LoveFromCapeCod – “To Send A Little Extra Love Out Into The World…”

Bohemian Earth / Painted Rock / Sandi Pike Foundas
Price: $26.00

I have had the extreme pleasure to get to know the artist behind this shop. After a few email conversations with Sandi Pike Foundas of LoveFromCapeCod, I can honestly say she is one of the most gentle, peaceful, kind and loving souls that I’ve “almost met”. The energy I can visibly feel from her painted rocks is a mystery to me. Logically I know that I shouldn’t be able to simple feel energy from a photo … but I do. And I can only assume the reason this is possible is because Sandi puts all of her love, care and her own positive energy into each piece of art she creates.

I’ll admit I was tempted to just include photos of Sandi Pike Foundas’ artwork and leave it at that. There are no real words for what I feel when I happily look through the items in Sandi’s shop. Nothing I write could express how much I love what she does … it’s just not possible to explain. The best way to understand is to experience her art for yourself.

The beautiful artist behind the beautifully painted rocks that touch me so much is Sandi Pike Foundas. Her “About” Page on Etsy entitled: “The Call of The Sea…And the Desire to Create…” explains her journey far better than I ever could. I highly recommend taking the time to read it and peruse her shop. Her “art you can hold in the palm of your hand” and Enchanted Journals are amazingly detailed and precise. Each crafted to perfection and each special and entirely unique just like the artist herself.

She says: “Peaceful, Centering, Vibrational Energy Tumbled in From the Sea… Art you can hold in the palm of your hand and FEEL its calming presence. SEA STONES with layered glaze designs (A gentle way to bring a piece of the shore into your living space) and One-of-a-Kind, Embellished, Enchanted JOURNALS. This is my passion…and my joy…Each piece is created with great love by my hands and from my heart. A generous portion of each purchase is donated to organizations dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.”

My hope is that you will find your visit to Sandi’s shop enjoyable. In the few times I’ve had contact with her, I have found her to be a spiritual being full of positive energy and would suspect should you have any questions for her, she would gladly answer them when she’s able. I feel blessed having found her and her extraordinary art. They are both sublime.

I’m excited to bring another favorite shop to your attention on this Monday morning. Below you will see just a small portion of what the shop carries. I’m positive you will find one or two things that touch you, speak to you and make you smile. It is obvious painting rocks and sharing the love of doing it is exactly what Sandi should be doing. She has found her purpose and I am so glad she has shared her passion and artistic creativity with us! I adore Sandi and her art. Look below and you’ll understand why her shop is a favorite on Etsy.

Breathe…/ Painted Stone / Sandi Pike Foundas / Cape Cod
Price: $18.00

Warrior Woman Heart / Painted Rock / Sandi Pike Foundas/ Cape Cod
Price: $29.00

Mosaic Winged Heart / Painted Rock / Sandi Pike Foundas / Cape Cod
Price: $45.00

Inspire / Painted Rock / Sandi Pike Foundas/ Cape Cod
Price: $22.00

Below is my favorite handmade Gypsy Journal, “Fortune Teller”, that is part of a wonderful collection offered for sale.

Journal /Gypsy Journal – (Fortune Teller) – A Place For Your Wandering Thoughts/Sandi Pike Foundas
Price: $48.00

You can find this very talented artist and much of her inspiring work by clicking on any of the links and photos.



Summer Dragonfly /Painted Rock /Sandi Pike Foundas
Price: $34.00

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics