©2012 MotifPillows, Decorative Pillow Cover Yellow Grey Dwell Studio Pillow Cover 18 x 18 – Throw Pillow
Price: $28.00

©2012 polkadotshop, Paper Cloud Mobile 3D, Raining Yellow and Gray Raindrops
Price: $27.50

©2012 Heirsupply, Studio Pottery Planter or CachePot, 1970s Mustard Yellow and Grey Glaze
Price: $24.50

©2012 SurrenderDorothy, Harkerware Golden Dawn Salt & Pepper Shaker Set Yellow Gray Stoneware 1950s Classic
Price: $20.89

©2012 PrattsPatch, Vintage Cup and Saucer Striped Yellow and Grey
Price: £5.00 GBP Approximately $7.99 US

©2012 EclipsedbyNature, Yellow Bird Wall Art Set, Triptych Wall Art Set, Yellow and Gray Wall Art
Price: $145.00

©2012 karimachal, Poppies Yellow and Gray Silhouette Series – Set of three 8x10s – perfect for Modern nursery, dining room or bedroom
Price: $38.00

Congrats to polkadotshop for selling the item above the day after I posted it on tumblr and Pinterest. Yeah, I’m totally taking credit for helping them sell it. Whether I truly had any impact on that sale or not … I’m totally taking credit for it. 😉 Spreading the love of art and cool items on your favorite social medias works. That I’m really sure of. Now it’s time to head on over to Etsy and see what I can find for next week!

Enjoy your weekend.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics