ShawnDuBois Contemporary Mixed Media Mosaics & Other Unique Art.

Mocha My Day.
Price: $20.00

I don’t remember when Shawn’s work first jumped out at me; I do know I fell in love immediately with his art. This, my friend, is a serious and long-lasting love affair now that I’ve found it. I check in on his site activity often and am always thrilled when I see something new! I hope he continues to make and share his art for years and years.

My very first impression was one of pure joy in finding his colorful contemporary art. His sense of humor is apparent in his coffee inspired mosaics especially, which by the way are my favorite!! All of his mosaics share a message, many of them upbeat and inspiring even if they only have one word on them. Some are filled with whimsical thoughts and designs which is always welcome in my world. His use of recycled materials such as keys, buttons, rocks, broken pieces of jewelry and so on, makes my environmentally responsible hippie soul sing.

Charmer Cat.
Price: $70.00

Those who know a little about me and my work should see that Shawn and I have a LOT in common when it comes to using found objects in our mosaics. He does that so much better than I ever could! The main reason I decided to look through Shawn’s shop when I first discovered it was because of his brightly colored mosaics. They pop brightly and cheerfully. What makes me go back to his shop now is to see what he’s done with the found objects he puts in his mosaics and the unique way he does it. He inspires me. His mosaics always makes me delighted I visited.

We are kindred spirits when it comes to finding creative uses for discarded things but he stands alone and way above this spirited mixed media lover with his excellent use of uncomplicated designs that stand out strongly. The Bohemian sense of color that I adore in art shines brightly through Shawn’s work. I just dig it!

Price: $10.00

His mixed media mosaics are filled with bits and pieces of colorful objects, stained glass and polymer clay. Shawn DuBois’ mosaics makes my heart dance with happiness. I am more than a little honored to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite shops on Etsy today. Hop on over to Etsy and take a look at his work. Isn’t it awesome?!

Price: $30.00

You can find Shawn on Etsy by clicking on any of the photos above or here: ShawnDuBois


you can find him on Facebook here: shawnduboisart

Stay peaceful.

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