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In the Studio

It’s been an interesting week both personally and creatively. I had just finished up the mosaic on the old window in stained glass and thought I’d go straight to another glass project but felt the pull towards dish tiles/shards. Before I could work on anything, however, I needed time to get over the feeling of loss I often have associated with finishing a large piece of artwork. Many times the feeling is overwhelming when it arrives and I go through a slew of emotions before I can settle down to do the next project. Last week I experienced quite a bit of that but once the new window was named, I felt more willing and able to start in on something else using stained glass. This particular piece, as proud of it as I am, took a lot out of me. The size of the window frame is 20 x 28 inches, the design on the glass is 15-1/2 x 24 inches.

"Sunset Fire"

While taking photos of the flower pot I discuss below, I noticed this great shot of the sunset through my new mosaic “baby”. My energy seemed to return as I studied it and I knew it’s name would be Sunset Fire. Once named, the window felt completed and I felt ready to let the emotions go and move on to the next stained glass project!

As the energy level slowly returned this week I had some fun using dish tiles. It was all I wanted to do. I made the few things I’ve just listed below using many dish tiles in bright, fresh spring-like colors. Adding fun embellishments is always enjoyable for me. It gives some of what I do an added dimension. It was very enjoyable and I’m pleased with the results of everything I’ve done.


Fresh looking and Spring-inspired! That’s what kind of items have been created this week! This pot has 3 separate dish tile designs in it. Pink, blue and green shards along with green and blue decorative gems and grouted in a fawn.  Stands approximately 4-3/4 inches high with an opening of 4-1/2 inches wide.

Mosaic Flower Pot



This 10×12 inch frame is perfect to look at on a gloomy winter day; it can’t help but make you smile! “Dogwood Flowers” has hand cut pieces of dish tiles in blues, pinks, yellow and white. 3 different kinds of dish shards were used to blend together the perfect color combination. A handmade broken Dogwood flowers brooch was altered with seed beads and placed with ceramic face tiles. A word charm says “inspire” and another says “cherish”. The sides are tiled in green and blue stained glass tiles. Grouted in fawn and the back has been sponge painted a soft pink and white to compliment the dishes I nipped for this piece.

Mosaic Frame Dogwood Flowers



Once they were listed I went straight for more dish tiles and worked on this pretty birdhouse last night.


The camera wasn’t cooperating very well when I took the birdhouse photos but I shared them on flickr just the same.  Once grouted I hope to get better photos to share. This may be headed to Etsy or go with me when I start selling at the market this summer.


Classes have been scheduled from March to a few in June. Normally this is a busy time of year for us and exciting because we love to share the love of making mosaics. Sadly, one set of classes for both basics and intermediate mosaics aren’t running this semester. The economy has hit many in many different forms. Those that love to take adult ed classes I have found, just can’t take more than one if even that no matter what the price. It’s seen as a luxury and understandably so. Hopefully the rest of the semester will have classes filled to the brim! Of course, these classes will continue to be offered and information has been added below on the schedule to date.

Mt Airy Learning Tree runs our Mosaic Basics course which runs this semester on March 17 and March 24 for 2 hours from 6PM-8PM. We’re pleased to announce they have just added our Flower Pot Mosaics course from June 2 and June 9. These are 3 hours long from 6PM-9PM. If you have internet access you can log in directly to their website and sign up for a class. Website: http://mtairylearningtree.org, phone 215-843-6333, hours available: M-F 9AM-2PM.

The Community School of New Hope-Solebury picked up two courses this semester. Mosaic Coasters (adults and children) will run April 6 and April 13 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Mosaic Flower Pot – April 27 and May 4 from 6:30PM-8:30PM. Website: www.csnhs.org, phone 215-968-8409. Any questions call 215-497-8735 or email nancy-lawson@csnhs.org.

Plymouth Township Parks & Recreation Greater Plymouth Community Center has picked up our Basic Techniques of Mosaics course geared towards children ages 7-10. This runs for two Friday nights! Parents, enjoy a few hours rest and have your children learn a new craft! May 20 and May 27 from 6PM-8PM. Website: www.PlymouthCommunityCenter.org, Phone 610-277-4312.

Each course requires a materials fee on the first night of class. This covers the coaster kits and all adhesives, tools, grout and sealant necessary to complete the coasters. The flower pot materials fee include use of tools, some embellishments provided by the instructor, adhesive, grout and sealant. Also the flower pot courses require you to bring a flower pot and ceramic/pottery/discarded and/or found objects from home.

It’s a great experience to learn something new. Learning the basics is a great way to start out on the road to more mosaic madness which is the best kind of madness there is!

Check back on Sunday to see the Week in Review sharing Treasury’s and Collections gathered during the week.

I hope you gave yourself  some time  to be creative this week. No matter what your creative talent is. Have fun, stay safe and always enjoy the moments.


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Week in Review

I’m trying something new this week and sharing screen shots instead of links with you. Those interested in actually going to the sites and commenting on them are encouraged to do so. The screen shots were made using GIMP 2. I’m still learning how to use it, but I am enjoying the process.

ArtFire Collection I curated:

Whats Black, Yellow and Yummy All Over?

Etsy Treasury’s I curated this week and the ones my mosaics were chosen to be featured in:

Tropical Punch

The Pace of Nature ... Spring is Coming!

Stone and Moss

☮ Oh~ Momma Earth...How I ♡ Thee!

Perfect Picks in Blues

Woodland Sanctuary

art in the home

Hope and Renewal

Mosaic Madness

My Girls

My Treasury List Curated By brightdude

Honey, Let's Brighten Up The Place

I found this past week to be very humbling. My work was chosen for quite a few Treasury’s and I am very grateful for that. Sharing the love is always a good thing.

Tomorrow’s Treasury will be all about bunnies – I found a very whimsical one the other day. It’s so cute!

As a side note and update on the other shop I wanted to open on Etsy: I had plans to open my own vintage shop on Etsy next month but a few weeks back dropped the box of things I was going to list, which pretty much destroyed them all. I have a plan for them, of course, to use most of them in mosaic form, but am reminded once again how easy it is to break a cherished item. I am so happy to have found this creative outlet so that I can continue to share small pieces of ceramic history with many. However, that means the vintage shop is not going to open and might not … ever. It might be best to allow others to care for the vintage shops and their items which gives me more time to mosaic what I broke here at home. It will take a good long time to get everything used up. It was a big box!

Enjoy your Sunday.


Week in Review

Here’s a list of the Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collection I have either been in or created this week. Take a look and enjoy:

ArtFire Collection – “Citrus and Spice”:


Etsy Treasury’s:







Enjoy your Sunday!


In the Studio

Happy Friday!

I have been busy listing new items and taking new photos of some older things in my new, home made light box!

The pendants that were just listed on Etsy recently were in a gallery in Indiana and when they came back home I thought it might be nice to spruce them up a bit. Giving the grout some new paint and one has the added sparkle of glitter, these pendants have a new, fresh look!


More “Wish Upon’s” have been listed this morning. The colors of the star boxes are blue mirror, pink and black iridescent stained glass and silver mirror with white and natural gray grout. All have been sealed, felt feet attached to the bottoms and painted in a mixture of white acrylic and burnt umber tint. The insides were given an oil stain.


There also is a set of star candle holders that I just finished up. I really like the way these turned out.


I’m working on different shaped boxes today to be added next week, I hope, into the “Wish Upon’s”. I found a few wall hangings in star shapes in my studio recently, hidden away in a corner. They will get primed and glass put on them possibly this weekend. Just like wishes, these will come in all sizes and shapes! I should have pictures of these by this time next week.

I’ve listed a few new pendants on ArtFire and did a little painting on the grout with these as well. I have quite a few pendants that were made a while back and I plan to do some paint magic to them and list them soon. Here’s one of my favorites on ArtFire:


For my personal relaxation time, I’ve been working on the glass-on-glass old window adding stained glass to it while watching TV or listening to music once my business day is done. It has been a joy to see this develop and I’m very, very close to being completed with it. It will look so great in the kitchen window with the sun coming through it. I can’t wait to see it completed!

abstract mosaic, glass-on-glass, old window

One of the really fun things about working on this window is that I’ve been thinking about the next one! I am positive the energy I feel as I work on this mosaic for myself will continue to flow into the next and the next and the one after that. What a great feeling to have so much creative energy flowing through my fingers. I can’t wait to share the newest mosaics as I create them! It amazes me some days how easy it is to just allow the natural instincts to take over. I’m so grateful to have found this joyful act of creating mosaics!

This weekend I hope to post the links for the Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections I’m associated with.

Monday will be a new Etsy Treasury and I’ve been looking at yellow items a lot lately, so I’m thinking that will be the color choice for that one.

I hope you have a creative weekend no matter what you decide to do! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your life!


In the Studio

There’s been lots of prep work this week for more “Wish Upon’s” to be added to Etsy. Grouting and finishing touches are happening within the next day or two and they’ll be listed either Sunday or Monday. Keeping your wishes safe is the perfect use for them. I have pictures of them holding tea bags, candy and jewelry as well but I am thinking the stain that is inside the box could cause those things, if not used immediately, to pick up the stain smell which is quite strong. Wishes are the best use for them and what they were made for! They are a great decorative accent to any room in your home or office.

I was playing around with beads and the peace symbol ornaments yesterday and I think I came up with a larger project for them to go on. They are a bit too delicate to hang up as they are. I think the beads would fall off easily if they were touched a lot or bumped. After I made 5 of them I thought about the adhesive I used. I think it might have been best to use something different and stronger, but I really don’t want to take all the beads off and start over (I used tweezers to add each bead), so we’ll see what happens next. I have something in mind for them but am not real sure of the direction it will go, so until then, you can see how they look on my flickr photostream.


You can also see the window I’m working on. What a joy this has been. It is a very long process but once it’s completed it will be so cool. I have quite a few windows to work on and am really excited about that. As I work on this one, a peaceful feeling comes over me. It is quite relaxing to just let the design form on it’s own, allowing my fingers to make the decisions as to what comes next. I have been listening to music or have the TV on and just let the mosaic form as I do so. I like not having any idea where it will go or what it will look like. That’s my favorite way to mosaic. Let it flow!

I’ll be adding a Saturday blog post each week now which will include all the Etsy Treasury’s I have been in and made myself as well as the ArtFire Collections I make. It will have all the links in it to show them all in one convenient blog post!

Monday’s Treasury choice will be posted as usual. There will be more Treasury’s each week now that I’ve joined a few teams on Etsy. I will be sharing items from each team as often as I can, weekly for Home Gallery which was stipulated in their guidelines. I love making Etsy Treasury’s and ArtFire Collections so this is good news for me!

Enjoy your weekend. Make it creative!


In the Studio

The first of the year has started off rather rocky due to a big ole’ case of “burn out” but I’m gathering steam and feeling stronger as the days progress and am happy to say I’m almost back to 100%. I hate to admit it, but part of the fried brain feeling is due to the weather. Seasonal depression happens a lot around here and although I fight it, some days it’s difficult if not impossible to fight. It has slowed me down a little bit, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. On the days when I feel really good, I accomplish a great deal and for those days, I am grateful. On the days when I’m not feeling my best either physically or mentally, I am truly grateful for those as well. They give me time to rest, regroup and often I can see, once the light starts to shine again, what I can do to help myself stay in a more positive frame of mind. And just as often, I have a new surge of creativity or have found the answers to some problems. Restful times are necessary and important.

Having said that, I’ve decided there’s going to be some changes happening very soon within the world of EarthMotherMosaics!

Some re-arranging of both Etsy and ArtFire items will be happening throughout most of February. Some things have already been moved from one site to the other but more and perhaps big changes will be happening in the months to come.

The “Wish Upon’s” are coming along nicely. Make a wish, write it down on a piece of paper, place it in the box, trust and believe it will come true. We all need a little faith sometimes to help us reach our goals. Some seem so daunting. Using these star decorated boxes will be one way to help make those “wishes come true”. Creating the idea for them has been a true inspirational experience. So far the feedback has been positive which keeps the inspiration going, so thank you all for that. They will be listed on Etsy in mid- to late February. I still have much to do; however, I am fairly sure quite a few will be ready.

Something else will change soon as well. I’ll be using my website for selling some of my mosaics that don’t fit either online shop I have now or I’ve shown for a while on both. They will get put on the website so they can still be purchased and I won’t have to “retire” them or find a new place to show them. http://www.earthmothermosaics.com has the ability to go directly to PayPal from it when you list something for sale. I hadn’t promoted what was on the website for purchase but instead promoted the other two online shops more often. This will change! Keep an eye for posts of items going on the website as the months progress. I will post information here and on Facebook as I add things to it, just like I do for the other shops. I’ve neglected the website for a while now, working on the other places more than it. It’s definitely time to use it and keep it updated!

I am so excited! I plan to spend some time grouting coasters, a frame and a small gazing ball for the next few days and I’m enjoying the anticipated results. Of course, I love getting messy and playing with the grout but I also love seeing the pieces I make completed. Also, as I work hard for days after grouting to make sure all the grout is gone and what’s left is a shiny piece of art, it feels good to see something that was only a few weeks before in my head actually sitting on the table, hung on a wall or held in my hand.

In case you didn’t know this about me, I love creating mosaics. The entire process from start to finish is a spiritual experience. I highly recommend finding your own voice in some artistic form even if you’ve never thought of yourself as artistic. Try new things until something feels right for you. It’s worth it.

I can’t wait to see the retro frame finished and I’m fairly sure that’s where I’ll start the grouting fun! This is going to someone very special to me. It’s name is The Language of Jazz and once it’s grouted pictures can be seen on Facebook and flickr before it heads out. I hope once it arrives to its new home, I will get to see a picture of where they’ve hung it. It was a blast working on the larger sized retro frame. This is 12×24 inches while the ones I’m used to working on are half that size. More in the larger and middle sizes are in my future!! The suppliers at http://www.artfire.com/users/ArtfulMosaicSupplies are absolutely the best at creating unique MDF shapes and do a dynamite job of making them “mosaic ready” straight from the box they lovingly wrap their items in.

The class schedule calendar is filling up. I’m very excited to have added 2 new places to share the love of mosaics with! The first classes start in March and the last set of classes are at the end of May! This year the classes offered are for coasters, IKEA frames and flower pots! Yay! I am going to have a blast!! As always, as the classes get closer to running, if they run, I will give the dates and place where they are being held and of course photos after the classes are over! It’s always so much fun to do these classes and I love seeing everyone’s faces when they realize what they’ve created. This year, I’ll be instructing 7-10 year olds, teaching them how to make mosaic coasters. I’m very excited about that and really hope there’s enough interest for it to run (fingers crossed). That will be the last class in May.

The last bit of new is that my blog posts will run Monday and Friday with special announcements or information added on Wednesday’s.

Enjoy your weekend. Try to make it creative!


In The Studio

This week is all about wishes! I dreamed of beach decor earlier this week probably from doing the finishing touches on the beach-themed custom order frame I just sent on it’s way. That prompted the Etsy Treasury which I’m still very thrilled about. It is just one of those things that after I posted it, I thought how wonderful they’d all look in a room together.

Now I have been finding stars here and there and everywhere in my studio in all sizes and forms and have decided to start working on them and getting them listed. I first started on a small box that can hold a small piece of paper with a special wish on it. These stars are now named “Wish Upon’s” and the ear worm that plays while I create them is sung by Jiminy Cricket. They make great little trinket boxes too! Here’s the one that still needs grouting and painting that I made yesterday.

Because my mood is all about wishes and dreams, I have to take the time to thank someone very special in helping me to create a life I am pleased to call my own. I’d like to thank Connie English once again for writing an article a few years back that I have hung in my studio from a mosaic publication, Groutline entitled: “Step By Step: Building A Mosaic Career, from the Grout Up”. I know I’ve thanked her before in a previous blog entry but I feel it’s necessary to remind myself once in a while how one person’s words can make an impact on someone else’s life. I have found her article inspires me to keep moving forward with my dream when times get a bit rough. Thank you, Connie for your wise words. I read them often! Please take the time to check out her website. Her splash page is a beautiful mosaic she created with tempered glass!


I’ve got many new items listed in Etsy and one new thing in ArtFire. The “Wish Upon’s” will head to Etsy unless groovepress.com launches soon. If they do, that’s where the stars will be placed! Either way, once they are all finished I’ll be listing them some where! 🙂

My newest frame is probably my favorite listing at the moment. “Cosmopolitan Sophistication” is 1930’s “The Thin Man” Series inspired mosaic art. When I was too sick to do much else other than watch my favorite classic movies, that is one set of films I always pull out to watch. Something about the era stuck with me I guess, and this framed mirror is the result.

More pictures and info about it can be found here:


Another set of “Citrus Slices” coasters are listed too! I love making these – they are just so yummy!


And a few of the small candle holders have been added in green and blue. These are great sitting by a sunny window or used for mood lighting.

Both green and blue can be found in the Home Decor section on Etsy. Here’s the link for the blue one.


An awesome mosaic was created using recycled materials which is always a favorite thing for me to do and that can be seen on ArtFire along with a few small wooden frames I recently made using both dish tiles and stained glass. Check these out and look around at a few other things while you’re there as well. 😉


I’d like to do another ArtFire Collection in a day or two. If I do, I’ll share the info here in an additional blog entry.

Remember to enjoy the moment and make it creative!


Etsy Treasury: Let There Be Light!

I love candles and their holders — even offer them in my shop from time to time in mosaic form but when I’m not in the studio creating them, I’m searching for new scents and holders to purchase. Here are just some of the unique finds for this week. All of these would make great gifts!


The FREE GIVEAWAY CONTEST is starting to pick up speed! I’m glad to see more entries popped up over the weekend! There’s still plenty of time to enter to get in on this weeks prizes! See my previous post (dated December 2, 1010) for details on how to enter.

The contest’s first week will end Tuesday, Dec 7th at midnight (EST) and I’ll announce the randomly selected winner and the prizes they’ll receive on Wednesday. This is a month long giveaway there’s still many chances to win! You may enter daily!! The prizes include a handmade EarthMotherMosaic gift among other things (don’t want to give it all away just yet). Prize packages are a $45 value! Don’t miss out on your chance to get some free goodies! Enter today!

Don’t forget to check out my new mosaic pendants at ArtFire. In The City Series No 2 pendant collection has a nice little start to it! One of my favorites is “Rain Dance”. $25.00 exclusively through ArtFire. http://www.artfire.com/users/EarthMotherMosaics

Have a wonderfully creative week!


Etsy Treasury: I Love Toys!

I hope everyone had a nice holiday and enjoyed some time off if they had it! I had a great Thanksgiving with my family and enjoyed spending quality time with them around an overflowing table of food, laughter and great conversation. It was wonderful!

This week I found some really awesome toys for kids of all ages for the newest Etsy Treasury. Spending time with my kids and grandson had me thinking about looking to see what was available and/or on sale that is one-of-a-kind and handmade. I hope you like it.


Please be sure to check back here on Wednesday, Dec 1st to learn about and enter a month long Giveaway Contest I’ll be holding through this blog and my Etsy shop celebrating the end of another fantastic year for EarthMotherMosaics!! Each week will be a new chance to enter and win! I love giving mosaics away! I’m excited!!

Also, be sure to check out the new selection of pendants that will be listed exclusively at ArtFire on December 1st. I hope you enjoy the newest additions to my mosaic pendant family!


Have a wonderfully creative week!


In The Studio

As promised, here is Part 2 of the Etsy Treasury for this week. “For The Love Of It All” has featured 16 more items to look over. Enjoy!


There isn’t a whole lot to share from the studio this week. Many things are requiring finishing touches which means there will be a major day or two of grouting happening this week. A few are shown below.

These are silver mosaic butterflies and will be listed for $15 each. Originally I had made two and used them as pendants but they were big and bulky and didn’t feel all that comfortable around my neck. After studying them for a while, I added ribbon and some filament wire and hung them on the wall. I think they look pretty cool alone as well as in a group (photo #2). I’ve made 4 so far (only 3 are shown below). These were made using stained glass, grout, glitter and ribbon.

I’ve got a nice little supply of pendants started, to be added to ArtFire exclusively after Thanksgiving. These will be listed for $30 each once they are all grouted and sealed.

I made a candle holder/vase scrap mosaic and it too needs to be grouted. This will be listed for $40.

I have a few other odds and ends that are waiting for grout that one or more of will most likely be part of an upcoming festival I may be doing the first week in December! Fingers crossed!!

On December 1st, I will be running a month long “What A Great Year CONTEST” here on the blog! This contest will run each week from Wednesday, December 1st through Wednesday, Dec 15th, stopping the week of Christmas and then starting up again on Wednesday, December 29th. Details on how to enter will be posted on December 1st.

Take note: there will be no blog posts the weeks of November 22nd and December 20th.

Enjoy the rest of your week! Make it a creative one.


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