It’s a quiet week. I’ve been recouping from my daughter’s wedding and enjoying the fact that the deadlines all have been met. The centerpieces for their tables looked great.

I also brought some extra mosaics for them to use as decorations if they needed it. We placed this one mosaic shown below on the table that held their place cards and guest book which wasn’t a book at all but a framed piece with many small hearts in it. The guests signed the hearts. What a great idea! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of it sitting on the table.

As far as the studio goes this week, I gave myself the week off. I do have the bowl waiting for me to continue working on when I’m ready. I haven’t added anything to it since I shared photos last week. But it’s patiently waiting for me when I feel pulled towards the work table again.

I’ve recently ordered some new MDF shapes from a favorite shop on Etsy. These folks have some of the best shapes! Their MDF is thick enough to mosaic on but mostly they appeal to those who do paper crafts. I prime them well before I mosaic on them and they are good to go! This shop is where I got the small peace signs (hand painted 5 of them, 5 more will get a mosaic treatment on them eventually), the tea pot and rocking horse I’ve shared photos of in the past and will again today. The first two are listed, the last was a gift. I have more that are packed away some where (a cool looking owl and a coffee cup I put dish tiles on are floating around either in storage or at my Dad’s house).

I’m looking forward to getting the new shapes. I have picked ones I don’t already have. They will be a nice addition to the items I’ve got made so far. It may take some time to get the new things made and listed, but that is the plan.

Meanwhile, I’m renewing my listings on Etsy and sharing them with my teammates each day. It is one of the best ways for me to promote my shop on Etsy, I have found. It takes very little time to do and almost always many new folks find me daily and add an item or two to their favorites. Additionally, I spend some time looking at others’ items and doing the same a few days a week. We all share the love and it’s a wonderful thing!

And that’s about it for this week. I’m staring at the vase I set aside to do Christmas colors on as I write this. That means once the bowl is set aside ready for grout, I can start on that next! At this rate, I’ll only have a few holiday items ready during holiday time, but I’ll have some and that was the goal! Yay!

Be at Peace.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics