“Hear ye, Hear ye … the auction is coming, the auction is coming!!”

Those who have followed along with me for more than a minute know I like to donate my mosaic art whenever possible. My piece call “Syncopation” will be included with this year’s Beyond Borders: mosaic auction…a benefit for Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontieres (see links for info below). I donated a mosaic last year and will donate every year, as long as they want me. The fantastic, Lin Schorr, “Coordinator Extraordinaire” and all around terrifically talented lady, has outdone herself once again. I will be mentioning this auction quite often now, just in case someone may have missed the information and because it starts in a few weeks!

If you want to see all the hard work Lin does for this auction check out her Facebook page.


Interested in the auction itself? You can find it here.


The auction starts officially on September 1st and is run completely online. Join in on the fun and excitement of helping DWB and owning some beautiful mosaic art.

It’s been fun in the studio this week. I am getting the final touches on the abandoned art pieces now. I have planned where I want them to go; we’ll see if it goes the way I want it to! The most important thing is to get them placed where they will be seen, without ME being seen and picked up before someone tosses them out (I hope not!). And too, I’d love to get a photo of each one before I leave it but I’m not sure that’ll happen. It’s all so exciting!

If you’re interested in learning more about this wonderful art movement:


Or join the Art Abandonment Facebook Group:


“Luna Nuren” my 3-D mosaic project is going well. It’s a slow process because the pieces are cut so very small but it’s worth it to get the detail I want for it. Unfortunately I nipped the edge of my thumb on Monday evening and that has slowed the work up quite a bit. With the thumb covered up, I can’t hold the small pieces of mirror and glass to cut even smaller nor can I pick the pieces up too well. However, I do it anyway and last night nipped the edge of the bandage (but not me) in my attempt. This is dedication, love, madness!

“Luna Nuren” – 21 inches across, 13 inches high

Because I can’t place it on my windowsill to get the proper sunlight like I do for all other mosaics I take photos of, I am struggling with fuzzy and often out-of-focus shots to share the WIP’s. When she is finished, completely, I plan to take her outside for a proper photo shoot!

These photos shared here will be the last, for a while. I’m thinking it looks mostly like a tapestry in glass and mirror, which is exactly what I want it be. But it is hard to see, in photos, exactly all the details.

right ear, head and trunk

Be at Peace.

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