The studio has been picking up steam. Sorting and organizing while far from finished, has given me the incentive I need to start work on a few items. I also made a few sales this week on Etsy which always gives me a boost to make something new to replace what was sold. I’m very grateful and blessed!

I worked on a belated birthday gift for my daughter this week. Coasters using tempered glass, acrylics and glitter. They need to be grouted but are ready whenever I am! I love how they turned out and so does she. Yay!

Waiting for grout.
Belated Birthday Gift, Set of Mosaic Coasters

Close up – coasters.
The tempered glass looks like icebergs floating on a purple sea.

Next I worked on my challenge piece for the group on flickr This challenge is called “Upcycle”. Right up my alley, right?!!

Mosaic Challenge Piece – pre-grout

A discarded 9 inch microwave plate is now a sun catcher!

Upcycled piece includes broken fused glass pieces (circa 1980’s), buttons and scrap stained glass.

Buttons, jewelry, small river rocks and stained glass.

I am never too bothered by things being covered with grout but cleaned up the buttons as best as I could. I like the results.

No sun makes it hard to show the glass but you can see light goes through some of the rocks on the top and bottom. I’m happy with it.

Grouted in light grey.

I worked on an item for the online shop too. It has been a productive week!

Calming colors of blues and greens are on this 6 inch sun catcher. Once grouted it will get listed for sale.

I sold 2 sun catchers this week plus the sweet cottage chic pique assiette tea pot. I’m very pleased but am now ready to get busy adding more items to the shop. That means it’s time to get the nippers, glass cutters, shards and tiles out once again and make a new mess! Yay!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics