I’ve been busy working on the elephant and nothing much else in the studio this week. I was positive I would be swayed by another project or two, but so far, I am being true towards the vision of seeing this 3-D project finished. This pleases me greatly!

It looks like the muse has been uninterested in much other than the 3-D elephant at the moment and I was thinking perhaps I should try to work on a few things for the shop and the elephant too. I was feeling slightly guilty for only wanting to work on the 3-D project and not concentrate on the shops. Now I know I don’t have to push or try to squeeze the creative juices; but sometimes the pressure to get things into the shops makes me think I should be doing double duty. Luckily, with the shops fairly full of items thanks to the older mosaics I’ve pulled out of boxes to list, I can take my time, working on what I want without the pressure! This is new for me … I like it! Woo-hoo!

From the photos, I think it’s hard to know exactly which section you’re looking at. So here’s an explanation: I’m working on the front section and a little bit of the sides of the elephant adding mirror first as an outline and then filling in the spaces with stained glass. So far, I’m staying fairly true to the design I’ve drawn on it. So many swirls and lines are being filled in with mirror that some days it seems I’ve gotten nothing accomplished until I’ve actually looked at photos. The one above is a good example of this. After taking another few photos of the progress this morning, I can see I’m going at a pretty good clip! This is the right ear, head and trunk so far.

Again the frustration has kicked in on the fact that I can’t get as clear photos as I like to get on this little guy. But work-in-progress photos are important for me to have and if that means more than one fuzzy photo in the album, so be it!

I had the chance to visit with my cousin over the weekend and she gave me some odds and ends from crafts she’s done and bits and pieces of things she thought I might be able to use for my mosaics. She gave me a few gold plastic charger plates just like the ones my daughter used for her wedding only hers were silver. I put silver mirror on 8 of them for a unique mosaic table setting.

Silver charger with silver mirror, grouted in white sanded grout and painted using purple acrylics and sealed.

My cousin also gave me a lot of sculpting clay with lots and lots of cutters in lots and lots of shapes. The last time I played with clay, I wasn’t very impressed with my results and decided it was probably okay to admit it wasn’t my thing. However, lately, I’ve been wanting to try again and do word charms for my mosaics and just about the time the thought took place in my brain, I was handed the box of all the tools I’d need to make them with! For free!! How cool is that?!

A few things she gave me might end up being altered art pieces; something completely different for me to try and it’s possible they will be just okay once finished. The point is, however, I have new things to play with to keep my creative brain functioning for a very long time! Again … how cool is that?!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics