Another semi-quiet week here. The muse took my mojo and hasn’t really returned for very long.

I finished putting stained glass on the holiday themed candle holder and will probably grout it next week. I am happy with it and am pleased even with the lack of inspiration to get it completed, I managed it!

Once grouted this will get added to the very small pile for the holidays at the end of the year.

The work table is covered up at the moment. I’ve been saying for days that I want to start cleaning up the area and re-organize but honestly, there is a good chance I won’t do much. I am not motivated at all right now to do anything, feeling especially lazy and unproductive. I’m hoping once I start clearing off the table and sorting through some glass and dish shards, I’ll find the stirrings of creativity come back to life.

I am proud to announce that I am one of 4 Shops of the Day for the Promoting Creative Friends Team today! That is always such an honor and a great boost for my Etsy shop. The stats should be impressive by the end of the day. That’s awesome!

Last night after I decided to leave the computer for the evening, I realized I hadn’t added the daily design pick on tumblr! I do this every day; you’d think I’d remember it! That shows you how uninspired I am to do much promoting, networking or creating. Shame on me, just the same! In order to make sure I keep on the schedule as best as I can, I’ll add the one from yesterday this morning and do another one later on today. Those who wait for the compilation at the end of the week won’t see much of a difference. Those who follow each day, I’m sorry I forgot it!!

Be at Peace.

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