Things have been more or less quiet this week compared to the few past ones. The warmer weather turned cold again, bringing aches and pains along with it. It is a pain management week which means snippets of things get worked on. I’m fine with that because I’m still working on something creative, it just takes longer to complete.

I listed a few things on Etsy, got a nice Thank You note (handwritten through snail mail!) from my good friend who received the mosaic cross I made for her birthday and worked a bit on the bowl. Plus got a wonderful surprise!

Newest listings:

Mosaic Tea Pot, Cottage Chic, Shabby Chic, Wall Decor, Pique Assiette, Pink, Yellow, Green, Magenta, Flowers, Spring, Mother's Day, Price: $37.93

Peace Sign Mosaic, Hippie, Flower Power, Vintage, Bohemian, Retro, Pique Assiette - Deep Purple Flowers - 10 inches, Price: $48.61

The price on the above peace sign is a little lower than the other ones listed in this size. That is because the thickness is different. The same time and care went into this piece but it looks smaller, feels lighter and didn’t require as much time to finish off as the other, thicker 10 inch peace signs in MDF do. I have to say I pulled a “noob” trick and am slightly embarrassed by it. I didn’t read the full descriptions on the peace signs when I purchased them from a new vendor on Etsy and didn’t realize I could order different thicknesses until weeks after I purchased them. Had I read that, I would have gotten what I am used to, which is between 1/2 inch and 3/4 inches. That allows me to use ribbon on the sides or more stained glass. But with 1/4 of an inch all I could do was paint it. So I reduced the price slightly because of that. Always read the full description of a product before you purchase it!! I knew that. Sheesh.

And here’s a non-mosaic listing that turned out really well. The camera goddess loved me this day, too and the photos I got were so good, I decided to take updated pictures of all the hand painted peace signs I have listed. I put a faux suede hanger on this one and liked that better than the clear fishing wire which means I added the suede to all of them. 😛

Peace Sign, Psychedelic, Ornament, Hippie, Bohemian, Hand painted, Lime Green, Easter, Spring, Basket Goodies, Mother's Day, Price: $17.36

The cross is now happily hung up and being enjoyed. I’m so pleased she liked it!

One of the best things that happened to me this past week is something that has happened a few times before. I’m always feel so blessed, humbled and very grateful when it does. It also always blows me away as it’s unexpected.

Generosity came knocking on my door when I least expected it, which is the best and only way to give a true “just because” gift. Someone I know through the online mosaic community sent me a flat rate medium sized box packed to overflowing with stained glass, ceramic pieces, glass tiles, substrates, rocks, shells, shiny bits and bobs, pendant blanks and belt buckle blanks. They said it was “just stuff” that they wanted to get rid of and thought I might like to have. Wow!!

One person's de-stash is another person's inspiration.

This is only one small portion of what I found in the box. I’m amazed at how inspired I got while looking through the goodies in this box. I’ve yet to sort through them all and found homes for them here in my studio, but when I do, I know I’ll have some fun creating new things with these. I started writing things down as I thought of them when I opened the box. It feels so good to feel inspired. That is the best gift of all.

My daughter and soon to be SIL stopped by last night with the plates they’ve asked me to put a mirrored mosaic on for their wedding next month. 8 charger plates (plastic) in silver will get silver mirror in the center circles and grouted in purple. I’ll be experimenting with the grout color and if she doesn’t like the color I told her we have all the colors in the world at the craft store! I often use acrylic paint to give the grout on my mosaics a face lift, as many of you know. We’ll find what she wants, I’m sure. But first I’ll attempt to get a color she is pleased with using the colorants for grout I have here. Once I make one and get her “okay” or “no way” on it, I’ll share the photos.

Now it’s time to go rest again so I can cut up silver mirror! But before I close this up, here’s a few photos of the funky bowl I’m working on. I really am so happy with how it looks so far. I wanted it to look like it was an ancient relic pulled out from the earth and that is exactly what it looks like! Yay! A lot of clean up will be necessary on this before I grout. I am very messy with adhesives no matter what I’m using. I use tweezers to put a lot of the glass on this but my fingers get covered in the thin set anyway and end up all over the glass. It’s fun to be messy but not so much fun to clean up. 😉

The bottom of the bowl. I'm working up to the pointy areas (the top) - could be difficult to do.

I love the folds in this but must admit putting stained glass on them has become quite a challenge.

As always, I share the things I do on my Facebook page and the flickr photostream. I was just told I must ALWAYS give the links whenever I mention these things because it makes it easier for the reader to go directly to the sites mentioned. Makes sense to me but seems like “overkill” if you are a follower of my blog. However, because I often appreciate the links attached within others’ blog posts, I’ll put them here for you just in case this is your first time reading one of my posts. Both links are available to the right of this post. But here they are to make it super easy:

Stay peaceful.

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