It has been an interesting week between my birthday celebration, the sales events and working on mosaics! I made one sale on IndieMade and none on Etsy, proving to me once again that sales for my items are just as successful as doing what I always do without them. Promotion always works but offering sales do not! Interesting, right?!

Birthday flowers from my daughter! The Autumnal Equinox and my birthday happen at the same time. That is probably why my favorite colors to use in mosaics are these.

Sometimes it is best to just get busy and create and not worry so much about the shops and that’s where I’ve happily been since the weekend!

I do have an announcement about my blog posts too. I have decided not to do a treasury post each Monday any longer nor will I be doing many if any treasuries in the future. I have found something has changed drastically on the site in relation to treasuries and haven’t done too much research but can’t really seem to find anything that would cause the lack of views. I haven’t changed my formula for how I make them, what I pick as a theme or where I share them but the views went from over 300 to less than 75. I’ve noticed a decline in interest in my treasuries over the summer and thought it had something to do with the time of year. Then thought maybe it was the way I make them which is through Shmetsy Tools. I know Etsy is working on something similar to Shmetsy Tools (I’ve seen the threads about the Beta tests) but there shouldn’t be a drop in views no matter how they are made. I have chalked it up to disinterest or uninteresting treasuries on my part; perhaps the ones I’m doing are too similar in style now and not as fresh becoming the same-old-same-old thing. I need to take a break from them.

I have to figure out something else to do and I will eventually. I do like to share items I find and favorite, so some format will take it’s place, perhaps featuring 8 items and shop info on Monday of some favorites will be what I try next. In that way I’ll still be happy virtual shopping and will still share the love! I’ve also reduced doing the tumblr posts of Etsy decor items I find and favorite to twice a month instead of every week. Not many followers on that one, but enough to keep it going. Or perhaps I’ll do what was done for me this week; something I think I could enjoy because I know first hand what it feels like to be featured in someone else’s blog. It has happened a few times and I’m always thrilled to be found on Etsy, let alone featured on someone’s blog!

Such is the case here. I am honored to have my shop featured in a blog post this week! Kristen V of Kayma Boutique at Etsy, KaymaBoutique contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would allow her to do a post about my shop on her blog. It’s so nice to have folks take the time to do this for each other and it’s more than possible that is what I’ll do on Monday’s now. kayma boutique’s blog

Well, I actually managed to put the little 3-D elephant aside for a few days and work on other things. When I first start on something new, I have a horrible time getting my brain to switch gears if I haven’t completed what I’ve been working on before I try. Sometimes when I work on brightly colored items I feel like I need a break after a while and force myself to do something different. I get what could be considered a “color overload” and have trouble making the colors blend well. I know it’s time to put the mosaic piece aside when that happens and work on something else for a week or two.

The first thing I tried was a small piece of cement board measuring about 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. It was a piece I didn’t cut exactly straight but I never toss anything out that has room for a mosaic on it! If nothing else, I can use it for a practice piece to get the juices flowing. Normally these are what I call “glue and slap” – some end up to be really awesome and some … not so much. I’m fairly sure I’ll be putting this one into the Art Abandonment Group pile once it is grouted, painted and a magnet attached to the back.

Then I was able to head on over to the 12 inch peace sign and have started a nice soft, muted earth colored palette. I should have this finished by this time next week and will list it soon.

Over on IndieMade, I’ll be switching out the jewelry over the weekend and keeping the newer pieces in for 3 months. I have 10 slots available to showcase jewelry and 3 galleries to share whatever I decide on. I think I might place the jewelry I can’t fit in these 10 slots in a gallery with contact info and pricing. I’ll make the announcement next week.

This is one that will be taken out of the showcase spot over the weekend.

I’m also adding more mosaics to Etsy! I have a few older pieces still to list and I’m going to add a Christmas Shop section to include the pieces I did manage to get made for the holidays. I still have time to make one or two more things I know, but the chances are good that I might not. Even using most of this year to think about what to make, I had some trouble figuring it all out. I am glad I have what I do have all made and ready! Maybe this will give me the shot in the arm I need once they are listed to make one or two more mosaics for that section.

Meanwhile, there are a few things in the shop now that would work great as gifts for that someone special! Below is a photo of the stained glass candle holder that I’ve used as a vase.

Some of the flowers are still with me! Here they are a few days later, in a mosaic stained glass candle holder in greens, yellows and white (which is available through Etsy).

I’m going to be sharing photos as soon as I can of the work-in-progress Upcycling Challenge piece I’m doing for Birds & Blooms Magazine. It’s still in my head right now … but it has to be sent to them by November, so it has to come out of my head and get started within the next week or so. I’m still so excited to have been chosen. I’m going to have so much fun making this mosaic!

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Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics