Becoming popular again in large part due to the resurgence of all things relating to “Mad Men” the popular AMC TV Series,, Vintage Ashtrays are featured here. I’m not promoting smoking by any means, but the slickness of these pieces are so collectible and worthy of placing in your home for decorative purposes only! And, it’s true, anything reminding me of my childhood like these do, is worthy of sharing. Here’s what I picked for the week:

©2012 ssmith7157, Vintage Large Turquoise USA Pottery Ashtray, Price: $17.99

©2012 TheGreenGoblin, Atomic orange ashtray, Price: $15.00

©2012 ourtimecapsule, Vintage 1950s Blue and White Hyalyn Pottery Ashtray, Mad Men Era, Price: $18.00

©2012 theEthnicEclectic, Mid Century Modern Boomerang Space Age Ashtray Art with Rooster, Price: $28.00

©2012 cybersenora, Vintage Owl Ashtray Ceramic, Price: $10.00

©2012 vintagenowandthen, Vintage Bovano Copper Enamel Tray Ashtray Dish Mid Century Modern Abstract STUNNING, Price: $30.00

©2012 littlestar55, Figgjo Flint Pipe Rest Ashtray – Made in Norway, Price: $12.95

Congrats are in order! The atomic orange ashtray with the matching lighter from TheGreenGoblin was sold at the end of April. No surprise. They are so cool!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics