Happy Wednesday!

It’s been so hot here that I haven’t done as much as I had hoped I would this past week. But I did do a few things and will share them here.

I have been busy taking updated pictures of old mosaics from between 2006-2010. These are the ones I mentioned before, saying I didn’t feel were quite good enough to list but also feel like I’m ready to let them go. So, I’ve started listing these on IndieMade and a few on Etsy too and sharing the listings every day that I add more to the IndieMade shop. 3 a day! And there’s still so many to photograph, look at and list! MUCH more! I’ve done quite a few mosaics over the years and I don’t seem to be slowing down either. You can find the link for IndieMade and Etsy at the top of the blog. Head on over and take a look at what I’ve got listed so far.

I started putting glass and mirror on the elephant, but lost momentum almost as soon as I began. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Lots to do and I’m looking forward to it! It will take a while but I’ve got all the time I need to finish it. I’ve learned that the muse comes and goes and I try to follow along and keep up!

I made a scrap glass vase which was a delight to do. It had been way too long since I’ve done one and I always say after I do one that I need to do another one. Just look at how the stained glass sparkles through the vase!

I also redid a trivet by adding stained glass and grouting it again. I like it!

And I finished and grouted the wooden key holder although it still needs finishing up with a bit of paint and some hooks. As always, I love doing sun designs!

Still needs painting and the hooks added for keys and hanging.

I had a little fun one day with paints. My designs are limited to geometric shapes but I’m okay with that because I love them so much!

I’m not sure what the next week will bring but I’m fairly sure I’ll find myself listing more mosaics on IndieMade and Etsy!

I’ve been doing the Photo A Day Challenge for July and enjoying it tremendously. Finding something to take a photo of every day is great practice and my photography skills have improved already only after 18 days. I share these photos on Facebook, flickr, Pinterest and Blogger. Once in a while if the colors are awesome or there’s a design element to my photo, I share it on my tumblr blog too. If you are interested in looking at them, check one of those places! Here is the one I did yesterday that I really like a lot.

#17. my addiction – #photoadayjuly

Pistachio nuts and vintage/retro/colorful dishes … it was a toss up as to which was more of an addiction, so I decided to pick them both!

Today’s challenge is “plate”. My goodness it isn’t possible for a collector to pick just one. I love them all! Here’s what I settled on:

#18. plate – #photoadayjuly

Be at Peace.

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