I hope you’re enjoying your week so far. It’s been a busy one here!

I’m working on the mosaic for Birds & Blooms Magazine’s Upcycling Challenge. I’ve got a lot of great items to use for my upcycled mosaic. I found 2 small aluminum buckets under $5 each at my local DIY store, perfect for this purpose. One will go on to the magazine, the other will stay with me and go into the shop.

The first one I made was using dish shards and ceramic hearts. It’s waiting for grout but I like the way it looks and am fairly sure it will be the one that stays behind.

This is the perfect size to hold rolled up washcloths in the bathroom, a bottle of wine on ice, flowers on a table. It would even make a great gift basket for someone special, filled with all kinds of teas, coffees, cookies or fill it with things for a spa day, office supplies … the possibilities are endless!

The second one, still in the process of being created, is filled with recycled things like pop-tops, bottle caps, wine corks, buttons and a few more cool things that many would see as just junk. This will be the one I send on to the magazine because it will be filled with the most recycled items. It’s the same size as the one above and can be used in the same ways. I’ll unveil it soon but here are some of the cool things I found to use that were headed towards the garbage.

Once this is finished, I’ve already found the next mosaic to do. The other day I had to rearrange my crafts side of my room to allow for the heat to be turned on. After a long hard summer, the a/c is no longer running non-stop. But that means the heater needed to be free from the many different forms of art supplies I have sitting in every available space. I moved some dishes out of the corner and a small white dish plopped on the floor at my feet. Hmm … perfect for the dish shards I found only a few minutes before in a box filled with goodies! Viola’! A mosaic will soon be born!!

A small white plate and brightly colored dish shards will be combined to make a nice little catch-all for jewelry, etc. I happen to know where you can get some wonderful mosaic jewelry to put into it, if you’re interested … wink, wink.

I have 2 other things waiting for a mosaic treatment but because I often change my mind I will share them once they are finished. All are headed towards the online shops. Tthen I can get back to the 3-D elephant for a while. I’m happy I gave myself a break from it. I was in need of something neutral in color after months of working on her, my brain fried a little from all the colors in it and caused me to become extremely tired – I probably overstimulating the senses a bit – so this peace sign was a nice change of pace and helped settle my brain down to a nice quiet calm place. A very Zen-like feeling.

Peace sign filled with stained glass in shades of brown waiting for grout.

Monday’s new format of sharing a favorite shop on Etsy was well received and I’m thrilled to have found a new way to share the love. They do take more time to do than a treasury does. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do these features every week but that is the plan right now. I’d like to get a few articles written ahead of time just in case I do get pulled away by the muse into the land of “What Day Is It?” or if I have computer/internet troubles – something that happens every so often. Items get sold and new items get added to shops all the time, so writing more than one or two ahead of time would be all I do. If there are a few Monday’s when you don’t get a post, no worries. It means I’m busy at the crafts table!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics