Wow! It’s been a busy week!

In Etsy teams related news, the PCF (Promoting Creative Friends) Team selected me as a Shop of the Day on August 2nd. I am always so thrilled to be chosen for this. The shop stats go up quite a bit! They also made me one of five of the featured shops for the weekly Shop Hop on their blog. The featured items change each Wednesday.

Here’s the link to find the team on Etsy:

I recently joined a new team (making the count to 19!!), the Strategic Promotion For Success Team and each week they add new items on their blog. I was lucky enough to get an item of mine on the blog this week! Yay!

Here’s the link to find the team on Etsy:

Each day, I have been lucky enough to list something new on Etsy and/or renew some already listed items. I try to reign in my excitement to share what I’ve been listing to the teams who want to see them and on my Facebook page. Now that I only have wearable art listed on IndieMade, I can focus once again on making, photographing and sharing mosaics. Here are a few things I’ve listed this week. Clicking on each photo will take you to the listing on Etsy.

Have you heard about Art Abandonment? If you are an artist and want to feel the joy of giving art just for the sake of it, I highly recommend joining in on the fun. Started by an artist, Michael deMeng, he’s created an excitement in my online art community that is completely contagious! I haven’t yet done my first “drop and run” but I worked on some small pieces yesterday and will be taking them to abandon very soon. These are 3.5 x 2.5 inches and 2 x 3 inches. Once grouted, I’ll make the bottom two magnets and the top two will hang. I’m excited about this and am so happy it was brought to my attention by a good FB friend.

Soon to be grouted and abandoned with love!

If you’re interested in learning more about this wonderful art movement:

Or join the Art Abandonment Facebook Group:

I know, once I’ve done this, I’ll be doing it again and again. Gifting art is so rewarding and fun!!

Now at the crafts table, I had put the elephant aside to prime quite a few things, thinking I’d get more mosaics listed on Etsy. However, I spent the day yesterday staring at the primed pieces feeling absolutely nothing at all creatively. After doing the small art pieces above and struggling with the first one (top left) and only feeling my stride by the 3rd one (bottom right), I knew the problem was that I needed to get back to work on the elephant. Whether I felt it or not, the muse was only interested in completing what “we” had started. Never one to ignore the muse, I have placed the elephant back on the crafts table and will be continuing the mosaic work on her.

As always, check on my flickr photostream to see the progress of everything I do. I always share!!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics