I’ve been working really hard this week with more photo editing and a little bit of mosaic making. Mostly getting items photographed and listed for the new *Holiday Shop* section I have on Etsy and the showcase spots on IndieMade. This is exhausting work and very worth it! I’m not finished editing them yet. Each day I do one or two more. I love this process to get to see my work through the camera goddess’s view. Sometimes the results are really awesome. When I find a particular photo I like, I share it on Facebook and call it: “Mosaic Photo of the Day”.

My Grandson has shared his cold with me, so it is taking me a little bit longer to get through the normal stuff and things I like to do when I have the time to do them. I’ve replaced that time with tea, honey, lemon and rest. Life is still good! I’m thrilled that I can rest when I need to, work on my mosaics when I want to and be here for my family when I’m needed. Not necessarily in that order.

The crafts table is a bit dusty right now but I have a few things to repair and finish. Repair means re-painting of wooden pieces around the mosaics, mostly. I do have a few pieces of stained glass and mirror to replace on a few pieces too. They are fairly sturdy but once in a while after being jostled around a lot, something gives and needs repair. Out of the 80+ items on Etsy, so far only 4 needed these repairs and that was re-painting only. But the older pieces that I’ve been finding in boxes and corners of closets are the ones that need some TLC. The good news is once I get those finished and listed, I can go back to work on the peace sign!

No more progress on this since last week but I hope to get back to it soon!

More items are being added to both shops this week. Here’s a few I really love from both Etsy and IndieMade.

Mosaic Bowl in Earth Tones, Handmade, Stained Glass, Fine Art, Home Decor, Introductory Price –
8 1/2 inches high by 7 1/2 inches wide
Price: $481.31

Green Microbeads and Blue Glitter Bottle Cap Pendant / Key Chain – 1 inch
Price: $29.86

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a post with some of the items that will be part of Promo Thursday on Facebook and Twitter. Each hour I take an item from one of my shops and share a photo and the link. Last week I did this from 9 AM to 9 PM but lost people some time around 7 PM probably mostly due to favorite and new shows being shown on cable, dinner time, bed time for kids, etc. So this week I’ll start around the same time but end a few hours earlier more in keeping with an 8 hour work day. I love these Promo Blast days because some folks aren’t aware of much that I’ve made until I do them. And those that are in the know, seem to enjoy seeing them once again. Yay!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics