Happy Wednesday!

It’s been a fairly busy week here in the studio. In spite of dealing with pain and sleepless nights because of it, I did manage to get some grouting accomplished and got the next phase on the mesh bowl completed and ready for glass.

As with most people who have repetitive stress injuries, arthritis and rotator cuff injuries, every day is an adventure but not always a good one. Each day is determined by how well I can manage the pain. However, on the good days, I work well and hard not knowing if the day after will be a day I can mosaic at all. It makes it easier to live in the now.

I got the cross grouted for my friend. Her birthday is tomorrow and she lives on the West Coast while I’m on the East Coast so obviously it will be a little late. The back has yet to be painted and I have to find the D-ring that went with it which went missing before I moved so I may take one off of another mosaic to send it on its way.

The wedding shower for my daughter and finance was Sunday and I asked them to open the gift of the Hawaiian Sunset coasters I made them before we left. I painted the bottoms black and put felt feet on them which finished them off nicely. I love this technique of paint and tempered glass on coasters (my “citrus slices” are done in this technique) and want to do it again as soon as I can. I’m out of coaster blanks (we call them substrates) right now. They are definitely on the wish list.

My Grandson, Malachi loved the mosaic rock and asked me if he could have it. I wasn’t sure about it until he found me another rock to mosaic on. Seemed like a fair trade!

And the bowl is looking exactly like I wanted it to which pleases me so much! I mixed terra cotta colorant in some thin set and slathered the bowl with it. I did two applications of it on the inside because the tops where the points are needed extra strength.

It’s almost cool enough as it is to call it finished. With this texture it looks like a clay bowl that was found during an excavation. I have been cutting up small pieces of glass for this in such beautiful colors. Once I start putting it on the bowl I know I’ll see my vision come to life.

I spent a few hours updating my Etsy and Artsy Home shop websites to reflect the proper postage that went up a while ago. It’s so hard to make a decision as to what I want for each piece to begin with but it was also hard to figure out if I wanted to add shipping, handling and insurance separately or altogether. In the end, I incorporated the fees associated with selling on each site into the selling price and added shipping and insurance separately. Artsy Home takes a percentage much higher than Etsy, so the prices reflect that as well. It may be confusing to those looking at each site in comparison as to why the prices are different. That’s why I explain it here. I just want to make sure I get what I feel the piece is worth in each case.

I also pared down my team activity on Etsy — I had over extended myself and was having problems keeping up with the requirements of some of them. I have noticed a few more are waiting for me to accept or decline. I won’t join any that have asked for a certain amount of treasuries made in a week or month. I simply can’t dedicate the time needed. But I do my part with my virtual shopping days here on Tues and Thurs by sharing items I find on the teams I belong to and using it as an inspiration piece for an entire treasury. I find it easier to do this than to take 4 or 8 items from a team and placing it in one. It is hard to make them cohesive or blend well when you have to do that. I like to use color and my favorite styles of mid-century modern, industrial, minimalist, retro, shabby chic, cottage, rustic, french country and beach decor when I make treasuries. By picking one item and then searching throughout Etsy to find what I think would look good with it, is how I like to do them.

I still have 3 pieces to grout. Maybe I can get them done soon so I can move onto the bowl and whatever else comes my way. One I may add glass to the sides of like I did the cross … I’m still studying it to decide.

That about covers the week in the studio. Any time spent with mosaics is a good week!

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics