Pique Assiette Decorative Mosaic Bird House, Vintage, Recycled, Reused, Re-purposed, Cottage Chic, Summer Decor
Price: $86.00

Measures 10 inches high.

Cottage Chic mosaic bird house is filled with recycled items. Dishes, broken jewelry were all discarded and/or found objects. The big purple flower brooch on the side is probably circa 1960’s.

Dishes were mostly discovered in pieces in a relatives basement. My guess is they were useful in the 1950’s. I’m happy to make them useful in a mosaic art piece. All of these things separately were considered junk or garbage before I grabbed them.

Gathered together here and lovingly nipped and glued down onto the wooden bird house gives them purpose again. I’ve placed pearls on the top that were part of a broken stringed necklace.

Painted yellow; the bottom is surrounded by a strand of Mardi Gras beads in hot pink.

Grouted in pink and sealed. Signed and dated. This decorative piece is not suitable for outdoor use.

Heads up!

Starting on Sunday, July 9th, I’ll be shutting the computer down for the most part next week, doing very little promoting/networking/marketing for a week to 10 days, to do some creating at the crafts table. I have some glass-on-glass items to make for the online shops and that crazy 3-D elephant is calling me to come finish him or her. I must heed the call!

What that means for those who follow my blog is that there will be a gap in posts. The next one should be on Monday, July 16th with the “Monday’s Treasury” or possibly Wednesday’s “In the Studio” on July 18th.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics