It’s not crazy-busy this week in the studio. I like the slow pace so much better. Mosaics should always be done with a Zen approach. I enjoy creating when I do them in this way. It makes the experience, for me, a calming one. I like that a lot.

I’m working on the bowl I handmade this week. It’s coming along fairly well. There’s only one section left to cover in glass and then it can sit for a bit. It’s rainy again today, but I managed to get a few photos to share of it’s progress. As always, many photos of this work-in-progress can be found on my flickr photostream.

Placement of glass/mirror is often done using tweezers.

This section is what is left to work on.

I have 3 different choices for grout colorants in mind. Until I can “land” on one, this will sit and wait patiently for my decision. I am pleased that it’s coming out as well as it is, although the placement of the glass is a bit wonky in spots. Between lack of dexterity, the tiny pieces and all the ridges and waves on this piece, I allowed myself to relax about how that part of it is going. Always too critical at first with whatever it is that I’m doing, I learn to love it in spite of and sometimes because of it’s flaws eventually. I reminded myself recently that it started as a piece of flat wire mesh and a vision of a bowl with a dramatic shape. I think I have accomplished that.

I found some gypsum board “curb side” this week. 3 good sized pieces but small enough for me to carry and place in my car. These will get cut down and used for mosaic creations yet to be designed. I think I’ll try to make an outdoor piece with one of them. Maybe a “Welcome” sign. I was thrilled to find them! It’s always fun to find items that were considered useless and use them in some form of art. Exciting stuff in my world!

Now that the family obligations are behind me, I’m free to work on what I feel like working on again. I’m happy about that. I will allow the muse to decide what to do next!

The customer who purchased the peace sign a few weeks ago sent me a photo of it in it’s new home. It looks like it was made for this space!

Doesn’t it look great among the other piece of art he already had on the wall?!!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics