My favorite subject … finding items using recycled material. I found some great things this week!

©2012 mymagbean13, UniQue Tin Sign WaLL CABINET-“CAMPBELL’S SOUPS-Vigor and Strength in Every Can 10 cents a Can-21 Kinds”–wiTh PaPer Towel hoLDer
Price: $70.00

©2012 LittleLaLaOriginals, Raku Dreams Beaded Collage Valance Window Treatment
Price: $212.00

©2012 tallulahssatchels, Suzy Recycled Wool Tree Pillow – Purple Merino
Price: $38.00

©2012 ConversationGlass, Peace Wind Chime made from an Upcycled Cobalt Blue Wine Bottle
Price: $22.00

©2012 JustMeandMom, Upcycled Salvaged Chalkboard Made From Abandoned Barn Wood
Price: $48.00

©2012 MarilyndaGallery, Hand Mirror – Recycled Pink Perfection – Upcycled Jewelry – M000772
Price: $50.00

©2012 linkdesign, upcycled wine gift tag
Price: $12.00

Be at peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics