Happy Wednesday! It’s been an odd sort of week but I have been doing just a little mosaic work, so that means it was a successful one!

I am almost finished editing photos of my older mosaics to list on Etsy and IndieMade. I’m not used to doing so many at one time. It is tedious work but very rewarding when the photos come out well. Not so much fun when they don’t. It seems that some days all I do is sit at the computer and use the photo editor program and watch grandchildren … I think I skipped a few meals too although that’s not a big deal. I’ve been known to do that when I’m working. I’m getting through them and finding great enjoyment seeing them photographed with a better eye and a better camera. I only have a few more to work on and consider listing but I’m on the fence about listing most of them. There is one, in particular, that I really want to get photographed and listed but a few others can wait. I think I’m ready to switch gears again and get back to creating some more new mosaics! Hazzah!!

And speaking of new mosaics … I have been at the crafts table this week. I’ve missed it and enjoy my time when I’m there! I made a stained glass sun catcher and started in on a small candle holder which I finished up yesterday. They should get grouted and hopefully listed within the next few days.

Green, blue and lilac are the sun catcher’s colors and greens and blue for the candle holder. I often use what is around me. Soothing colors are my choice right now, especially ones that remind me of water or a cool forest. These colors prove that! I’ve put those aside so I can work on a more intense, colorful piece, but I do love them.  Yesterday while looking for the blue I wanted to use in the candle holder, I found a slew of aquamarine glass I didn’t know I still had. Look for that beautiful color soon on a vase and/or sun catcher. The glass is now considered vintage since it was given to me in the large batch of glass I got a few years ago. I learned recently that most of it was from the 1980’s. It’s gorgeous!

Today, I’m feeling pulled towards the 3-D elephant so that means for a few days, or maybe a week, that’s what I’ll be doing until I feel the need towards making more things to list. It is always an adventure to discover where I’ll be headed creatively each day.

New listings are happening almost daily on each site thanks to all these old mosaics I’m ready to part with. I have given myself some time to look at each site and see what catches my eye. My favorite on Etsy today is this one:

“Many Moons”

Over on IndieMade, my favorite newest listing is this one:

“Flower Power”

Both of them are real oldies but goodies made between 2006 and 2009. These are the ones I have had a little trouble letting go. But now I am ready, willing and able!

Okay, that rather large goofy looking elephant is beckoning me from the crafts table and I must go pay it some attention! It would be nice to see a lot more work done on that within the next few days. Wish me luck!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics