Whew it has been a creative week in the studio! I love the ebb and flow of the tides. It feels great to be active again. Busy, busy week!

I decided to play with more cut up, old business cards while I was waiting for glue to dry on the mosaics I made this week. I finished the “Groovy Chicken”.

For a first attempt, it’s kinda cool. It is slightly crooked and I’m not sure if it’s the placement on the wood of the card or the card itself but it’s crooked just the same. It’s okay but if I had a do-over, I’d make sure it was a little straighter, for sure. It IS cute, isn’t it?

I started in on another one too. Butterflies. This one will have layers on it, I think … more mixed media and not just paper … I’ll share what I do when I do it. If I get enough made I’ll list them on indiemade.com exclusively. I’m still playing and learning, so that won’t be anytime soon.

I grouted a lot yesterday and have all 4 things finished. I’m cleaning up and polishing all of them still and will have to paint the MDF pieces but all should be listed by Friday. I’m thrilled that I found the energy to grout them all in one day!

Here’s the gazing ball in it’s work-in-progress:

This is one of the spheres I started to build up last year for the large order that was rejected. I have so many sitting around me here in my room in all sizes and in a few different materials. I had so much fun covering this 8 inch sphere in bone china (built up from 6 inches) and recycled silver mirror. I was shocked that I was enjoying it so much. I’m actually anxious to make the next one and have some mesh to get some designs on — maybe some suns and moons?

Here it is waiting for the glue to dry (keeping my Chakra ball and a few other mosaics company):

Now it’s grouted in white and waiting for a bit of clean up! Yay!

Next is “Vincent’s Moon”. This crescent moon is grouted in plum and I LOVE how it looks. I wish the photos were better but I was losing sun when I took the photos yesterday. It’s name is due to my daughter and another family member who said that it looks like the swirls and colors Van Gogh used.

Grouting in progress:

And finished:

The peace butterfly was grouted in brown:

And a sun catcher/trivet all in blues that remind me of waves of water, was grouted in white.

Before grout:

After grout:

I made a sale this week! Yippy Skippy! I’m always thrilled, of course, when one of my items sells but this one was especially making me feel victorious. I sold the stained glass vase I had only listed the week before. This item was on consignment and when I got all the items back from the shop, I listed most of them. Nothing sold that I put in consignment and the shop changed their venue so that my mosaics were out of place and consequently packed up and stored for many months unseen anyway. It was with a very happy heart that after taking some updated photos and listing it, it sold! The best part is that I got a note from the buyer who was sending it to someone else as a gift. There have been a few mosaics sold recently that were being sent off to another person. Giving a mosaic gift is a wonderful thing! I’ve since added in my policies on Etsy (and soon will add them to indiemade.com) to let me know if it’s a gift and I’ll add a card and wrap it up. I don’t get too fancy with expensive papers or ribbons but some pretty tissue paper makes it a little more special.

Sold and on it’s way to someone as a gift.

I’ve also decided to double box all the items I ship. I’ve not yet had anything break in transit that I’m aware of, but as a precaution besides the bubble wrap and packing peanuts I use to ship my items out, I feel it is worth the extra effort and gives me more of a sense of security. This made the shipping prices go up a bit on Etsy (soon to be reflected on indiemade.com as well) because it is important enough to me to make sure they get safely where they are going.

I recently made a purchase on Etsy too! I got this beautiful necklace for my daughter’s 25th birthday (tomorrow). I really love this shop and had a hard time just picking out one item on it. I will definitely be back!

A silver tree necklace from Reina Jewelry on Etsy for my daughter. Isn’t it pretty?!

I have been saying I need to focus on the new site over at IndieMade a little more and have yet to do it. I am hoping now that I’ve made a few mosaics and the muse may need to rest a bit before the next wave, I can spend a week on that and get it where I’d like it to be. It does take time but I have been uninspired to do much with it just yet.

Today’s only task is to clean up and photograph the newly grouted pieces to get them listed within the next few days. Friday’s Featured Item might just be one of the new listings.

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics