©2012 charliesnest, Mid Century Atomic Chair metal and brown vinyl – Etsy Front Page Item
Price: $109.50

©2012 TreeOfLifeShop, Milky Way Galaxy Quartz Point Necklace
Price: $25.00

©2012 IncredibleIndia, Twisted Band Leather Sandals BLACK- Handmade, Indian Leather Sandals, Custom made – ALL SIZES
Price: $55.00

©2012 IndependentReign, Linen Tote Bag, Day Bag – Neutral Linen and Tan Leather
Price: $104.00

©2012 MountainLeather, handmade rugged latigo LEATHER BUTTERFLY CHAIR your color choice
Price: $178.00

©2012 julishland, Leather bracelet with orange butterfly SALE
Price: $13.00

©2012 designchoice, 2 Pillows Love And Peace All Genuine Leather
Price: $99.99

A big congrats goes to julishland for selling the item shown above this week! Gotta love sales!!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics