The studio has slowed up a bit this week. As I posted on my Facebook page yesterday: “Taking it slow this week with posts and promoting my shop and others. It’s a pain management kinda week, which means staying away from the computer when I can. Blog posts will only be tomorrow for another edition of “In the Studio” and Saturday for the “Eye for Design and Color” compilation on tumblr. No virtual shopping or sharing the love much this week. :/”

That being said, when I’m able to work in the studio this week, I’m working on the 8 charger plates for my daughter’s wedding this month. Gray and purple are her colors. This is a very simple process of taking a plastic silver charger plate and putting some mirror on it. It will get grouted in white and I’ll paint the grout in purple. She’ll be placing vases on top of the charger plate that will have flowers and lights inside of each one. The reflection from the mirror should be magnificent. Very romantic. I will take a few photos of how it looks on her tables if she should decide to use them. I hope she will.

Here’s how they look so far:

This silver plastic charger plate is one of eight that will be part of the wedding centerpiece. The silver mirror was added using silicone adhesive, the best glue for this job. Grout will be white and painted to get the exact color the bride wants.

Once the plates are completed I’ll go back to work on the bowl. I had a lot I wanted to work on to list, give, just make for fun, but until I am feeling a little better, that won’t happen. Working on something when I feel well enough to do it, is what is happening. I’m okay with that; like I always say, at least I’m still making mosaics!

I listed a new item this week on Etsy and Artsy Home that I made in 2011. There’s a story behind this and it’s explained in detail on those sites. Because I’m not doing a Friday Featured Item this will be a brief one here. The first photo takes you to my Etsy shop. To give it equal time, the second photo takes you to Artsy Home. The price is higher at the second site because that site takes a commission. I often tell folks the hardest thing for me is to make sure I get what I feel I deserve for a mosaic I create. In the end, although the prices are different, I would get paid the same amount in both cases. 🙂

Contemporary Art, Mosaic, Abstract, Stained Glass, Wall Art, Bold Colors, Price: $53.95

“I’ve named this abstract piece of contemporary art, MEK. It stands for Mosaic Emergency Kit.

When I was in the process of a fairly life altering situation in the summer of 2011, I started working on this. MEK helped me through one of the biggest transitions I’ve made in a very long time. You may be wondering why I want to sell it instead of keep it? Creating it did what it was supposed to do for me; it kept me calm, relaxed and level headed when I was stressing about so much chaos going on around me. It is time to share it.”

The rest of the description and shipping info is on Etsy. Please feel free to take a look!

And that’s it, short and almost pain-free. To explain why I’m dealing with what is probably at this point a NEW rotator cuff tear, I’d have to admit I did a movement that others do all the time. I’ve done this often with no problems at all. I was sitting in the drivers side of my car and reached my left arm back to unlock the door behind me so a little one could have help getting into it. When I tried pulling my arm back in that direction, pain shot through me that was new and exceedingly painful. Dumb move for me as it now puts me at the starting point once again with my injury. Hopefully it won’t take 3 months or more to get back the mobility I almost had before I did that one quick movement. Don’t take movements like that for granted! I can’t do yoga without being in extreme pain. I miss the easy flowing movements done with this exercise. It is my goal to get back to it as soon as I know I can because I miss it! Slow and steady …

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics