It’s been a little slower this week in the studio. I owe it all to a minor injury involving my thumb and the glass nippers. Ouch.

On a bright and happy note: this week I made a few sales on Etsy and am both extremely happy and more than a little sad about saying goodbye to them. The pieces were all with me for a while. The large crescent moon, the Bohemian sun and a small abstract wall hanging using scrap glass were packed up and shipped out on Monday! One customer purchased the moon and sun, another the abstract.

I’m feeling very blessed to have a gift that others like and want to have what I’ve made in their home or give as gifts. This thought keeps me humble, grateful and during daily meditation, I always give thanks for the gift that has become my destiny. It’s an amazing feeling and I’m sure those who do this too, know exactly what I’m feeling.

Lots of emotion goes into creating art. For me, it starts as colors in a dream, sometimes a simple shape, and I dream about it often until I’m really ready to work on it. This is how I do it. I don’t draw very often or make more than a few notes. Usually once I wake up from the dream, I head right to the crafts table and get out what I was dreaming about if I know where it is. I always remember what I’ve dreamed and it’s almost always just before I wake up in the morning that I have these “visions”. But it takes time, care, love, thought and more often than not, blood to create my mosaics. These 3 that sold this week were especially loved. The large moon was nicknamed “Mr M” after my grandson. The Bohemian sun was a true gift from the recesses of my mind because it started out completely different in design. I remember taking everything I had glued down off and starting completely over. And that little abstract wall hanging was made on a wonky piece of Wediboard. Once I finished it, I promptly took a few pictures of it and packed it away thinking it wasn’t very good and not something I wanted to look at. The day I took it out of the box, dusted it off, and then listed it, it sold. Amazing.

These things have made me a little unproductive and less than creative between the injured thumb and my emotional feelings about these mosaics. I allow the mourning process to follow through it’s course and wait until there’s a glimmer of a spark once again. It is normal, expected and always unpredictable because I don’t know when it’ll strike or how long it will last for both the feeling of loss and the reawakening of creativity.

A few days ago my thumb was feeling so much better and more healed than hurt. I was also adjusting to being without the mosaics I sold. Time was healing both. I tested my hands with the tools to see if I could use them. I could! I started cutting up some glass and got back to the 3-D elephant. I only worked on it for a few minutes before I was needed by a family member and wasn’t able to get back into the groove until yesterday. I had a fairly good day working on it for a few minutes here and there while the home was buzzing with activity from the family and again much later, when all were asleep, I went back to it. It really is a slow process and the pieces of glass and mirror are so very small.

Although I said I wasn’t going to share any more photos of the elephant until it was ready for grout, I wanted to share the latest shots I took of the head and trunk area I’m presently working on because I like to see it’s progress and maybe someone else might as well. I’ve come to the conclusion this may take many more months before it’s ready for grout at the pace I’m going, which is fine – no deadlines and no rush for it. I would like to work on other things once in a while, so when the muse allows it, I’ll do just that.

2 days of work, a few minutes up to a few hours at a time were spent filling in areas already outlined by mirror and adding more mirror heading down the trunk.

Close-up of some of the detail work on the head, right ear and moving down the trunk.

Hope you enjoy these photos and I’m sure I’ll share more once the trunk and both ears are filled in.

I posted something on my Facebook page and haven’t gotten any feedback at all from it which means no one saw it or no one has an opinion. Both are fine, but just in case there may be someone who would like to weigh in on this, I’m offering it here. This is what it says:

“I’m taking a poll tonight: I’m wondering what I should make next to put into my shop? What would you like to see? I’m not starting anything new tomorrow, so you have time to give it some thought and post here when you’ve made a decision. You can look on Etsy to see what I’ve made if you need to. It’s convenient to click on the tab above and check out the shop. Meanwhile, if I see a trend towards one kind of mosaic, for instance: do you like the celestial things the most? Pique assiette mosaics in fun shapes? Or how about the candle holders in many different colors? Maybe something I haven’t yet done that you’d like to see? I’ll definitely start there for the next one when the time comes. Let me know what you think and if there’s enough responses to really see a trend for one thing over the other, I’ll do it. I’ll share the results no matter what. Thank you!”

Now, if you have an opinion and would care to share it, please do so on my Facebook page if you have “liked” it and can comment on the post. If you can’t find the thread or don’t “do” Facebook, please leave a comment here, or send me an email. I’m open to listening to what others have to say about this. I seem not to be able to think of much else other than the colorful mosaic elephant I’m working on!!

I listed something new today which makes 75 items in my shop now. I’m thrilled. That shows you how many I’ve had tucked away in boxes and older pieces hanging on the wall. There are still a few things I’ve yet to find and hope they are somewhere in storage. Hopefully I will find them soon and be able to list those too!

Mosaic Abstract Art, Wall Hanging, Stained Glass, Deep Earth Tones, 13 inches
Price: $187.50

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics