignment shop as I have a lot of awesome items there as well. Right now she doesn’t have online purchasing set up but she should have it soon. Meanwhile any local folks looking for something to do on these hot, muggy days should go on over to Skippack Village and pay the shops there a visit. When you stop in to look through Tara’s Country Cottage, tell her I said hello!

The address and summer hours are on the website. Her shop is really nice, not just because there are mosaics place here and there within it! 😉

Don’t forget to hop on over to Etsy and take a look at and comment on Monday’s Treasury entitled: “The Summer of Love”. Almost all peace signs are featured!! Very groovy.