Monday’s blog format has changed to one I’m truly excited about. Sharing the Etsy love has always been important to me. Finding new and super cool ways to do that is part of my journey! Contacting the first few people to feature here was a joyous experience and one I will always cherish. It was such a positive experience from thought to conception that made me know immediately that I am headed in the right direction with this new weekly thing I’m doing. I’m diggin’ it so far! I hope you enjoy my first post featuring an artist I have tucked away in my favorites section on Etsy.


I first found TORIART while cruisin’ Etsy looking for ceramic pieces and stoneware. I do this often, because the love of handmade pottery will never leave me. I’ve had a long love affair with it! As long as there are creative people like Tori, I will forever be happy. Tori’s work caught my eye because I love mid-century modern designs. Find the links below and head on over to G.VegaCeramica’s website and look at Tori’s array of designs which are mod and sleek plus bright and cheerful. All amazing.

A little about the artist: Tori of TORIART, is originally from Scotland and now lives in Southern Spain. She studied Industrial Design in Aberdeen going to Gray’s School of Art. The industrial design influence shows in her ceramic tapestry wall art. I absolutely love the unique look of these pieces. The whimsical style with each flower in Tori’s art garden brings a smile to my face! She describes her works as ‘an amalgamation of influences’ and herself as someone who ‘loves working with my hands creating beautiful things’.

I’m honored to share her work with you today. You can find TORIART, as I did at Etsy and at the links for GVegaCeramia below.


Ceramic Garden Art and Decorative Wall Art

tapestry wall art – ethnic tapestry – home decor – tribal wall hanging made from ceramic -abstract colorful III

Abstract Flower sculpture – garden art- garden ornament – garden decor- plant stake – ceramic and metal – Daisy red

totem garden art – ceramic sculpture – plant stake – flower bed totem – frost resistant

When Tori mentioned she was collaborated with G.Vega Ceramica, I was delighted to find a new source of ceramic art. I looked at their website and the links below and became an instant fan! They are awesome!

To find out more about them and see Tori’s work featured, go here:

Remember to change the language to English if you need to. Along the top toolbar look under *wall hangings*, then once in that section, for tori seyd. Click on the colorful photo of ceramic circles above her name and be prepared to be filled with joy!

Click on the links below to take you to G. Vega Ceramica and enjoy! If any of the links don’t work, please do a general search on your own to find them. It’s worth the pursuit … it leads to happiness!

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As the weeks move forward, I’m sure I’ll find my footing with this new adventure in blogdom. Hang in there with me as the next featured shop and the one after that and so on become introduced to you. You will be glad you did.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics