©2012 PoFu, Desktop Zen Garden with Smokefired Stoneware Buddha - Ready to Ship, Price: $24.00

©2012 ArtGlamourSligo, Candle Holder Zen with display table, Tea Light Rustic Look, Price: €22,00 EUR, approximately $29.63 USD

©2012 StoneZen, tiny BEACH STONE CAIRN favor group Zen Meditation rock sculpture fossil c021, Price: $28.00

©2012 PlantTrader, Tabletop Zen Garden with Succulent Plants and Clay Mud Man in Bonsai Pot, Price: $12.00

©2012 teresab123, Zen Garden Starter Kit 5 Faux Moss Rocks and 8 ounces of Black Polished Stones, Price: $7.00

©2012 Inspirazen, Zafu Meditation Cushion Pillow Zen Enso Black, Price: $56.99

©2012 MarcotteStudios, Torii Gate - Zen/Asian Style Exotic Wood Clock, Price: $495.00

I really enjoyed the items chosen for this weeks theme on tumblr. These make a great grouping together or separately. There are some really fine shops on Etsy!

Congratulations to PlantTrader for selling the item mentioned above.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics