Yesterday I didn’t have an internet connection, so I spent the day in the studio instead of long hours at the computer. It was great!

There are a few things to share here this week in the studio, I’m happy to report. I have the gift for my long time close friend’s (who lives in CA) birthday almost finished. I will be adding glass to the sides today, I’m fairly sure. There are a few touches on this cross that will mean something to her. The word charm says: “memories”. There is a butterfly towards the bottom (a broken earring post) that I added. The butterfly is something meaningful to her and very personal so I won’t explain it. I know when she sees it she’ll understand why I added it. The colors were loosely based and inspired by her love for Art Nouveau.

birthday gift for a good friend

While I don’t usually like my photos with a black background, because this is still in the work-in-progress phase, I’m not going to be picky. The circle on the side in the above photos says: “Blessings” and that’s going in the middle once grouted.

I’m not too concerned about her seeing this. I don’t think she reads my blogs on a regular basis and if she sees it, the fun thing about mosaics is that photos don’t always share the real intensity of a mosaic in person. But if by chance she does see this: Happy Birthday, Janis! I love you!! ♥

Next up was some fun with a rock. Yep. A rock. I have seen these done a lot throughout the years and have wanted to try it. A few weeks ago when I went for my short walk around the complex where I live, I found a great rock to try a mosaic on. Small, about 2 inches, it was completely flat on one side.

The piece of millefiori that is blue with a star was replaced with another daisy piece of millefiori after this photo was taken.

I also got coasters made for my daughter and soon to be son-in-law’s wedding shower I’ll be going to this coming weekend. I still have to grout, paint and put felt feet on them but they will be ready by Sunday afternoon (the day of the shower).

My daughter and her man are going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, so I decided to paint my version of a Hawaiian sunset on each coaster, adding silver and gold glitter to the paint before it was completely dry. Tempered glass placed on top gives these coasters my favorite look once grouted. They’ll look wet and shiny. Grout will definitely be white like the sandy beaches in paradise.

I played with some wire mesh and created a 3D form. It’s a bowl and will get stained glass in some yummy colors added to it.

I started by using a sphere that I just happen to have more than a 1/2 dozen of sitting here as the mold to help me shape the wire mesh.

I covered the mesh with plaster cast strips.

I’m going to put thin set (tinted) on the inside but I don’t plan to mosaic that part. The outside will be covered in stained glass but I want the inside to look like a piece of ceramic or pottery and I have the colorants to accomplish that with thin set.

I have been spending a lot of time cutting up stained glass. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

gold mirror, light red and dark red (with stripes in brown, green and blue), iridescent brown (called rust) and green that reminds me of celery have been cut up so far

Yellow stained glass and silver mirror will be added. I’m going to need a lot of glass to cover this bowl. Which means there will be a lot of days and nights spent cutting stained glass and mirror up into “bite sized” pieces.

And I am playing with some odds and ends and trying to make something fun with them. I have an old glass floral form to hold flowers at the bottom of a vase that has a few cracks and the underside is broken in a few spots. It probably would still be useful as it is, but it wasn’t used for years, I know. That means it’s fair game for me to do something with!

Once completed, this will be a mosaic flower garden and another 3D project. It should sit nicely on a shelf or table and will be a nice touch for spring decor.

Once grouted and the underside painted, this will be glued to a glass rod stem (part of the green piece above).

That’s it for this week. It’s been a good week!

If you’re interested in learning more about the personal side of me, I have a blog that I write once in a while on blogger. This morning I got a post ready to go about finding inspiration again and am going to read it over once more after this one gets published and publish that one too. I don’t have a specific day in which to write in it, nor do I do it every day but at some point, I think I would like to get a post written daily.

Stay peaceful.

©2012 Cindy White, EarthMotherMosaics