Judy B. Freeman Pottery – Inspired by nature with a twist.

Rainbow Stripes Fish Teapot Roy G Biv Made to Order
Price: $300.00

Judy B. Freeman Pottery is one of my favorite shops on Etsy. I get kind of crazily excited when I see a new item show up in my feed on Etsy from her shop.

I’m very fond of whimsical items and color and Judy’s shop provides both. My favorites are the big kissy-face fish, sweet comical cats, incredibly life-like butterflies and rainbow mugs. There are a pair of handmade earthenware cowboy boots in her shop based on a pair she has in her closet that are simply amazing! Truthfully, I love everything she creates. Judy describes her shop the best: “Handcrafted ceramic teapots, bowls, mugs, plates and sculptures can all be found in my shop. I’m inspired by nature, mostly butterflies, cats and fish adding a twist of whimsy and color to everything that I create.”

Judy fell in love with clay during her college years as a Fine Arts student. This love withstood the test of time and continues to be her passion. I believe that discovering your artistic voice or “calling” and following it no matter what goes on in life is a great gift. It is true what they say, even if it is slightly overused: to be truly happy in life do what you love. Judy is a great example of that old adage and a personal “Shero” of mine.

Whenever I feel a slight disappointment in my day at the crafts table (sometimes it’s every day for weeks!), I head over to Judy’s shop and always leave with a smile on my face. She renews my spirit and often gives me the strength to head back over to the table and try again. Thank you, Judy!

I believe the gift Judy has, has helped me try harder when I struggle with my creative muse. She helps me to remember not to take life or myself too seriously. The playfulness in her whimsical designs especially shows how much she enjoys her work and her life. She is one of a kind.

My enthusiasm about Judy’s pottery might be contagious. Take the chance … catch this bug! Once you visit her shop, please read her About page and spend some time getting to know Judy.

I highly respect her and appreciate her art. Take a look at the photos here and maybe you’ll understand why. I’m so excited to share another favorite Etsy shop here with you today!

Handmade Ceramic Pair of Cowboy Boots
Price: $450.00

Ceramic Calico Cat Bank Will Sing For Treats As Seen on HGTV Made to Order
Price: $45.00

Ceramic Handmade Butterflies Mug Monarchs on Green Made to Order
Price: $23.00

Serving Dish Handmade Ceramic Red Yellow Blue Made to Order
Price: $54.00

Ceramic Fish Tabletop Sculpture with Stand Made to Order

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Roy G Biv Rainbow Striped Ceramic Travel Tumbler Cup
Price: $23.00

Be at peace.

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