Happy Wednesday! Not much going on this week at the crafts table but the studio is not closed, it’s just been open to a different kind of busy.

I’ve been concentrating on taking photos of vintage items for the new shop on Etsy. EarthMothersAttic won’t be opened until I have enough items to list and am completely happy with the photos of the items. I asked my Dad, an antiques dealer and avid collector of junk and things, to help me out with the inventory.

Over the years, as family members have passed on, they’ve left behind quite a few knickknacks and kitschy things that were in cupboards, on shelves and in drawers. As what usually happens in these situations, the oldest living member of the family gets all the belongings that weren’t sold at auction or garage sales. The passing of two matriarchs in our family many years ago has made my Dad, the oldest son and nephew, the one responsible for what’s left. Their attic and basement are filled to the brim with many things like this. After exhaustively taking advantage of garage sales, flea market tables, booths here and there, my folks still have more treasures than they know what to do with.

Some of these treasures came home with me. Some have made their way into mosaics while others have so much personality, even though they are cracked and have been forgotten, that I felt they needed a chance to shine once more. My folks gave me a few boxes of things they’ve had tucked away and I brought them home to look at. I’ve been cleaning them up, taking photos and doing a little research on them for almost the entire week. They still have a lot of boxes and a lot of “stuff” to look at, but we’ve started with these.

I’ve acquired a new love for all the salt & pepper shakers that were sitting on shelves as I was growing up in my Grandmother’s and Great Aunt Ella’s homes. All the souvenir plates and shelf sitters that were part of our beloved family members lives are now sitting in boxes, wrapped up in old newspaper and waiting for me to share them. Make no mistake, a lot of these items were used over the years and show it. Some never left the shelves. In either case, I think some people might find these items awesome enough to want to add them to their own collections in their home.

Here’s a few photos of what my Dad and Step-Mom have given me so far, just to give you an idea as to what to expect in the shop when it is open. Not everything has been photographed yet and some items need to have photos retaken due to fuzziness or just plain uninspired photos. I have a good but critical eye and nothing will get listed until I am happy with how they look in photos.

If you love vintage items, these will be a good example of what to expect. If you don’t care for vintage or retro at all, you probably could zoom on down to the bottom of this post and catch up on the mosaic news for the week. 🙂

Honestly, not everything is “vintage”. There will be some things that have been sitting around or packed away that we feel should be shown and given a chance to shine that are more recent and not from the 50’s and 60’s. As usual, I share photos on flickr, so if you have been over there recently, you’ve probably seen a few of these already.

Serving dish with flowers was made in Italy. The unusual wooden stand is one piece of wood cut into 3 pieces in the form of birds. Unique and beautifully crafted.

Even though there are chips here and there plus a small piece taken out of the top flower on the dish, they don’t detract from the beauty, in my opinion.

For serious collectors, those factors mentioned above have to be considered. For my folks, because they are in the antiques business, that makes it a little more challenging to sell. I know someone will see the beauty that I see and want these things in their home as part of their collection.

Souvenir Plastic Salt & Pepper Shakers have Sterilite Fitchburg Mass on the bottom. Love the color of these!

Wooden planter with a chain attached at the top has “Bald Eagle Lookout, Pa” printed on it.

This is why I still love stoneware today – we’ve always had Williamsburg Pottery around. They even have a Facebook Page … gotta love that!

These photos should give you an idea as to what I’ve been doing and will be doing until the 2nd shop is open. There’s lots to do still; my Dad has to look at the photos and let me know what he wants for each item before I can list them. We’ll get there eventually, and I’ll announce (loudly) when the shop will open.

In mosaic news: Beyond Borders the auction is open and doing really well. If you haven’t gone over to take a look at the website where the live auction is being held until Sept 21st, please head on over there now and don’t forget to bid on something!! http://www.biddingforgood.com/auction/AuctionHome.action?vhost=DWB-MSF

Not much work has been done on the elephant, but here’s a few shots of what it looks like this morning, for those who are curious. This is the left side; it’s resting on the tail making it a little easier to work on the trunk and section near the ears.

Trunk section. Stained glass is getting filled in after the silver and gold mirror is applied.

Fuzzy shot – sorry. No sun this morning makes it a little more challenging to get the sparkle and shine you can see in person.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics